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My brother Rommel who worked in Vietnam for a couple of months was craving for authentic Vietnamese food when he got back in Manila. His search led him to this authentic hole-in-the-wall Banhmi place in Makati which was opened recently by chi Anne Le.

I was skeptical about this until I’ve tasted the Banhmi. Check out BON Banhmi…

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BON Banhmi is located along Mayapis Street in San Antonio Village, Makati. 

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It has a limited menu for now. Click here for a bigger version of the Bon Banhmi Menu 

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BON is 4 in Vietnamese. It is the favorite number of Anne because she was born on December 4.

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They baked their baguette fresh in the morning, and she had to import a Vietnamese person to do it for her every day.

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We like the traditional version which is served with three types of Vietnamese ham.

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Traditional Banhmi (Large – P99). Pork lean past, Sated shredded meat, Pig’s head paste, Boiled Meat, Jambon, Bonbanhmi Special Pate, Mayonnaise.

I like the crispiness of the Baguette with a chewy inside. They put a lot of healthy greens to make this a healthier dish. The large version is good to share. 

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For the best experience, ask for chili and chili sauce to give it a spicy Vietnamese kick 🙂

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Artichoke Tea (P59). Special Drink for Health.

I would also recommend a refreshing unique tea drink that I have not seen anyone serving here in Manila — Artichoke Tea. It’s really good!

You can also pair it with Vietnamese strong coffee, but it was too sweet for our taste. 

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The perfect merienda or meal on the go.  Make sure to order drive through style when you pass by Mayapis St. on your way to Makati CBD.

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Indeed, it was the best Banhmi I’ve tasted in Manila 🙂  Let’s keep this a secret a little while more…

8390 Mayapis Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City. Philippin.
Telephone: +632 808 7979 (for delivery)
Email[email protected] 
Operating Hours: Daily  6:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

– They offer FREE delivery (P300+) to the entire of Makati
– Best to order in the morning to get the freshest bread 🙂

Here’s the map to go to BON Banhmi: 

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Live an Awesome Life, 


P.S. On weekends, they offer other vietnamese dishes like Cha Gio, or Goi Cuon.

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