LA CHINESCA is the hole-in-the-wall, solo venture of Chef Bruce Ricketts in BF Homes, dedicated to his first love–Mexican cuisine. The name is inspired by Mexico’s Chinatown. 

The resto is reminiscent of when he first opened Sensei–also along Aguirre–which is more of a passion project to share his enthusiasm for the cuisine. 

We actually had to wait in line to get a seat at Chef Bruce’s new restaurant. But we did get to order all the items on (and off) the menu.

Here’s what we think of La Chinesca…


Bruce Ricketts does Mexican 
248 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes
Operating Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 11am to 2pm; 5pm till we’re out
Telephone: +632 738-0724
Email[email protected]
Facebook: La Chinesca
Instagram: @lachinesca
Note: Cash Only

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You’ll find La Chinesca before you reach Sensei along Aguirre Street. The place is small…and there’s no signage! 

This is the only restaurant in BF with a long line along the street.



La Chinesca Menu: Tacos, Otros, Bebidas

There’s no reservation allowed. It’s quite packed, especially on Sundays…


…when Chef Bruce is behind the kitchen (and Mecha Uma is closed).



The walls are decorated with various Chinese, Mexican, and taco-inspired posters.



The best seats are behind the counter where you get to see the action in the small kitchen.



La Chinesca specializes in 6-in soft corn tortilla tacos with a combination of meat, vegetables, fruits, and Mexican sauces.



I love the Mexican sauces–Salsa Roja, Chipotle, Salsa Verde, and if you want extra hot, the Habanero.



On Sundays, they usually have off-menu items that Chef Bruce would like to surprise the guests with, like these avocados from Mexico made into a Guacamole.



It’s so good–not too sweet with a good creamy consistency and fine avocado flavor. Best to scoop up with the tostada. 


Salmon Aguachile (P220). Eggplant, bean puree, red onions, chili, tostada.

Salmon ceviche with a chili-spiked lemony sauce and lots of vegetables. You can eat it by itself or on top of the tostada. The boys found it too spicy.



Tuna Tostada (P180). Doubanjiang mayo, lime and orange, Maggi, onions, peanuts.

The raw tuna was a bit tough so we had a hard time eating it. But the tangy mayo flavor was good.



Limon (P100). Lemon, sesame leaf, chia.

A refreshing and also healthy drink because of the bits of chia. Their only non-alcoholic drink, making it safe for the kids.



Guisada de Res (P100/taco). Stewed beef shoulder, lengua, bell pepper, rice, pinipig.

This is my favorite! Loved the stewed meat with lengua and the pinipig crunch. 



Tripitas (P90/taco). Beef intestines, watermelon, chile de arbol, onions, cilantro.

For the adventurous, try this taco with beef instestines paired with watermelon and chili.



Huanchinango (P90/taco). Battered snapper, cabbage, salsa fresca, Chinesca cream, salsa macha.

This fish taco comes with a snapper coated and fried with salsa and cream. I’m not a fan of battered fried fish though.



Carne Asada (P110/taco). Hanging tender, esquites, Chinesca cream, salsa fresca.

Another favorite because of the meaty flavor of the Hanging tender and the Mexican corn for texture.



The tacos are served open faced, so best to fold them and eat while hot.

TIP: Order your first two tacos then just order again when you’re finished. It was a bad idea to order everything at once.


La Fresa (P260). Japanese cucumber, aloe vera, sesame leaf, gin.

This looks harmless but is actually alcoholic. It tastes just like a normal cucumber drink.



Aidan finished it! It’s actually his first taste of gin, which explains the rosy cheeks.



Chivo (P110/taco). Barbacoa-style goat a la plancha, jicama, sesame, salsa verde, feta.

The goat taco is also a good alternative. Served with singkamas and feta cheese.  



Carnitas (P100/taco). Achiote pork confit, bean puree, pickled onions, roasted pineapple chicharron.

Love the combination of pork confit with sweet roasted pineapple, and pickled onions.



We were celebrating Raphael’s birthday. We ordered too much though because the boys didn’t like the spicy Mexican tacos.



Duck Confit (P720) 

We loved the off-menu duck confit served as a make-your-own taco. Good for sharing with 4-5 other people.



Camaroncito (P90/taco). Shrimp, chorizo de Chino, potato, pickled onions, sesame leaf, Mozzarella.

The best taco was served last when we were already full. This one is made of tiny flavorful shrimps with Chinese chorizo and Mozzarella. 



We love LA CHINESCA! This is one of the best places we’ve tried in 2017 so far. I like the fact that it does not try hard to be authentic Mexican but instead is an honest expression of Chef Bruce’s first love for Mexican food (Japanese is his second love).

I suggest going on a Sunday when Chef Bruce is in the kitchen and with off-menu items. Be prepared to wait in line for at least 30 minutes, which could even go up to an hour if you arrive during the peak dinner period.

Don’t order all the tacos at once. 1 taco only good for 1 person, but the soft corn tortilla gets quite filling after eating your first 2-3 tacos.

I suggest ordering the guacamole when available and the Salmon Aguachile to start.

For the tacos, my recommendations are the Guisada de ResCarne AsadaCarnitas, and Camaroncito. Order the limon to refresh your palate after each taco. Be careful with the Habanero chili because it could numb your taste buds.

If you can, ask for the off-menu items from Chef Bruce, like the Duck Confit taco. There are, unfortunately, no dessert options.

Budget about P500-P800/person, depending on whether you order the off-menu items or not.  

Congratulations to Chef Bruce and Jae Pickrell for a successful La Chinesca concept in BF!  


Bruce Ricketts does Mexican 
248 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes
Operating Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 11am to 2pm; 5pm till we’re out
Telephone: +632 738-0724
Email: lachinesca[email protected]
Facebook: La Chinesca
Instagram: @lachinesca
Note: Cash only

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Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: We paid for our meal. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. They are open for lunch until 2pm and then at 5pm gain until late at night. They’re closed on Mondays.