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SM AURA PREMIER is the high-end shopping mall of Henry Sy’s SM Group, located in the Bonifacio Civic Center in Taguig. Some call it the SM Mothership because of its unique design and because it’s the flagship pet project of Ms. Tessie Cozon (daughter of Henry Sy) herself.

With its Grand Opening today, SM Aura goes into direct competition with Ayala’s Market! Market! and Bonifacio High Street combined. The rivalry is interesting to see, reminiscent of the stiff competition between Globe and Smart. In the end, we the consumers benefit from the rivalry with new and exciting choices in food, stores, and new experiences.

Here are our first impressions of SM AURA — what we think SM did well, what SM can further improve on in the mall and the supermarket, and the places you should try soon…

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SM AURA is located on the land bordered by 26th Street, McKinley Parkway and C5 in Taguig.

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The Main Entrance of the mall and the Parking entrance are located along McKinley Parkway, fronting Two Serendra. Technically, you can walk from Market! Market! or from Serendra.

Inside SM Aura-6.jpg
As you enter, you’ll see one of the flagship stores in SM Aura: Paul Boulangerie Cafe. It is popular among Filipinos who visit Singapore. It’s also the first restaurant cafe by the Bench Group.

Inside SM Aura-5.jpg
The store is not yet ready, but they imported a booth stall from France to serve their signature pastries just in time for the SM Aura opening.



SM Aura Facade-8.jpg
You have to go down to the Lower Ground Level to get to the new SM Supermarket.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-7.jpg
The SM Supermarket Aura is the flagship gourmet supermarket, inspired by the best urban supermarkets abroad. The SM Family is very excited to launch this 9,300-sqm progressive supermarket, designed by New York-based retail design firm Point Design Inc.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-13.jpg
It showcases Chateau de France offerings like French macarons, baguettes, pain choco, quiche, and croissants using imported ingredients from France.  I like their pistachio and fig macarons.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-20.jpg
They have a traditional deli and pate counter, integrated as part of the supermarket, that can rival the prices of other popular delis in the metro.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-14.jpg
They also import a good variety of different cheeses to complete the gourmet shopping experience.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-21.jpg
There is even a corner that has shelves and shelves of different types of bread.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-28.jpg
One of the biggest sections is the Fresh Section, featuring imported and specialty fruits and vegetables…

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-31.jpg
…and locally sourced fruits like bananas, pineapples and watermelons.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-35.jpg
A wide selection of Highland vegetables…

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-38.jpg
…and Lowland ones are on display.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-34.jpg
There is a good array of organic and aeroponic vegetables as well.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-30.jpg
The assortment is quite impressive, and I do hope they are able to maintain it over time.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-16.jpg
Best of all, you can avail of the Fruit Carving services for free if you want to entertain at home. 🙂

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-59.jpg
You can also choose from an extensive variety of rice like brown rice, red rice, organic options, etc.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-57.jpg
Various kinds of tater cuts will delight the kids.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-55.jpg
And if you feel like making your own dimsum shabu shabu at home, there’s something for you too.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-27.jpg
A lot of foodies are raving about the availability of thick, marbled US Certified Angus Beef!

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-49.jpg
The supermarket also has local meat options for everyday cooking.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-51.jpg
You can have different cuts of meat from SM’s own Farm Fresh or Market Fresh brands.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-47.jpg
There are also marinated meats, ready to cook at home. 🙂

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-45.jpg
The fresh seafood display showcases the abundant fishes in the Philippines.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-42.jpg
Here’s the Bangus and Tilapia in a similar glass display enclosure you would see in Europe.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-40.jpg
They also present the fishes very well sliced with the fish heads.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-101.jpg
I was impressed with the variety of local yummy delicacies you can only get if you travel to the different provinces.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-108.jpg
Thank you to SM for bringing in the Ube and Strawberry Jam products direct from Baguio.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-107.jpg
We were delighted to find Cheding’s peanuts from Iligan,

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-106.jpg
Durian products from Davao, and…

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-104.jpg
…other delicacies you can only find in Bacolod, Iloilo and different parts of Visayas.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-112.jpg
Here’s my wife’s cousin Pam shopping with her family on the opening day of SM Supermarket Aura.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-110.jpg
Finally, a supermarket that carries a good assortment of local and imported beers at the right price!

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-111.jpg
Here’s Bindoy and Lori Baltazar caught on camera, shopping on the opening of SM Supermarket Aura.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-81.jpg
One of the highlights of the SM Aura Supermarket: 12 aisles of imported food products — bigger than Metro Gaisano’s imported section but not as big as S&R’s.

(This section is well-lighted compared to the other areas of the supermarket. I wonder if there’s a reason for this.)

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-75.jpg
You can enjoy shopping for Asian products,

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-82.jpg

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-80.jpg
unique grocery finds,

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-77.jpg
imported chips you could only find before in Healthy Options,

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-76.jpg
different jams, spreads, and peanut butter. (Although, there was no Speculoos yet on opening day.)

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-72.jpg
They also carry a good variety of organic products scattered across the supermarket.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-73.jpg
It would be nice to convert the International section to ala Whole Foods – organic section so that all the organic products are accessible in one area.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-71.jpg
There are organic juices in the imported products section.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-67.jpg
They also have organic berries in the frozen section…

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-66.jpg
…and imported organic vegetables.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-84.jpg
Check out the Health & Beauty section with its curvaceous shelves…

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-87.jpg
…for the organic health & beauty products.

(Note: Most of the popular local organic products are not yet available though.)

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-61.jpg
For dessert, we found Bambino Cones (!),

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-60.jpg
Snickers Ice Cream, Twix Ice Cream, and other imported ice cream brands.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-92.jpg
SM Aura also has premium wines and brandy, like this pricey Camus Cuvee 5.150,

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-93.jpg
a collector’s item signed by Gilles Hennessy,

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-94.jpg
Louis XIII collector’s bottle,

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-96.jpg
a 25-year-old Chivas Regal, and…

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-97.jpg
imported liquor from France, Scotland, Spain and more.

SM Supermarket Aura Premier-88.jpg
Even the eating stalls outside the supermarket have upgraded, clean-looking booth designs.

Inside SM Aura-1.jpg
Chatime opened its 29th store just outside the SM Supermarket. Our current Chatime favorites are the Strawberry Au Lait and Mango Au Lait. 🙂

Inside SM Aura-3.jpgAfter shopping for groceries, let me tour you around the SM Aura Mall.


Inside SM Aura-54.jpg
SM Aura showcases its flagship stores like Uniqlo and…

Inside SM Aura-52.jpg
Forever 21, which occupies the whole first floor block that is visible along 26th Street.

(Note: Rumor has it there’ll be H&M in October, Victoria’s Secret, and Sephora Makeup Cosmetics soon in SM.)

Inside SM Aura-48.jpg
For balikbayans, you can shop for Filipino pasalubong in the SM Supermarket and Filipino traditional souvenirs in Kultura on the 3rd level.

Inside SM Aura-12.jpg
SM Aura has a built-in SMX Aura Convention Center, also on the 3rd floor.

Inside SM Aura-15.jpg
The inaugural event in SMX was graced by no other than SM Department Store’s global endorser — Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP).

Inside SM Aura-9.jpg
Bringing in SJP was a brilliant choice (as if showing Ayala that SM Aura is here to compete. 🙂 )

Inside SM Aura-10.jpg
She is considered a fashion idol by many style-savvy Filipinas.

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Inside SM Aura-11.jpg
Check out the new “The SM Store” with its elegant offerings and posh store design.

Inside SM Aura-55.jpg
Outside the department store, SM invested on large LCD walls fronting Two Serendra, showcasing the different SM Brands.



Inside SM Aura-16.jpg
Most of the restaurants are located on the 4th level and the 5th level (where the Sky Park is located).

Inside SM Aura-18.jpg
Food on Four is the high-end food court of SM Aura.

Inside SM Aura-26.jpg
It has an urban vibe and…

Inside SM Aura-25.jpg…can be transformed into a bar with a performance stage.

Inside SM Aura-21.jpg
When we were there, the most popular stalls were the Pepper Lunch booth and…

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Inside SM Aura-24.jpg
Brasas Latin American Street Food.

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Inside SM Aura-27.jpg
Food On Four is conveniently located just beside the cinemas and the first IMAX in Taguig. 🙂

(Thanks to SM for bringing the high-end cinema experience to Taguig! Great job! 🙂 )

Inside SM Aura-29.jpg
You can also find boutique dessert places that we love like Mochi Sweets & Mother’s Crepe & Cafe.

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Inside SM Aura-38.jpg
The most exciting part of SM Aura is the Sky Park, which is like a park in the clouds.

Inside SM Aura-37.jpg
It’s a nice, landscaped setting with cool fountains found on the 5th level.

Inside SM Aura-34.jpg
Here’s the view of McKinley Parkway and Two Serendra from the Sky Park.

Inside SM Aura-33.jpg
There’s a large outdoor venue that would look very nice with gourmet food stalls.

Inside SM Aura-39.jpg
Here’s a view of the 26th Street facing Two Serendra and Market! Market!.

Inside SM Aura-45.jpg
Fitness First will have its Platinum Gym on the 5th level near the Sky Park.

Inside SM Aura-44.jpg
The 5th floor will also house signature restaurant concepts and resto brand extensions like Lugang Cafe,

Inside SM Aura-43.jpg
La Trattoria by Chef Chris, and…

Inside SM Aura-47.jpg
…the much-awaited The Food Hall by Todd English!

Inside SM Aura-42.jpg
Congratulations to Happy Lemon for beating all the other restos in opening on the 5th floor on the Grand Opening day. 🙂

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Inside SM Aura-57.jpg
Overall, I was impressed with the new SM Supermarket and the Sky Park concept. I can’t wait for The Food Hall by Todd English and Paul Boulangerie Cafe to open in SM Aura!

However, I was underwhelmed by the mall itself probably because I’m a guy who cannot relate to the different fashion stores. Although, I heard the ladies are impressed because of the signature branded stores that opened/will open there first in the Philippines (and you can’t see them in any other malls). It’s the type of mall that Sarah Jessica Parker would go to and shop when in Manila. 

Congratulations to SM and the Sy family for building a beautiful SM Aura Premier!

26th Street, corner McKinley Parkway at the Fort
Facebook: SM AURA Premier
Twitter: SM AURA
Telephone: +632 815-AURA (2872)


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