Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt TripMetamucil is the world’s #1 selling fiber supplement made of 100% natural Psyllium fiber. Psyllium comes from the husks of seeds from the Plantago Ovata. It helps promote a healthier digestive system, lower cholesterol, a happier heart, it maintains blood sugar levels, and keeps you less hungry between meals.


Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt TripOn August 28, Metamucil held their big product launch at Mercato Centrale, BGC. The event was titled “More Food Trip, Less Guilt Trip”. Aligning with the theme, guests were treated to the best concessionaires around Mercato Centrale. So the OAP team (Our Awesome Planet team) filled their bellies with Nasi Goreng and noodles from Bakmi Nyonya, Baby Back Ribs and Cheesy Potato Balls from Ace’s Cuisine, genuine Burrito and Chicken Quesadillas from Olvera’s, delectable Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream from Lava Ice Cream Café, and Angus Beef Salpicao from Auntie May’s.

Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt Trip Ace’s Cuisine

Ace’s Cuisine treated the event goers with their specialty Baby Back Ribs and Cheesy Potato Balls. The meat was fork tender, sweet, and smokey while their potato balls were both soft to the bite and creamy.


Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt TripBakmi Nyonya

Bakmi Nyonya, founded by Gerswhin and Lucy Garcia, is the overall winner of The Next Big Food Entrepreneur. Their specialty consists of Indonesian Bakmi noodle dishes topped with vegetables, meat, and other savory food items. Try out any of their concoctions with their homemade Sambal Chili Sauce!


Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt TripOlvera’s

Have an authentic Mexican mean with Olvera’s Authentic Home Cooked Mexican Cuisine. Mexican native, Sergio Perez, offers his creations with different meat varieties like chicken, beef, or ox tongue; not to mention he creates his salsa from scratch!


Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt TripAuntie May’s

Auntie May’s bestseller is their Angus Beef Salpicao that is cooked with minced garlic aplenty and special seasoning. The savory and tender meat goes well with their specialty garlic fried rice.


Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt TripLava Ice Cream Café

There are many ways to enjoy ice cream, but the way LICC does it leaves us with a unique experience. Eric Lava, the founder, creates the ice cream right in front of you with fresh ingredients and tops it all off with liquid nitrogen!


Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt TripAfter the guests went on their “Food Trip”, Metamucil treated them to a cool glass of their fiber supplement to help slow digestion, trap fats and sugars, and promote the healthy movement of natural waste.

Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt Trip Leading a healthy life takes consistency and commitment. However, not everyone can devote the time it takes to stay fit for many reasons; one of the biggest in particular is a sedentary desk job. Although it seems like a heavy undertaking to stay healthy, it is a lot less taxing if we start with something as simple as a change in our diets. According to The Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Filipino adults need at least 20 to 25 grams of dietary fiber every day. However, getting the right daily requirements of fiber can be difficult if our lifestyles direct us toward less nutritional food choices like fast food or unhealthy snacks. This is where Metamucil can help you!

Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt TripThe fiber supplement comes in a powder form of two flavors: Orange Smooth and Wild Berry. To enjoy it, take about 1½ teaspoons of the powder and mix it with 250ml of liquid. Stir well and drink immediately. Follow up the routine plenty of water.


Metamucil: More Food Trip, Less Guilt TripSo next time you decide to go on a Food Trip, don’t forget to take Metamucil to prevent the Guild Trip. Happy eating!