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Being my first time in Korea, my search for an authentic immersion in Korean culture was satisfied when I stayed in RakKoJae.

RakKoJae is a Hanok, a traditional Korean guest house that offers 6-star service in a secluded location in Seoul. Its name means “a place where one can enjoy the traditions of times past and rests one’s soul”.

Check out the RakKoJae experience…

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RakKoJae is located somewhere in Bukchon, in the midst of a residential and school area.

Welcome to RakKoJae!

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The entrance is unassuming, with the door marked with Chinese characters, covered by a few trees.  

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A lot of people wanted to enter just out of curiousity, but it’s exclusive for guests to protect their privacy.

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In the center is a nice garden surrounded by 5 different rooms.

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This is the honeymoon suite (KRW 300,000 +10% tax), which is a separate hanok from the main.

Meet Wut and Kate, top and well-loved senior travel writers from Thailand. 

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We stayed in a two-bedroom room good for 4 persons (KRW 450,000 +10% VAT).

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Whoopi the manager of RakKojae Seoul, welcomed us personally, gave us a tour, and made sure that we felt at home with our authentic hanok environment. 

(In fact, she knows how to speak Filipino after working for a Korean Tour agency here in Manila.)

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The refrigerator comes with complimentary water and iced tea! 🙂

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This was our room for the night with flat mattresses on the heated floor and massage pillows.

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The other room had a double bed. This is also the only room with TV.

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There are two modern bathrooms with a high-tech toilet and a wooden bath tub. 

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Meet my blogger friends (from right to left): DJ Quang of Quick & Snow Show from Vietnam, and top bloggers Rayyan Harise of Big Small Boy Blog  and Pen Merah from Malaysia. 

Morning at RakKoJae

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I had a very restful sleep. The interiors were very relaxing and the bed on the heated floor was soothing.

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I love their attention to detail, like this door lock for the restroom.

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The toilet is high-tech and gives you all the options to personalize your toilet washing experience from water intensity, angle of the water, and wind. 🙂

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I love the wooden bath tub. It just invites you to stay as long as you want.

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Read: Seoul Personalities RakKoJae Ahn Young-hwan Page 1,  Page 2

There’s an interesting article on visionary CEO Ahn Young-hwan and how the place came about.

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When you go out to the garden in the morning, you’ll appreciate Korean aesthetics, building around the natural surroundings, giving you that sense of being amidst nature. 

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A kitchen area used for cooking.

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Chili paste jars for fermenting chili and soy.

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The main entrance is like a time portal, separating the tradional hanok house…

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… from the modern residential and business area around it. 

RakKoJae Breakfast

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The living room is set up Japanese style, where you sit on the floor with a pillow cushion.

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In traditional Korean cuisine, side dish appetizers are served first like kimchi, salted small fish (like dilis) with walnuts, kangkong, pickled cucumber, and radish.

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I love the Korean dilis for breakfast, but it’s very strong and not for those allergic to fish or nuts.

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There is a secret door where the server enters…

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…and leads to the laundry and kitchen area of the Hanok.

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I started to fall in love with the Abalone soup (which is more like Abalone porridge). The flavors are a bit subtle but they grow on you.

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Love their grilled fish, too. Not too salty, flavorful, and just the right serving size.

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Tea is served often and keeps the entire breakfast healthy.

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My roommate, DJ Quang was indeed very happy with the experience…

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Breakfast is like a 3-course meal of appetizers, main dish, and finally, dessert. 🙂

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Dessert is home made yogurt with frozen berries — yum!

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It’s the BEST traditional Korean Breakfast we’ve had with authentic Hanok service!

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I was blown away by the traditional lodging and dining experience that RakKoJae offers. Thanks to them, I got to appreciate the beauty of Korean culture and hospitality. 

I highly recommend it for those seeking a holistic immersion in Korean culture. It’s a great destination for honeymooners or independent travelers looking for authentic experiences.

RakKoJae Seoul
49-23, Gyedong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-800, Korea
Rates start at KRW 250,000 for double occupancy (+10% VAT)
All rates include breakfast and dinner service
Complimentary Wi-Fi, mini-bar, laundry and use of sauna

Branch Manager: Whoopi MUN
Mobile: +82 10 6661-8121
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +82 2 742-3410

Awesome Korea Experience: Be Inspired Series

Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. Thank you to the Korean Tourism Organization of Manila for the Asian On Air Program: Asia Power Bloggers Tour of South Korea! 감사합니다 Kamsahamnida!

How to Get To RakKoJae

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Find Bukchon-ro 6-gil

RakKojae Breakfast - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-86.jpg
Turn into this road with the Korean convenience store as the landmark.

RakKojae Breakfast - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-82.jpg
Continue down this small road with the wall of a school. 

RakKojae Breakfast - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-83.jpg
Turn left as you see this entrance, and then turn right at the end…

RakKojae Breakfast - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-26.jpg
You should see the entrance to RakKojae…

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Prior reservation is necessary and you can knock or press on the intercom to get inside.

Korean Map to RakKojae:

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RakKojae Calling Card:

KOREA Calling Card

KOREA Calling Card