Clothes Buffet Manila

CLOTHES BUFFET MANILA is a shop-all-you-can experience where you can pick whatever you can grab, and zip it into the buffet bag for 15 minutes. The first season of Clothes Buffet Manila is happening this coming October 17 & 18 at Il Terazzo, Tomas Morato for P1,999It’s a nice concept 🙂

Here are 10 tips and tricks on how to survive clothes buffet manila from the Founders in no particular order!
#1 Keep Calm and Shop On
Follow common courtesy and avoid running to keep the atmosphere sane. Have fun. It’s not supposed to be stressful. It’s a party. 
#2 Finders Keepers

Clothes aren’t the only things up for grabs in the Buffet Floor! Find them and bring it to the validation area (and yes, no need to put it in the buffet bag).

#3 Get The Clothes Rolling

The best way to fill in as many pieces as possible is to put the clothes into a sausage roll. The key is to make the roll the thinnest it can possibly can!


Clothes Buffet Manila

#4 Challenge Accepted!

We were able to stuff as much as 19pcs! Beat that and get a free outfit from Clothes Buffet Manila! Make sure to tell us if you know you’ve beaten the record!

#5 Collections 

We’re dividing our floor into three collections as follows: Smart Chic for the savvy businesswoman, Girl’s Night Out for life of the party and Festival Madness for the girls who have the most fun. We know you’re all three, ladies so go for ’em! 


Aside from the clothes inside your buffet bag, and the prizes you can find in the buffet floor and from the sponsor of your waves, we will also give out a goodie bag as you go out of the validation area. Talk about a loot!

Clothes Buffet Manila

#7 Eyes on the Size!

One touch. One look. Girls have the magic ability to know if the clothes fit without needing to try it on. Use it to your full advantage!

#8 Strut your Stuff

#CBMHAUL and tag us on our Facebook /clothesbuffetmanila or Instagram @clothesbuffetmanila with your haul and get a chance to with more prizes!

#9 Love it even if you Leave it

Remember what you do with the normal buffet with food? Treat the clothes as if it’s going to enter your mouth. If you don’t love it, put it in the bin or back at the rack. DON’T throw it on the floor!

Clothes Buffet Manila

#10 Birth Date Blowout

It’s our birth date today. In celebration of the first CBM, we’re giving out an irresistible bargain. At some time during the two-day event, we’re opening the buffet floor to everyone and there would be one price for tops, dresses and bottoms! Stay tuned for our announcement! 🙂


Time for Round 2!

Round 1 not enough? All buffet goers get a discount! If you want another round, you get to pay for 1,999 instead of the walk-in price of P2,499! 

And last but not the least, the best advice is to just follow our mantra –Pick it. Zip it. Keep it!
Pick out all the clothes you want first (yes, even if it exceeds the number of the pieces you think can fit into the bag.) Then allot your last 3 minutes to pick out what you really like, then just ZIP it all in. The key is to roll and push it in the buffet bag. Then getting to keep all the clothes will be a breeze as you go through the validation area! 
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Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is a media partner of Clothes Buffet Manila.  I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S.  Travel light. The organizers recommend wearing light, fitted clothing and shoes that are comfortable. CBM will restrict people from bringing their bags to the buffet floor, so make sure you are wearing something with pockets to store your valuables.