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COSTA COFFEE, the UK’s No. 1 Coffee Chain, finally opens their first branch in Manila, in partnership with Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. This also marks the first time that the Gokongweis will enter into the restaurant food retail business in the Philippines.

Typically, when Filipinos are asked to think of London, they think of English Tea and tea time. But the coffee industry there is quite big, with a recent explosion of coffee culture in the UK’s capital.

Costa Coffee was founded by two Italian immigrant brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa in Lambeth, London, in 1971. It is one of four major coffee chains (and the dominant player) in London, along with Starbucks, Caffè Nero, and Prêt à Manger. Costa Coffee is best known for their espresso-based coffee using their signature Mocha Italia original blend, their famous Flat White Coffee, and cheaper yet better quality coffee than Starbucks’.

Here’s everything you need to know about Costa Coffee in Manila…

Citywalk 1, Eastwood Mall, Quezon City, Philippines
Facebook: Costa Coffee Philippines
Instagram: @CostaCoffeePH
Twitter: @CostaCoffee

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Costa Coffee’s first branch is located in City Walk 1 in Eastwood City facing the activity center (former location of Serye).

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Costa Coffee opened last June 29, Monday to a long line of coffee lovers waiting to get a taste of Costa’s Frostino or Flat White coffee. 

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Have some fun and try ordering your coffee with a British accent. 🙂

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The baked goodies and sandwiches are provided by the commissary of Crowne Plaza.

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Croissants are best eaten when they are freshly baked. 

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Mark Shofield from Costa Coffee in London opened the Manila branch to ensure that the Flat White exactly matches the one in London.

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The Flat White is made up of a short espresso called ‘Cortissimo’ where the sweetness and full flavor of the coffee bean is extracted short, leaving out the bitterness.

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The milk is heated using a special technique and skillfully mixed with the espresso by titling the cup in a 45-degree angle and swirling it to create micro bubbles for a smooth velvety texture.

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The barista would hand finish each cup with a distinctive ‘florette’ pattern in one continuous stroke.

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The second floor is the best part of the cafe, designed #LondonStyle with Union Jack sofa accents.

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The best seats on the 2nd floor are by the corner table overlooking the outside. 

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It has a nice elevated view of the activity center of Eastwood Citywalk 1. 

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The Costa Coffee Baristas are funky, approachable, and innovative.

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✮ Flat White (Primo – P150)

The flat white in London costs £2.40 (~P170), so they sell it relatively cheaper at P150 for one size only.

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Cappucino (primo – P120, medio – P130 and massimo – P140)

The cappuccino is topped with a milky broth and a coffee bean design.

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✮ Melted Swiss Cheese with Mushroom in Flatbread (P170)

This is our favorite sandwich, oozing with melted cheese, with mushroom and red bell pepper to balance the flavor.

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Chocolate (primo – P130, medio – P140 and massimo – P150)

The chocolate drink is interesting. You can have it designed with a Union Jack. 

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✮ Grilled Spicy Chicken in Pesto Baguette (P170)

We also liked the grilled spicy chicken with pickles and pesto-flavored baguette. 

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Caffe Caramella (primo – P145, medio – P160 and massimo-P170)

For caramel macchiato lovers, you’ll enjoy the froth covered with a caramel web. 

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Grilled Vegetable in Asian Peanut Dressing (P170)

Not bad for a vegetarian sandwich with grilled vegetables and peanut dressing in between a soft panini. 

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Latte (primo – P120, medio – P130 and massimo – P140)

After tasting the Flat White, the latte tasted just milky and fell short of the coffee flavor you are looking for.

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(Top to Bottom) Salted Caramel Chip (P70), Belgian Chocoalte Chip Cookie (P70), and ✮ Chewy Truffle Cookie (Dark – P70)

All the cookies are highly recommended for pairing with the coffee, but our favorite is the Chewy Truffle Cookie!

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Frostino Double Chocolate Cookie Macha (primo – P150, medio – P165 and massimo – P175)

The Frostino is to Costa as the Frappuccino is to Starbucks. We just find it too sweet.

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✮ Fresh Brewed Lemon Tea (primo – P100, medio – P110 and massimo – P120)

For non-coffee lovers, you can try out the freshly brewed lemon tea.

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Congratulations to Robina Gokongwei-Pei for the successful opening of Costa Coffee in Manila!

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Overall, we love the Flat White coffee and the overall London vibe of the place, with Instagram-worthy phone booths and an interestingly designed Union Jack sofa.

Order the Melted Swiss Cheese with Mushroom in Flatbread or the Grilled Spicy Chicken in Pesto Baguette. Don’t forget to try the Chewy Truffle Cookie to pair with your coffee or as a pasalubong for your special someone. 

Budget about P300/head for coffee + sandwich lunch.

Citywalk 1, Eastwood Mall, Quezon City, Philippines
Facebook: Costa Coffee Philippines
Instagram: @CostaCoffeePH
Twitter: @CostaCoffee

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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friend, Marj Sia. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. The next Costa Coffee branch will be in Robinson’s Malate, and the Flagship store will open at One World building in Bonifacio Global City.
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