The sun is up, and summer is here and what better way to enjoy the summer heat than sliding into the tallest inflatable aqua park inside the Taal Lake.

It was only a matter of time, and it’s finally here. You don’t even have to wait any longer because the inflatable trampoline craze is finally within reach.

Club Balai Isabel: Aqua Park
Fairways Drive, Talisay, Batangas
Facebook: Aqua Play Parks
Instagram: Club Balai Isabel


Just 2 hours away from Manila, Aqua Park by Club Balai Isabel is a huge inflatable trampoline park that floats just off the shore of Taal Lake.



Conveniently located in Batangas and with a stunning view of the Taal lake, it’s hard not fall in love with the place.



What looks like a volcano, the aquapark itself is home to the tallest inflatable waterslide in the Philippines.



It is the center point of the attraction and is the final boss in this amazing water maze.

Simply scaling the mammoth takes time and skill to reach the top …



… and once you reach the top your knees will be shaking and you’ll be having second thoughts.



Luckily, the water is cool and soft to land into, not to mention that it’s a freshwater lake, so you won’t get any salty sting in your eyes.



Aside from the huge drop, there are also a ton of different obstacles meant to challenge and drop the player in the lake.



Heck! They even have a hamster wheel to prevent you from going to the other side.



But don’t worry the place itself is very safe, even for kids above 15 years old and is perfect for the whole family and friends.



Did I mention that there are also a bunch of mini trampolines like this one scattered all over the place?



And also a set of scalable walls for those who wants to challenge themselves.



You can even shoot your friends up high in the sky with the human cannonball launchers.



You’ll definitely have a blast here with your friends and family under the sun while enjoying the view of the glorious Taal Volcano.



And the fact that the place is very close to Manila makes me want to come back every weekend. Overall we loved how they placed the park right in front of the Taal Volcano so visitors can enjoy both the park and the lake.


This 2018, the aqua play park get a much need upgrade!


it’s now 40% bigger and better with more obstacles and more tricks up their sleeves.


Not to mention that the Park is located inside an already existing Resort complete with pools restaurants and water sports that make it a complete package.


Club Balai Isabel: Aqua Park
Fairways Drive, Talisay, Batangas
Facebook: Aqua Play Parks
Instagram: Club Balai Isabel


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Disclosure: Our Aqua Park play was courtesy of Club Balai Isabel. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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