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(Jenni of www.jenniepperson.com and Rache of www.mrsawesomeplanet.com)

TESCO, the leader in Supermarkets in the UK, has partnered with SM, the leader in Supermarkets in the Philippines, to distribute Tesco retail products in the country. 

Here are the essential things you need to know about Tesco at SM…

1. Tesco’s Sole Distributors

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Tesco products range from snacks, sauces, beverages, baking needs, beans, and condiments to personal care, kitchen items, and home aids.

The products will exclusively be available on the shelves of twelve (12) SM Supermarket and SM Hypermarket stores initially, which include: 

  • SM Supermarket Makati
  • SM Supermarket Aura
  • SM Supermarket Megamall A and Mega B
  • SM Supermarket North EDSA
  • SM Supermarket Southmall
  • SM Supermarket Pampanga
  • SM Supermarket Cebu
  • SM Hypermarket Mall of Asia
  • SM Hypermarket Pasig
  • SM Hypermarket Clark
  • SM Hypermarket North EDSA


2. Tesco Product Categories

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The most affordable category is Tesco Everyday Value, which is equivalent to the SM Bonus product line.

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Next, you have the mid-tier Tesco Quality products, which still offer good value for money. 

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Last is the Tesco Finest product line, offering high quality items at a still affordable price.


3. Favorite Food Products

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Swiss Chocolates.

Tesco at SM Markets-80.jpg
Digestive Biscuits.

Tesco at SM Markets-81.jpg
Orange and Cranberry Juice.

Tesco at SM Markets-109.jpg
Nice Biscuits. 

Tesco at SM Markets-86.jpg


4. Tesco DIY Baking Products

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London is known for its biscuits, scones, and other yummy baked goodies. Thanks to Tesco and SM, Pinoys can now bake these in the comfort of their own homes.

Tesco at SM Markets-90.jpg
There are various chocolate brownie mixes…

Tesco at SM Markets-96.jpg
…and other baking products like sponge mix, batter mix, or chocolate cake covering.

Tesco at SM Markets-101.jpg
Check out the Tesco food wraps, ice cube bags, and food & freezer bags.

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The Tesco products are grouped with other items of the same type. You can always ask the sales reps for assistance on where to find the specific Tesco goodies you need.


5. British Condiments

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Tesco Finest Sweet & Tangy Balsamic Dipping Oil.

Tesco at SM Markets-77.jpg
Tesco Walnut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Tesco at SM Markets-45.jpg
Tesco Finest’s Dijon Mustard.

Tesco at SM Markets-44.jpg
Cardamom Pods and Cayenne Pepper.


6. Tesco Breakfast Items

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Got some tips from Jenni and Andi on the breakfast items in their baskets.

Tesco at SM Markets-58.jpg
Muesli and Organic Oat Flakes.

Tesco at SM Markets-60.jpg
Honey Nut Corn Flakes.

Tesco at SM Markets-93.jpg
Tesco Coco Snaps.

Tesco at SM Markets-62.jpg
Tim Horton’s Hot Chocolate.

Tesco at SM Markets-63.jpg
Tesco Finest Costa Rican Coffee. 

Tesco at SM Markets-65.jpg
But where’s the Bristish Tea? Here’s hoping they bring in the teas from London.

Tesco at SM Markets-112.jpg
How about some Tesco Baked Beans in tomato sauce?


7. Tesco Household Products

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At least we now have Tesco laundry product options like Oxy Power and Automatic Biological Washing Powder…

Tesco at SM Markets-103.jpg
…Concentrated Fabric Conditioner…

Tesco at SM Markets-105.jpg
…and Tesco Loves Baby Fabric Conditioner.

Tesco at SM Markets-104.jpg
We’re not fans of the shampoo line since we use Human Nature at home, but the Tea Tree & Mint and Raspberry & Pomegranate variants look tempting. 

Tesco at SM Markets-94.jpg
Maybe we’ll try the Kids Raspberry Shampoo one of these days.

Tesco at SM Markets-108.jpg
Should be interesting to try these Granite & Marble or the Stainless Steel Cleaners from the UK…

Tesco at SM Markets-49.jpg
…or these Air Fresheners, Fabric Fresheners, or Ironing Water. 


8. What we think about Tesco in Manila
 Tesco at SM Markets-56.jpg

Thanks to this partnership of two leaders in the Supermarket business, Pinoys can now avail of world-class Tesco products without flying all the way to London. Kudos to SM for continuing to provide more options for us consumers and enhance our shopping experience!

Check out the different Tesco food products like the digestives, muesli, and coffee. The baking options look interesting too and should be great for families who want easy baking mixes to try out at home.

We use natural shampoo and laundry products at home, but it may be worth taking a look at the Tesco options as well. I still prefer supporting locally made products from Human Nature or Messy Bessy though.

I’m not a fan of the Tesco Everyday Value product line since it’s like the SM Bonus line. But we’ll probably try the Tesco Finest products as those aren’t available anywhere else in Manila.


 Live an Awesome Life,

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: We attended the launch of Tesco at SM Aura Supermarket, courtesy of The SM Group. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Congratulations to SM, Tesco, and the British Embassy for this successful partnership! 

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