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The NOBU SUNDAY BRUNCH is a well-curated Japanese-Peruvian-Filipino buffet of the best of Nobu in City of Dreams Manila–Sushi/Sashimi, Hot Dishes, Kushiyaki, Meat Carving, and Dessert.

We were there recently to celebrate Mother’s Day and the dawn of a new era for our Mother Country.

Here’s what to expect when celebrating that special moment with your very important person in your life at Nobu Sunday Brunch…


Level 1 Tower 3 Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams Manila
Sunday Brunch 11.30am to 3.00pm
P 2,880 ++ with non-alcoholic beverage package
P 4,580 ++ with cocktail and champagne package
For restaurant reservations, call +632 691-2882 or 691-2885 

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I like the brunch crowd ambiance at Nobu. The restaurant is full but it does not feel cramped, and each station only has good food to offer and doesn’t overwhelm.


Japanese Sushi / Sashimi Station

Nobu Sunday Brunch-19.jpg
A big tuna is sliced at the start of the buffet. 


Nobu Sunday Brunch-8.jpg
Start your brunch with their excellent sashimi selection.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-6.jpg
Nobu’s sushi creations.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-2.jpg
Eat-all-you-can unagi!


Nobu Sunday Brunch-9.jpg
I like the Tuna Tataki. You can enjoy the tuna without the rice, with a bit of a sauce and a good jalapeño kick.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-10.jpg
Salmon with their unique karashi miso sauce.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-20.jpg
You can order different juices and mocktails, which are included in the buffet. 


Nobu Sunday Brunch-4.jpg
Uni heaven! 🙂


Nobu Sunday Brunch-5.jpg
We would just eat the caviar and avoid the rice because you can easily get full.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-11.jpg
Fresh oysters…


Nobu Sunday Brunch-12.jpg
…with Nobu’s signature sauces.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-15.jpg
Mini-fruit salad…


Nobu Sunday Brunch-18.jpg
…plus other Japanese salad selections.


Nobu Hot Dishes Station

Nobu Sunday Brunch-23.jpg
Nobufied salmon sinigang with shiro miso. Yum-yum!


Nobu Sunday Brunch-28.jpg
Palabok udon! The noodles are a bit fat and filling.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-29.jpg
Thin breaded pork slices. The boys enjoyed the katsu with the sweet sauce.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-26.jpg
Chicken Inasal with Nobu marinade. The white meat did not absorb the flavor of the sauce.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-30.jpg
Eat-all-you-can Sea Bass.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-61.jpg
My favorite Japanese Pizza Okonomiyaki. I like it topped with overflowing bonito flakes and the sweet tamarind-like sauce.


Kushiyaki Station

Nobu Sunday Brunch-31.jpg
Instead of tempura or teppanyaki buffet, Nobu serves a Yakitori grill buffet.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-32.jpg
The meats and vegetables are skewered and grilled upon order.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-63.jpg
Mushroom and eggplant.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-64.jpg
 Seafood skewer of baby octopus and squid.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-66.jpg
Different kinds of meat–pork, beef, and chicken.  One of the most popular though is the chicken skin.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-33.jpg
I like the anticucho and wasabi pepper sauces on the side.


Meat Carving Station

Nobu Sunday Brunch-43.jpg
The meat carving station presents two different kinds of meat–lamb and beef with Nobu’s signature sauces.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-35.jpg

Nobu Sunday Brunch-39.jpg
Prime Rib crusted in Shichimi Japanese spice mixture.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-40.jpg
I like to mix the creamy wasabi and contrast it with the sweet soy anticucho on the side.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-42.jpg
Lamb leg in rosemary miso.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-41.jpg
You can add more rosemary miso sauce or have a creamy mint tofu on the side.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-44.jpg
The lychee and cucumber mocktails were very refreshing to the palate.


Dessert Station 

Nobu Sunday Brunch-49.jpg
I Love Mom-themed cheesecake dessert. 


Nobu Sunday Brunch-58.jpg
I like the freshly baked eclairs with different flavors and toppings.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-51.jpg
The boys loved the strawberry and meringue in strawberry chocolate coating.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-53.jpg
The parfait balls look good from the outside but are actually bland on the inside.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-54.jpg
The black sesame and green tea housemade ice creams were a hit.


Nobu Sunday Brunch-55.jpg
My favorite was the chia parfait with coconut and mango. You can even make it a la mode with ice cream.


The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-1.jpg

We love the NOBU Sunday Brunch because it’s well-curated and offers a different kind of Japanese buffet with Nobu’s special sauces. I always look forward to the “Nobufied” Filipino dishes and the eat-all-you-can Kushiyaki station, which adds a familiar street food feel to the brunch. 

It’s a perfect venue for celebrating the very important people in your life. Budget about P3,000/head.

Reserve in advance to make sure you get the best seats. You can also go on a Nobu staycation to complete the experience.


Level 1 Tower 3 Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams Manila
Sunday Brunch 11.30am to 3.00pm
P 2,880 ++ with non-alcoholic beverage package
P 4,580 ++ with cocktail and champagne package
For restaurant reservations, call +632 691-2882 or 691-2885 

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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Charisse Chuidian. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Here’s the actual cost when dining with 2 adults and 3 kids.