THE CALAGUAS is one of the best kept secret beach destinations in the Philippines, located in Camarines Norte, Bicol. "Cal" means lime and "aguas" translates to water in Spanish.

It's now famous for Mahabang Buhangin's 1.27 km powdery white sand on Tinaga Island, the biggest island in the Calaguas. Some people describe it as the perfect beach and a throwback to Boracay 25 years ago.

I've been to the Calaguas in 2008, when the beach was still wild and undiscovered. Backpackers and beach lovers soon found out about the island and set up tents in campsites along the beach. In 2012, the first Waling-Waling Resort was built and continues to be the only eco-resort on the island.

Here's a photo essay of the Waling-Waling Eco Resort experience…

Calaguas Day 3 - Go Pro x Drone Shot (Family)-4.jpg

It's best to go during the off-peak season (October to December) when you can have the entire white beach to yourself.


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Mahabang Buhangin is 1.5 hours by boat from Paracale or 2 hours from Vinzons, Camarines Norte. 


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There's no mobile signal on the island, which adds to its off-the-grid appeal.



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Waling-Waling has 14 open-air cabanas with 2 hammocks. There's a common restroom good for 4 persons.


Calaguas Day-34.jpg

It also has 8 kubols with a spacious 2nd-floor sitting room and can accommodate 6 persons. (Tip: get cabana #1 or #2)


Calaguas Day-36.jpg

The open-air living room is where you can hang out to eat and drink with your friends. 


Calaguas Day-35.jpg

Most importantly, there is a clean private bathroom with a fresh water source and electricity provided by generator.

(Tip: Make sure to sync your toilet visits with the genset schedule–usually early in the morning and at night only)


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Mahabang Buhangin, Tinaga Island, Calaguas, Camarines Norte
Email: [email protected][email protected]
Mobile: +63 915 100-0000 (Globe), +63 912 600-0000 (Smart)

3 days 2 nights package:
For as low as P4,000 per head inclusive of breakfast, accommodations, boat for a group of 4 in a cabana.
P5,000 per head for a group of 6 in a kubol inclusive breakfast, boat transfers and accommodations. 

(Note: There's no air-conditioning in the resort)

RatesWaling-Waling Eco Village 2015 Rates 



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Home-cooked food is prepared fresh in the kitchen every time. 


Calaguas Day-42.jpg

You'll be pampered with the fresh catch of fish and seafood throughout the day. 


Calaguas Day-47.jpg

Food is simple. Best to bring your own meats and other ingredients in a cooler and then have them cooked. 



Tip: Remember to buy Dalandan when in season from the Daet-Naga junction.


Calaguas Day-82.jpg

Don't miss to get a taste of their specialty, Bicol Laing–spicy gabi leaves in coconut milk. 


Calaguas Day-79.jpg

You can also buy fresh squid from the market. Local fishermen can also have these stuffed then grilled. 


Calaguas Day 2-88.jpg

Remember to ask for their other specialty, crab in papaya with coconut milk.  


Calaguas Day 2-48.jpg

Breakfast is comfort Filipino fare of fried fish, tapa, corned beef, egg, and 3-in-1 coffee.


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And don't forget to buy ice candy (P20) for dessert when available.


What to do in Calaguas?

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Beach & Island Hopping  

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The pristine white sand beach and crystal clear water is irresistible (rain or shine). 


Calaguas Day 2 - Go Pro x Drone Shot-52.jpg

Be prepared with beach activities: beach volleyball, frisbee, kayaking, sunbathing, and building sand castles.  


Calaguas Day 2 - Go Pro x Drone Shot-43.jpg

We had fun jumping off the boat and being kids again. Took a lot of GoPro shots, too. 


Calaguas Day 3 - Go Pro x Drone Shot (Family)-1.jpg

A drone shot of the waters of Calaguas.


Calaguas Day-63.jpg

For the more adventurous explorers, go on an island hopping tour of the caves of Tangob in Maculabo island


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Yes, I recommend going with your kids! Our boys–ages 10, 7, 5, and 1–loved playing on the beach, literally all day!  



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Tinaga Island has a short and scenic hiking route (less than 30 minutes trek) with a beautiful vantage point of the white beach cove.


Calaguas Day 2-84.jpg

 I recommend hiking the Balagbag Maliit with a beautiful panorama of the Pacific Ocean. 


Calaguas Day 2 - Go Pro x Drone Shot-70.jpg

A Filipino adventure is not complete without a selfie jump shot


Calaguas Day 2-1.jpg

One morning, go on an early 4.30am hike to the sunrise viewpoint. 


Calaguas Day 2-40.jpg

You'll be passing through a cemetery with black crows guarding it. 


Calaguas Day 2-44.jpg

The sunrise point is located on the hill in the distance about less than 30 minutes hike. 


Calaguas Day 2-6.jpg

Globe signal awaits the brave trekkers in the small hut overlooking the town.


Calaguas Town

Calaguas Day 2-10.jpg

A view of Brgy.Mangkawayan town at the back of Tinaga Island from the sunrise viewpoint. 


Calaguas Day 2-23.jpg

It's a rural fishing village with rustic huts and clean & green surroundings. 


Calaguas Day 2-19.jpg

The kids would make you feel right at home in the town. There's only one elementary school on the island and they would need to go to the mainland for higher education.


Calaguas Day 2-21.jpg

Replenish your snacks from the sari-sari store selling local bread and tsitseria.


Calaguas Day 2-31.jpg

There is an occasional 8 am Sunday mass when the priest is in town. 


Calaguas Nights

Calaguas Day 2 - Go Pro x Drone Shot-14.jpg

At the end of the day, sit down on the beach and you'll get front row seats to a romantic Calaguas sunset.


Calaguas Day 2 - Go Pro x Drone Shot-19.jpg

The resort glows at night while you hang out in a surprisingly mosquito-free environment. 


Calaguas Day 2-105.jpg

Catch the fire dancer from Camp Hullabaloo and get a dancing fire photo souvenir.


Calaguas Day-83.jpg

Calaguas awaits those seeking for the surreal beach paradise experience….


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Thank you to Bernice Palanca-Go for hosting us during our Calaguas Feature. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.   

P.S. Here are the best practices and tips on How to go to Calaguas via road trip:

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Go on a night road trip convoy and target to leave Manila at around 9 pm

(Download: Driving Directions to Calaguas via Paracale.)


Calaguas Day-1.jpg

… to reach Paracale, Camarines Norte before 8 am.  (Note: The water is calmer and waves are relatively smaller in the morning)


Calaguas Day-3.jpg

We rode a spacious Nissan Urvan NV350 with a powerful 2.5L engine that can easily transport 2 families with a total of 4 adults, 5 kids, 2 yaya, and a driver with all our pieces of luggage.

It has a good air-conditioning system to keep you cool and fuel efficient throughout the road trip. The jump seats are not comfortable and there is less leg room in the cabin as a trade-off to maximize capacity.


Calaguas Day-2.jpg

You can leave your cars safely in the private parking slot in Paracale. (Parking fee of P200 per night)


Calaguas Day-8.jpg

Don't forget to try the Pancit Guisado from El Minero Snack house before you ride your boat.


Calaguas Day-7.jpg

The boat can accommodate a maximum of 30 persons. Before you travel, check out how high are the waves from the Wind guru forecast


Calaguas Day-9.jpg

Your luggage will be kept safe and dry under the boat. Make sure to provide waterproof bags for your cameras and gadgets. 


Calaguas Day-16.jpg

Trivia: Paracale is a small scale mining town and known for high-quality karat gold


Calaguas Day-20.jpg

It is preferred to travel via Paracale than Vinzons because the travel time is scenic and shorter (only 1.5 hours).


Calaguas Day-29.jpg

Make sure that you wear your swimsuit already so that you can jump down to the beach!


P.P.S. I regret not buying a property here when I visited Calaguas with my dad during our Bicol road trip in 2008.

Mahabang Buhangin, Cam Norte-24-2