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TRAIN vs PLANE: What is the Best Way to Visit Europe? (A Rail Europe Survey)

July 31, 2015 update: Here’s the result of the Train vs. Plane survey: The best way to visit Europe!

Renfe Trip to Valencia-13.jpg

I love traveling by trains to discover Europe and it’s very convenient once you land in UK or a European country. What has been your experience?

I’m helping Rail Europe, the global leader in European rail distribution, in conducting the survey to determine What is the Best Way to Visit Europe? TRAIN or PLANE

For answering a 3-minute survey, you’ll get a chance to win a Eurail global pass, 1st class valid for 2 people (unlimited travel in 28 countries, worth 1 662 AUD).  Note: The winner will be designated by a lucky draw.

Here are more details about the Train vs. Plane survey:

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MANILA HOTEL: Your next Memorable Manila Staycation @ManilaHotel

12/21/15 Update: A Christmas Staycation @ManilaHotel

Lexus Manila Hotel-1.jpg
We love staying at The Manila Hotel because of its historic feel, delicious outlets, and close proximity to Manila landmarks and the famed Manila Bay sunset.  

We decided to go on a staycation at the famed hotel this past Philippine Independence Day long weekend.

Here are the moments that made our Manila Hotel staycation memorable…

One Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Nestled in the lush greenery of Rizal Park, the 100-year old edifice of Manila Hotel is a historical landmark, having housed many heads of state and royalty for the past decades. It now also boasts of newly renovated areas and modern amenities.
Telephone: +632 527-0011
Facebook: Manila Hotel
Twitter: @ManilaHotel
Instagram: Manila_Hotel

Check out low rates and availability from Agoda: The Manila Hotel

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DREAMPLAY by DREAMWORKS (A Review): 11 Tips for Planning your DreamPlay Date with your Kids! @CityofDreamsPH

Read More: Here are… 10 Most Fun Activities in Manila (2016 Edition)! @TourismPHL

Dreamworks Dreamplay-8.jpg
DreamPlay is a DreamWorks movie-inspired creativity play center for kids located indoors inside City of Dreams Manila.

I like that the attractions stimulate the minds of the kids and challenge their creativity. The activities are interactive, like workshop classes and exercise activities for your little ones. 

Although, some say the entrance fee isn’t worth it, considering how relatively small the place is, with limited attractions you can finish in two hours. Others comment that it’s just an interactive day care where parents, who want to spend more time in the casino, can drop off their kids.

We tried it first hand with the boys and their cousins, and here’s our planning guide and review of DreamPlay by DreamWorks… 

DREAMPLAY by DreamWorks
Upper Ground Floor, The Shops at the Boulevard, City of Dreams Manila
Operating Hours: 10 am to 10 pm 
Telephone Numbers: +632 808-0909 
Ticket Purchase: At the DreamPlay entrance, or online via
Cash, credit cards or Dream Rewards points accepted. 

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Manila Life

Aguinaldo Shrine comes to Life with amazing Video-Mapping Light Display! (Photo Essay)

Aguinaldo Shrine Comes to Life!Aguinaldo Shrine comes to Life! The 18th-century national monument is seen in a new light through video mapping technology.

Video mapping uses digitally produced images based on the architectural line of a structure to create an impression and bring a structure to life.

It’s my first time watching a video mapping show, and I’m amazed by the work and quality they put into it. It’ll definitely make any Filipino proud! Check out my experience at the Aguinaldo shrine…

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Manila Life

Augmented Reality Diorama Experience of the Philippine History: First 3D-on-3D Experience @AyalaMuseum (Photo Essay)

Ayala Museum 3D ARThe 3D Augmented Reality (AR) Diorama Experience of the Philippine History is an awesome rehash of the popular exhibit with the use of Augmented Reality; historic scenes come to life on a smartphone through exciting animations, realistic sound effects, and voice narrations. Learning history got even more exciting thanks to Ayala Museum in partnership with the Harish and Johnsen Group.

On Independence Day, the AR technology and the Museum will be free for Globe Postpaid subscribers while Globe Prepaid Subscribers get discounted rates on June 12, 2015.

Ayala Museum 3D ARWe had an entertaining time going around the exhibit, this is something not only kids will be interested in, but also the adults will love. Here's our fun and educational experience… 😉

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BELLYSIMA: What to try in the Independence Day Food Trip at Glorietta 5?! @MercatoCentrale


From the organizers of the popular night food market Mercato Centrale, the BELLYSIMA! Food Fair is a launchpad for passionate up-and-coming food entrepreneurs to share their gourmet, artisanal food creations alongside healthy and organic food products with equally passionate foodies and food enthusiasts!  

Some foodies usually go on a staycation this long weekend, so make sure not to miss this Bellysima food trip this Independence Day Weekend at Glorietta 5.

Here’s what you can expect and the confirmed list of participants with layout:

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Awesome Festivals

PEPITA’S LECHON x Corniche Buffet Tips, Trivia & Tricks! @DiamondHotelPH (Don’t miss it!)

Pepita's Kitchen at Diamond Hotel-6.jpg

PEPITA’S KITCHEN is featured in the Feast of the Filipino Kitchen at the Corniche Lunch & Dinner Buffet, Diamond Hotel from June 3 until this Independence Day weekend – June 14, 2015.

I’m so excited for my friend Dedet of Pepita’s Lechon, who for the first time is featured in a 5-star hotel establishment. Watch the video below on the feature of Pepita’s Lechon in Diamond Hotel:

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The story behind the dishes that Dedet loves that are featured in the Corniche Buffet,
  • Pepita’s Kitchen food that is only featured during the Feast of the Filipino Kitchen, and
  • Insights into the happy moments of Dedet. 

Watch this OAP TV feature: Pepita’s Lechon in Diamond Hotel

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DINOSAURS ISLAND BAGUIO: The Lost World Jurassic Park in Benguet!? #BaguioEcoPark

Dinosaur's Island Baguio-18.jpg
(Albertosaurus, Lizard from Alberta, Canada a relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex)

DINOSAURS ISLAND BAGUIO is a dinosaur animatronics themed park in Baguio Eco Park development. It is located in the forested area in Badiwan in Tuba, Benguet along Marcos Highway (near Baguio City). 

Watch the highlights of our trip with the boys and my son Joshua’s first ever Youtube video blog:

Watch: Dinosaurs Island Baguio Tour with Joshua-saurus 

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SMITH Butcher and Grill Room: The Best Steakhouse in Manila? @SmithButcher

Smith & Butcher Room (Part 2)-40.jpg
SMITH Butcher and Grill Room by Chef Tom Hines and Dixie Marinas of Lulu + Hooch aims to elevate the steakhouse experience in Manila to whole different level. Their selling proposition is a personalized steak experience and an extensive selection of meats–from Japan, Australia, the US, and Europe–which are either directly flown-in or sourced locally from importers.

A unique feature of the place is the Steak Room–an art museum-like showcase of their meat offerings, providing patrons with complete flexibility over their choice of steak and how they want to enjoy it. All this in a not-your-typical-steakhouse ambiance, surrounded by beautiful handcrafted furniture.

The name SMITH is meant to project images of a skilled purveyor and in this particular case, a purveyor of an awesome steak experience (think blacksmith for steaks). There is no relation, however, to the other “Smith” steakhouses–Smith & Wollensky or Smith Brothers.

Could this be the best Steakhouse in Manila? Check out our experience…

SMITH Butcher and Grill Room
ACI Building, 147 HV dela Costa St., Salcedo Village,  Makati. 
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 6pm to 1am.
Mobile: +63 927 375-9467 or +63 915 429-5167
FacebookSmith Butcher and Grill Room 

Best Steakhouse in Manila Series 2015!

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Awesome Festivals

MASTERING INTERNET CONTROL: Influencer Master Class and Coaching Program with Anton Diaz (An Invitation)!


Dear OAP friends,

Greetings from Our Awesome Planet!

I would like to invite you to join MASTERING INTERNET CONTROL, a 10-day Blogging Master Class and Coaching Program every Thursday, from June 18 to August 6, 2015, 4pm to 6pm at the One School.

There will be a FREE introductory class on June 11, 4-6pm in the same venue entitled “Professional Blogging: The Business of Food & Travel Blogging” where I will explain the Master Class program in more detail. 

I’ve conducted the Maven Secrets Coaching program since 2009 and most of my students have been very successful with their online businesses.

A lot of OAP friends have asked me to conduct the program again but traveling and starting new businesses always get in the way. Thankfully, I was able to fix my schedule in Manila this June, July, and August.

I would love to personally train and coach you to be a successful influencer, effective internet marketer, and profitable internet business entrepreneur! It would be my privilege to train more Filipinos to dominate online in 2015 and beyond!

Here is the schedule of the 10-day Mastering Internet Control Master Class

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