Masala Moes is an authentic Indian Restuarant that specializes in Indian heritage foods and Mediterranean cuisines.  

Having recently opened its doors at City Mall Annex in Boracay, the humble establishment has been making waves on the island for good food and great service. 



Owner Moe Chulani brings his love and passion for the food he grew up eating. 

Moe's uses the recipes handed down through his family for generations. And by importing spices from India, and sourcing produce locally, the food at Masala Moe's is fresh and authentic.  

Each dish is bold in spice and flavors, and anyone who has a love for Indian Cuisine will feel right at home here. 
Masala Moe's Indian & Mediterranean Heritage Restaurant
GF Annex, City Mall Boracay, Diniwid Crossing
Boracay Philippines
Open Daily 11am – 10pm 
Telephone:+63 995 946 0031 / +63 921 7531963
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @masalamoesboracay
Instagram: @masalamoes
Masala Moe's Menu

Beef Kebab (P220) – All the flavors of the Mediterranean are packed into these perfectly grilled meatballs.  The yogurt and chili sauces are home made and make all the difference. A great starter.  


Shrimp Curry (P310) – The curry sauce at Masala Moes is a perfect blend of Indian flavors and spices that are perfectly balanced and not over powering.  Moes version is earthy yet surprisingly light.  


Vegetable Cury (P185) –  Perfect for vegetarians, the vegetables were fresh and complimented the curry excellently.  Must try! 



Chicken Cury (P260) – An alternative to seafood or beef curry, the chicken strips are tender and juicy and best paired with naan bread.  You can add Moes chili sauce for a bit of heat.  


Lamb Masala (P385) – The Masala is a family recipe that is Moes pride and joy.  

A great Masala depends on the time spent in preparing the sauce, which takes approximately two days.   At Moe's, 19 different spices give the Masala its distinctive flavor and the slow cooking process ensures the lamb is fork tender.

(Our Favorite!)


Chicken Masala (P260) – You can opt for the chicken Masala as an alternative to lamb, which is just as good. 


Biryani Rice Plain (P140) – Almost a meal in its self, the Biryani rice was cooked perfectly.  And went well with nearly everything.  

You can order Biryani plain, or with beef, and or chicken.   



Chicken Tandoori (P275) –  Tender, juicy, and seasoned to perfection, the spices really shine and are balanced perfectly. You can taste ginger and citrus, and even a slight smokiness from the smoked paprika.   



Naan Bread (P70) – Light and savory, the homemade flatbread is perfect for dipping into your curry.       

(Roti is also available and both are a tasty alternative to rice.)   



Gulab Jamun with Vanilla Ice-cream  (P170) – This Indian sweet is made from milk that has been reduced to a near solid and mixed with a bit of flour to make a dough that is then kneaded into bite size morsels. The dish is finished with a drizzling of rose water syrup.  

This was a fantastic ender to a great meal. The Gulab Juman is light and fluffy and has a similar taste and texture of pancakes or fried yema.  Must Try! 

Final Thoughts 


Masala Moe's is a quaint establishment that doesn't seat many. The place is small but the decor and dim lighting make it a nice place for intimate dinners or quiet lunches.    

We enjoyed our meal at Masala Moe's and were pleasantly surprised at how flavorful the dishes are.  We recommend Moe's for anyone looking for authentic Indian cuisine in Boracay.  

A full meal will run you about P500 per head.  Order the Lamb Masala with Naan bread and Biryani Rice, Gulab Jamun for dessert.     

Masala Moe's Indian & Mediterranean Heritage Restaurant
GF Annex, City Mall Boracay, Diniwid Crossing
Boracay Philippines
Open Daily 11am – 10pm 
Telephone:+63 995 946 0031 / +63 921 7531963
Email: moechul[email protected]
Facebook: @masalamoesboracay
Instagram: @masalamoes

Live an Awesome Life,

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SEAN NOLAN of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Masala Moe's. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. The Chundali Family migrated from India to the Philippines in 1941, Moe is a 3rd generation Indian-Filipino.