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WAFU’s Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet is a 12-course, sit-down, Japanese-style iron grill feast curated by Wafu’s Executive Chef, Chris Oronce. But unlike traditional buffets where you can order anything, guests are required to go through all 12 courses first before they can order more of their favorites on the menu. The buffet comes with a sushi sampler, dessert, unlimited fried rice, and drinks.

We enjoyed our teppanyaki meal. I can’t help but think that this could be the start of the teppanyaki craze in Manila!

Here are some highlights from our own Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet experience with Executive Sous Chef Leslie Altura

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There’s a Modern Japanese resto that is generating quite a buzz in the Greenhills shopping area. The interiors are amazingly fun, and the food is so good — even on their soft opening period. It’s perfect for celebrating anniversaries or dining for special occasions.

We loved the high ceiling, luxe ambiance with the lotus pods, and the Modern Japanese food — sarap! 🙂”  

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The second floor of Wafu is a casual section dedicated to teppanyaki.

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There are four teppanyaki tables and one private teppanyaki room.

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Make sure to reserve the two teppanyaki tables closest to the wall for added privacy.

Teppanyaki Sit-Down Omakase Buffet Menu is P1,800/head + service charge
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You can go with the Chef’s recommended 12-course menu sequence or request to re-arrange it, like having the ebi tempura served in advance, for example. You can eat as much as you want from the list, but you need to try all 12 courses first, and then request another round of your favorites.

Note: If you prefer wagyu meats, you can check out the 5-course Wafu Teppanyaki Steak Special featuring Japanese Wagyu (P2,500/head), or U.S. Wagyu Ribeye (P1,500/head), or Angus Striploin.

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The teppanyaki session starts with cooking the garlic to be used as topping for the steaks.

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1st Course: Miso Soup

Miso soup is served as the first course. I think this was the only course that received negative comments because the soup’s taste was a bit toned down.

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2nd CourseWafu House Salad with onion dressing and crispy salmon skin.

The salad course is a simple serving of fresh greens with tomato, a little bit of crispy salmon skin, and just the right amount of onion dressing.

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In the Wafu Teppanyaki Steak Special, they serve a Tako ala Plancha salad of fresh greens with baby octopus. 🙂 

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Next course is the Tofu Steak, seared just right on both ends, topped with a sweet sauce and greens.

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3rd Course: ✮ Tofu Steak with special sweet and savory sauce.

This was really good — milky soft, with a good bite, and the right balance of sauce flavors. 

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The first of two steak courses is served with mushrooms.

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4th Course: ✮ U.S. Hanger Steak with shimeiji mushrooms and wasabi pepper sauce.

We liked the tenderness and flavor of the steak on its own. You actually don’t need the wasabi pepper sauce anymore.

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We were celebrating Grandparents’ Day with Momsy and Popsy and they both loved the teppanyaki. 🙂

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At this point, Chef Les decides to cook the fried rice.  

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The rice had a nice combination of flavors. It was cooked well with egg, vegetables, and just right amount of tutong. On hindsight though, it would have been better if this was served ahead of the steak. 

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The meat and fish are alternately cooked. After the steak came this big slice of salmon.

WAFU Sit-down Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet-67.jpg WAFU Sit-down Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet-69.jpg WAFU Sit-down Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet-70.jpg WAFU Sit-down Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet-71.jpg 
The salmon is seared and put on a bed of greens. It is then topped with a sweet special sauce and burnt to give it that toasted flavor.

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Really enjoyed the theatrical interactiveness of the whole teppanyaki course. It kept the boys entertained throughout their meal.

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5th Course: ✮ Grilled Salmon on spinach, topped with special sauce.

The salmon alone was already juicy and flavorful, with perfectly seared sides. The special sauce was just a bit sweet and creamy but really went well with the rice.

If you prefer, you can ask them to put the sauce on the side to better appreciate the salmon.

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The next course is a sous-vide chicken, which is seared before serving.

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6th Course: ✮ Hard Seared Sous-Vide Chicken with teriyaki sauce.

This was very soft and tasty with just the right amount of teriyaki sauce. 

Note: At this point, you can order another serving of fried rice. 🙂

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The next fish to be served is blue marlin, seared just right to preserve its juiciness and smokiness.

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This is also topped with a special sweet tangy sauce and burnt to also give it that roasted flavor.

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7th Course: ✮ Blue Marlin with wasabi mayo.

We enjoyed the soft and milky texture of this one. 🙂 We really love the quality of the fish they used in the teppanyaki.

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8th Course: Ebi Tempura

If you have kids, it would be best to have this served ahead of the other dishes. It has a thin crunchy layer of batter and a good amount of shrimp meat. This is not cooked on the spot.

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The second meat course is served with togue and topped with the fried garlic.

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9th Course: ✮ U.S. Tenderloin Saikoro style.

Loved the quality of the meat in this course. You can request to have it cooked medium for that perfect taste.

Tip: You can request for the Wagyu versions for added yumminess. 🙂

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The last fish course is a fresh chunk of Dorado.

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It is topped with a special mango-onion salsa.

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10th Course: ✮ Dorado Fish with house made mango-onion salsa.

We liked the meatiness and freshness of the fish with the light sauce. 

Tip: You can request to put the sauce on the side so that it does not overpower the taste of the fish.

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11th Course: Sushi Sampler

You end with a sample of Otoro sushi, sashimi roll, and… 

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12th Course: Wafu Ice Cream

…homemade coffee ice cream! 🙂 

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Congrats to Bryan, Chef Chris and wife Isabel for the awesome Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet!

Thanks for the taste test of Chef Chris latest creation 🙂

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Overall, we love the alternating courses of high-quality fish (3 courses), steak meat (2 courses), and sous-vide chicken (1 course). It’s a comprehensive Japanese meal experience with miso soup, salad, sushi, sashimi, ebi tempura, dessert, and unlimited fried rice. 🙂

It’s great for special celebrations as one teppanyaki table can comfortably sit 6 people. Just remember to reserve in advance because they only have 5 teppan tables, especially now that they’re offering a 50% discount on the Teppanyaki Omakase set until December. 🙂 

The atmosphere of Wafu is a bit intimidating, but at least the teppanyaki section is designed to be casual. And make sure you request for Executive Sous Chef Leslie Altura if you have VIP guests.

Do you have your own recommendations for other teppanyaki places in the Metro? 

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P.S. We heard that the Raymond Magdaluyo Group is building the biggest Teppanyaki place ala Benihana along The Bay in SM Mall of Asia. I can’t wait!

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