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People are crazy about International House of Pancakes (IHOP for short), judging by the long lines waiting to try the latest American franchise to invade Manila. Finally, we have a new player in the Pancakes and All-Day Breakfast scene.

But a lot of foodies ask: Are the pancakes really good? Is IHOP just another iHype?

We tried it out, and here’s our IHOP Manila Experience…

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The average waiting time to get a table is 30 minutes during the peak hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner. It could extend to 1 hour on weekends.

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Either stay away from it for now or go very early for breakfast (or try your luck on weekdays).

(They need a more efficient queuing system) 

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The second floor dining area is always full. It would be good if you could get the booth tables beside the window.

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IHOP MENU: Hearty Omelettes, Meat-Free Omelettes, Create Your Own Omelette | Breakfast Combinations, Steak Combinations, Hash Brown Stacks | French Toasts, Waffles, Oatmeal | World Famous Pancakes, Pancake Flavors | Sweet Crepes, Savory Crepes | Sandwiches and IHOP Classic Burgers | Appetizers, Soup & Fresh Salads | Hearty Dinner Favorites, Delicious Desserts | Specialty Entrees, Additional Orders | Just for Kids, Kid’s Lunch & Dinner, Kid’s Beverages & Dessert | Thirst Quenching Beverages

I like IHOP’s breakfast menu with its wide variety and option to mix-and-match. Their menu prices are relatively affordable.

Best of all, you can customize your breakfast to be healthy by choosing sugar-free syrup, low-cholesterol eggs, sugar substitutes for coffee and tea, or low-fat milk for your orders. You can always request to hold the butter, whipped topping and ask for less cheese.

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Splashberry (P175). A blend of IHOP’s juicy red strawberries, lemon-lime soda and premium orange juice and Never Empty Coffee Pot (P125).

The Splashberry was refreshing, combining the flavors of strawberries and lemon-orange well. The coffee was just OK.

(Tip: Although they promised free refills, it took us 4 follow-ups to have our Splashberry refilled. The service leaves something to be desired — or, maybe, they just want to deter people from taking advantage of the free refill?)

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★ BIG STEAK OMELETTE (P325). Tender strips of steak, hash browns, fresh greens, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. Served with salsa P325. Substitute other famous pancake flavors for P50 more.

This omelet was surprisingly good, probably because of the buttermilk and wheat pancake batter mixed with the eggs. Although, we wished there were more strips of steak.

It comes with two buttermilk pancakes, but you can add P50 to upgrade it to their signature pancake flavors.

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New York Cheesecake Pancakes (P285). Two fluffy buttermilk pancakes loaded with creamy, rich cheesecake pieces and crowned with cool strawberries, powdered sugar and whipped topping.

This came highly recommended, but we found the pancake a bit bland and less cheesy than expected. Also, the strawberries were already tired from being frozen a long time, so they looked mushy and not good to eat anymore.

(Tip: For now, don’t order anything with strawberries because it could ruin your meal.)

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So, what makes the IHOP Pancake experience special? I’d say it’s the different flavors of unlimited syrup. We like mixing the old-fashioned Maple syrup with their signature Butter Pecan.

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★ Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes (P255). Two rich, chocolate batter pancakes filled with chocolate chips and topped with powdered sugar and whipped topping. Buttermilk pancake version also available.

If you want to try a signature IHOP pancake, go for the Chocolate batter pancakes that are shaped like big chocolate cookies but have the consistency of brownies. The insides are moist (like chocolate cake) and the chocolate chips are delicious. A must try!

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We met up with our friend Janice, and she was the one who ordered the Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes. It was able to turn around our negative first impression about IHOP’s pancakes.

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Stuffed French Toast Combo (P365). Cinnamon raisin French toast with a sweet cream filling, crowned with whipped topping and your choice of cool strawberry topping, warm blueberry compote or cinnamon apple compote. 

It was a toss-up between a Waffle or the Stuffed French Toast — we decided to go for what’s unique to IHOP.

The Stuffed French Toast was good, but we realized it was too rich with the sweet cream filling. We’re glad we ordered the blueberry instead of the strawberries.

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★ Served with two eggs, hash browns, your choice of two bacon strips or two pork sausage links. 

The bacon, sausage links and hash browns were almost perfect in taste, crunch and texture.

Make sure to order them as add-ons to your pancakes or French Toast. 

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Nutella® Crepes (P245). Two egg batter crepes filled with “the original creamy, chocolaty hazelnut spread”™ Nutella® and fresh slices of banana. Crowned with cool strawberry topping and whipped topping.

For dessert, we ordered their signature Nutella Crepes. They were good but could use more Nutella. Also, the mushy strawberries were a letdown.

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Overall, IHOP is a nice place to hang out for a leisurely breakfast, especially with the family. We love their Big Steak Omelette, Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes, the Butter Pecan Syrup, and Free Refill option. Hopefully, they can improve on their uncool strawberry toppings and other pancakes.

I appreciate the fact that the menu prices are affordable, and the serving size is meant to be shared. Budget P400/person. Make sure to go early during the non-peak times (10am or 2pm on a weekday), or just wait for a while when the lines disappear.

Congratulations, IHOP, on your successful opening week! Good luck in your expansion in Manila!

IHOP Philippines
W Global Center, 30th St. corner 9th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, The Fort Taguig City
Telephone: +632 808 9589
Email[email protected]
Facebook: IHOP Philippines
Twitter:  @IHOP_PH
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 6am to Midnight
Friday and Saturday: 24 hours 6am to Midnight

★ – Highly Recommended 🙂

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The Best of ALL-DAY BREAKFAST Craze:

What’s New in BGC Restaurants in 2013?

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P.S. It’s definitely pancake heaven for the kids, but I’m sure they won’t appreciate the long wait to get a table, especially during breakfast.