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GRACE PARK is Margarita Fores‘ much-anticipated farm-to-table Italian restaurant in One Rockwell in Makati. It is named after her paternal grandmother Angie Geronimo Forés’ home in Grace Park, Caloocan (the former Elpo rubber shoes compound).

The concept is inspired by similar farm-to-table, slow-cooking restos in the US (like ABC Kitchen, Vinegar Hill House, and Joseph Leonard). A lot of people have raved about the interiors tastefully done by Jorge Yulo (congrats!). It transports you to a rustic yet industrial loft, making you forget that you are in a mall.

The food is a mix of healthy and sinful comfort food, but the taste is a bit bitin. It adopts the “cleaner” Western taste versus the bolder, malinamnam flavors that some Pinoy foodies prefer.

Here is our Grace Park experience…

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MENUGrace Park Dining Menu | Drinks Menu

We love the rustic-industrial setting that is conducive to chika chika with friends.

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If you are eating on the first floor, I suggest you reserve this corner table with the shabby chic decor.

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The kitchen intends to be a farmhouse kitchen, serving a limited menu based on the ingredients that are in season.

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The grand staircase is a mix of iron and wooden materials from ancestral houses.

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The chandelier lights up the staircase and provides a nice interior highlight.

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On the second floor, reserve the tables near the front, which provides a more private space.

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The only problem with cement walls is that the conversations bounce off them, so you can hear the chattering sounds all around you.



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It was great to dine with Jin, not only because of her lovely appetite, but also because of her insights on what to order based on her initial experience — Jin Loves to Eat | Grace Park.

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★ Sardine Spread (P250 +10% service charge).

We all liked the creamy, smooth taste of the sardines on the bread.

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Organic Scotch Eggs (P325 +10% service charge).

The organic eggs wrapped in a layer of meat (which tasted like embotido) with fresh vegetables was a good starter too.


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Barley, Smoked Ham & Farmers’ Vegetables (P240 +10% service charge).

The soup tasted clean and healthy, and it had an aftertaste of barley.



Grace Park-6.jpg Squash Ribbons, Pistachios, Goat Cheese (P450 +10% service charge).

The squash pasta was delicious! We loved the soft, handmade quality of the pasta, and the bits of pistachios nicely balanced out the taste of the goat cheese.

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★ Fettuccine, Truffle Cream, Organic Egg (P550 +10% service charge).

This pasta was equally good with its light, truffle cream flavor.

(Just wondering: Is this the start of the PastaSilog trend? 🙂 )



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Chicken Scaloppine (P580 +10% service charge).

It resembles a Milanese dish we had the pleasure of trying some time ago. This dish might be better served with veal instead of chicken, though.

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★ Muscovado Beef Belly (P510 +10% service charge).

We loved the sweet roasted flavor of the soft beef belly (which had a good layer of fat). It is best eaten with the juicy cherry tomatoes to make this dish a bit more healthy.

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Roasted Veg Garden (P125 +10% service charge).

The roasted vegetables from that day’s harvest menu was good but a bit dry.

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Organic Porkchop (P520 +10% service charge).

The porkchop was tough; we found the corn more rave-worthy instead.



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Golden Cassava (P210 +10% service charge).

This was just OK — cassava with lots of grated cheese on top.

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Ensaimada Pudding (P240 +10% service charge).

Sinful ensaimada packed into pudding form with sauce. Again, it was just OK.

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While taking photos, we noticed that if you don’t put the cutlery in the picture, the dessert looks ordinary (and tastes like it too).

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Overall, we love the solid concept of Grace Park, and the resto design by architect Jorge Yulo. 🙂 It’s a nice place for a date, a family celebration, or a barkada reunion dinner.

We recommend the pasta dishes, the Muscovado Beef Belly, and the sweet vegetables! It would be nice if the resto can feature the farms where the vegetables and produce come from.

Take note, though, that some flavors may be bitin, especially since a lot of foodies expect bolder flavors like in Lusso. For dessert, go for coffee and cakes in UCC beside it. Budget P1,300/head for a 3-course meal (starter-main-dessert).

Ground Level, One Rockwell, Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center Makati
Operating Hours: Open 11 AM to 3 PM and 6 PM to 10 PM
Mobile: +(63 917) 513-8945
Telephone: +(63 939)-93-GRACE , +(632) 843-PARK (7275)
Facebook: Grace Park

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