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Our NOBU HOTEL Staycation is one of the most awesome stays we’ve had in Manila with the family.

It’s conveniently located, the rooms have elegant Japanese-inspired interiors, the famed Nobu Restaurant is found here, and there’s an awesome view of the City of Dreams Promenade.

Here is a guide on how to plan your own awesome staycation at Nobu Manila…

City of Dreams Manila, Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard,
Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +632 800-8080

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Nobu Hotel does not have a grand lobby. The main entrance actually leads to the casino.

(Tip: Best to check in early at around 12 noon and just wait for your keys before 3pm when your room is ready)


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You can choose among three room categories: Nobu Deluxe, Nobu Premier, and Nobu Suites.  

We were able to check out each of these room types. Here’s a write-up on the three categories to help you decide which room to stay in…



Nobu Staycation Day 1-4.jpg
The deluxe room has a floor area of 36 square meters with a king-sized bed or two queen-sized beds.

The room is equipped with a 47” LED cable TV with video on demand, and JBL docking station for your iPhone.


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The room has panoramic views of the pools or the city.


 Nobu Hotel-9.jpg
Wardrobe/closet with internal lighting, his/hers black & white bathrobe, and cute Nobu slippers.


Nobu Hotel-17.jpg
Iron/ironing boards and Guestroom safe (that can fit a laptop) are standard features in all room categories.


Nobu Staycation Day 1-62.jpg
Fully stocked mini-bar refrigerator and snacks.


Nobu IRD Menu - 1

NOBU Hotel In-Room Dining Menu: Nobu Set Menu, Nobu A la Carte Nobu Breakfast | Nobu Classics, Nobu Private Dining | Nobu Manila at Night |Nobu’s Sake Selections, Handcrafted Cocktails, Beer, White Wine | Spirits and Wine, Non-Alcoholic Beverage

The in-room dining options are quite good but priced a bit on the high side.


Nobu Hotel-3.jpg
All the rooms have complimentary Ikaati Premium Tea and mineral water available.



Nobu Staycation Day 1-55.jpg
The Nobu premier room is bigger with a floor area of 42 square meters and equipped with a king-sized bed.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day 2-7.jpg
It has an awesome panoramic view of the City of Dreams pools, the Promenade, and Manila Bay.


Nobu Staycation Day 1-56.jpg
All rooms have a sofa that can be an extra bed plus a bedside telephone. Nobu Hotel rooms have two daily housekeeping services.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day 2-2.jpg
All the rooms have a writing desk with a chair that is quite low and ergonomically awkward to use in front of a computer. But the wireless internet is quite fast.


Nobu Staycation Day 1-57.jpg
The bathroom is spacious with a sleek design–a deep wash basin, separate shower, and stair bath towel holder.


Nobu Staycation Day 1-10.jpg
Nobu Hotel uses premium Natura Bisse bathroom amenities.



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The Nobu Suite Room has a floor area of 68 square meters with a king-sized bed.


Nobu Hotel-21.jpg 
It has the best panoramic view of the Promenade and the Manila Bay sunset.


Nobu Hotel-1.jpg
It has a separate living room equipped with 55” LED cable TV with video on demand.


Nobu Hotel-19.jpg
Separate/detached mini-bar with Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine and Nespresso gourmet coffee.


Nobu Hotel-18.jpg
Separate powder room with toilet in the living room.

Nobu Hotel-2.jpg
We loved the welcome fruit basket, Japanese sake, and dessert.





Nobu Hotel-6.jpg
The kids are welcomed by tarsier toys, Nobu double-sided origami, and Nobu activity books & crayons.



 Nobu Hotel-15.jpg
The suite room has an enclosed separate shower and bath tub.



Nobu Hotel-11.jpg
The toilet bowl opens automatically. It’s fun to sit here in the morning with heated bowl seat and be pampered with all the elaborate wash button options.



Nobu Hotel-12.jpg
The bath tub is so nice with a spacious shower area that can fit two adults or 4 boys at the same time.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-2.jpg
It feels luxurious to use it with the Bath Foam and the Bath Salts.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-3.jpg
The toiletries are also elaborate, with a wooden toothbrush and just about anything that you can ask for in a bathroom.



Nobu Breakfast-43.jpg
Nobu Buffet Breakfast (Adult P1,364 and Child (6 years up) P682; Children 5 years below eat for free)


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day 2-38.jpg
Make sure to make a reservation when you are going on a weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). Walk-ins are allowed for breakfast and not only for in-room guests.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day 2-11.jpg
The outside seating is actually cozy with a garden feel but its a bit hot during summer.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-7.jpg
Cereals, Pecan Nut Almond, Pistachio, Dried Figs, and Full/Low Fat Milk options.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-8.jpg
I like the chia seeds, parfait, and yogurt options to start with.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-9.jpg
You can even have sesame granola, dried raisins, dried golden rains, and dried cranberry as toppings.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-12.jpg
I make it a point to always start with fruits…


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-19.jpg
…and vegetables with Nobu’s signature salad dressings.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-14.jpg
Check out the different bread selections. I like their chocolate croissant.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day 2-17.jpg
You can ask for freshly cooked French toast, waffles, or pancakes.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-15.jpg
You can also ask for their soba pancakes, green tea waffle, or…


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-51.jpg
…my favorite, the Nobu French Toast with oozing yuzu custard inside.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-56.jpg
We also enjoyed Nobu’s Okonomiyaki or Japanese Pizza.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-55.jpg
I like my slice of okonomiyaki topped with overflowing bonito flakes.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-21.jpg
The Anticucho Wings are our favorite with Nobu’s sweet soy glaze.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-22.jpg
You can get this scrambled egg with salmon and soy salt or have one cooked to your specification from the egg station. 


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-18.jpg
The housemade umami ketchup and Nobu’s hot sauce is quite addicting.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-23.jpg
They serve a breakfast sausage in the buffet like this Veal Chipolata…


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-24.jpg
…and bacon (and longganisa sometimes). The meat and vegetable options change often.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-58.jpg
Do note that the breakfast minis menu with the miso-braised wagyu cheek tapsilog is no longer available. 🙁


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-41.jpg
Their cherry blossom inspired plates are pretty. 


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day 2-41.jpg
When eating in the buffet, a good tip is to make sure you can still see spaces in between the different dishes to control your appetite.


Nobu Hotel Breakfast-6.jpg 

Level 1, Nobu South Tower, City of Dreams Manila
Aseana Boulevard corner Macapagal Avenue Brgy.Tambo, Paranaque City
Nobu Breakfast: 6.00 to 10.30am (Mondays to Saturdays) and until 10.00am on Sundays
For restaurant reservations, call +632 691-2882 or 691-2885 
Email: [email protected]

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The Nobu Pool is around 4 ft deep and located at the center of the Promenade. Best time to go is from 6am to 8am and 3pm to 5pm when it’s not too crowded.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-37.jpg
Check out the well designed fitness center. Make sure to use its world class facilities.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-39.jpg
My favorite is the bike with a biking video simulation. It would be nice to have a VR headset when riding this.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-67.jpg
Take the time to visit the Nobu Spa as well.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-68.jpg
It has well-appointed rooms and everything you need to freshen up and relax.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-69.jpg
MUSCLE RELEASE (60 Minutes – P2,800, 90 Minutes – P3,600)A holistic massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Specialized techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and lessen common discomforts such as stiff neck, lower back pain, and sore tight shoulders. This treatment can be performed with or without oil.

I tried the muscle release massage and it was just OK. The spa at Crowne Towers is much better.



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On the ground floor of the South Tower of Nobu Hotel is the sleek Nobu Lounge, which you can use for casual meetings or while waiting.


Nobu Staycation Day 1-31.jpg
Check out the Nobu Lounge Menu: Sandwiches and Salad, Savory & Light | Soup and Noodles, Pastries and Breads | Beverage List | Wine & Spirits, Sake

You can have high tea, light snacks, desserts, or drinks. Here are our favorites at Nobu Lounge…

Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-10.jpg
The Nobu Style High Tea Set (P2,000). Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice, Tofu Misozuke with Senbei & Vegetables, Tonkatsu Sandwich, Kuro Choux, Atsuyaki Tamago, Yuzu Pound Cake, Warabi Mochi, Coffee or Tea.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-12.jpg
Ikaati Infused Cocktail (P470)


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-15.jpg
Mini “Takumi” Sliders (P650). Grilled Wagyu patty, sauteed shitake mushrooms, umami ketchup, and honey truffle aioli on a toasted bao bun.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-16.jpg
Rock Shrimp Bun (P325). Shrimp tempura, creamy spicy aioli, lettuce, maui salsa, tofu bun.


Nobu Staycation Day 1-28.jpg
Nobu Fries (P300). Seasoned sweet potato, eggplant, and potato fries with umami ketchup and honey truffle aioli.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-17.jpg
Miso Cappucino Tart (P290). Vanilla miso custard, coffee cream, candied pecan.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-18.jpg
Chocolate Royal (P450). White and Dark chocolate layers with a crisp almond praline crust.


 Nobu Staycation Day 1-25.jpg

The Nobu Lounge
Operating Hours: 11.00am – 7.00pm
Telephone: +632 691-2881
Email: [email protected] 




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The sunset in City of Dreams is amazing, especially when the colors of the sunset reflect on the golden facade of the buildings.


Nobu Staycation Day 1-46.jpg
The Wave Restaurant at the Promenade is the best place to enjoy the sunset. Check out the Drinks Menu 1 | Menu 2


Nobu Staycation Day 1-49.jpg
Reserve this table to get a front seat view of the Manila Bay sunset on the horizon.


Nobu Staycation Day 1-52.jpg
Aperol Spritz (P420). Aperol, grapefruit, soda, and champagne.

Order the aperol spritz for something refreshing and bubbly while watching the sunset with your loved one.


Awesome Nobu Staycation Day 2-59.jpg

A Nobu Hotel Staycation is definitely one of the most awesome staycations you can have in Manila. 


What we like:
– Nobu Suites with the bath tub and high tech toilet
– Nobu Breakfast and the Nobu Sunday Brunch
– Panoramic view of the City of Dreams Promenade with a front seat view of the Manila Bay sunset
– Attention to details from the toiletries, bathrobes, welcome platter, and the bed
– Improved Hospitality of the Service team – more responsive and better attitude

What we don’t like:
– The bare lobby that leads to the casino; it’s hard to explain it to kids
– The chairs are too low when working on your laptop in the work table
– The spa options could be better


City of Dreams Manila, Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard,
Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +632 800-8080

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Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our stay was courtesy of Charisse Chuidian of Nobu Hotel Manila. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. I really miss their Nobu Style Tapsilog for breakfast. 🙁 Hope they can bring it back to their breakfast line-up.

Awesome Nobu Staycation Day (Shot using LG G4)-43.jpg
Nobu Style Tapsilog. Miso-braised wagyu cheek, garlic rice, fried egg, papaya relish.