KALIBO is a melting pot and transit hub of the Aklan province. Its food offerings are most often overshadowed by the best fresh seafood in the nearby province of Capiz or the yummy Ilonggo food in Iloilo. Most people just pass by this municipality that aspires to be a city one day.  

It was a bit hard to research online about places to eat in Kalibo. Most of the recommendations online are intended for the transit tourists or the Ati-atihan backpackers but not for foodies looking for yummy local food to better appreciate the Aklanon culture.

After a three-day food trip during the Ati-Atihan Festival with more misses than home runs, here are the best places to eat in Kalibo:



Saylo Cuisine-28.jpg

SAYLO is a Visayan term which means “to welcome” or “to invite to come in“.

It is also a term which means “to transfer” which has a double meaning — it’s a good transfer stopover when you are flying via Kalibo International Airport, or if you are tired of Latte –  you transfer to Saylo.

We love the hip ambiance, offering of authentic Aklanon food with a good presentation and the yummy pasta. The only thing that turned us off  was the “provincial” service from the staff – lax, not trained well, and inattentive. 

Still, SAYLO gets our vote as the Best Restaurant in Kalibo! Check out our Saylo Experience…

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Latte Coffee Cafe Breakfast Birthday-15.jpg

LATTE is the best place for breakfast in Kalibo. It opens as early as 7am and offers your breakfast favorites, comfort food and yummy cakes. 

It’s conveniently located in the road that leads to the airport and beside the best hotel in Kalibo. 

It gets mixed reviews because of inconsistencies, but we love the selection of comfort food.

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 is our Visayan liempo of choice. It’s better than the liempo we have in Manila.

The liempo is bigger and the skin is as crunchy as a chicharon.

Ramboy’s Liempo (P250 + P10 eat in)

The liempo cuts are bigger and meatier; and the skin, crunchier.

Lechon Manok (P190 + P10).

In contrast to the Liempo, the chicken is a bit dry and tough. If you will order chicken, make sure and insist to pick the freshly grilled one.

Check out the Ramboy’s along Toting Reyes St. in Kalibo. 

La Nena-1.jpg
La Nena’s. Some locals prefer La Nena’s which is a Kalibo original.

La Nena-3.jpg
I love the native bahay kubo ambiance with al fresco environment.

La Nena-4.jpg
Liempo Half (P115)

You can order half of a liempo, but their Liempo is fatter than the ones we had in Ramboy’s.

Check out La Nena’s along Mabini St. in Kalibo.



New Peking House-1.jpg
Kalibo Peking House (Refreshment Parlor) along XIX Martyrs St., Kalibo, Aklan. 

The best Chinese Restaurant, according to the multi-national transit sales agents, is Peking House for its Fookien Chinese cuisine, almost similar to the ones you can find in Manila.

New Peking House-2.jpg
Peking House MenuSoup, Beef, Pork, Poulty, Fish |  Seasonal, Pansit, Shrimps, Vegetable, Crabmeat, Beverages, Rice

There’s no dimsum in the menu, but you can eat really good Chinese comfort food.

New Peking House-7.jpg
Fish Ball Soup (P160).

Our favorite is the fish ball soup if you just want a satisfying break during the Ati-Atihan festivities.

New Peking House-8.jpg
There’s a generous serving of fish balls, and the balls are soft, but firm.

New Peking House-10.jpg
Fish Fillet with Asparagus (P15o)

We haven’t really tried the rest of the menu but this Fish Fillet is a good indication that we will go back here for good Chinese comfort food.

Peking House is near the Pastrana Plaza and a good place to eat during Ati-Atihan.



Bread & Butter-1.jpg
The most popular bakery in Kalibo is Bread & Butter with many branches around the town.

Bread & Butter-3.jpg
They are best known for their siopao — asado, bola bola and chicken.

Bread & Butter-5.jpg
Aside from siopao, you got to try their cheeseburger which tastes like choriburger. 

A good take-away food if you are hungry during the Ati-Atihan festivities 🙂


Any other tips on where are the best places to eat in Kalibo?


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P.S. Here are the places we tried and did not like:

Kalibo Ati-Atihan Day 1-30.jpg
We did not like the seafood restaurants in Kalibo. The seafood is not that fresh and priced high like in Manila. Go to Roxas City for really good and fresh seafood.

Kalibo Ati-Atihan Day 2-86.jpg
Kitty’s Kitchen is also one of the home-grown Kalibo fastfood restaurants. We like the KK’s BBQ Ribs (P110) but the rest of the menu taste like fast-food meals.

Kalibo Ati-Atihan Day 2-40.jpg
We never found any Kalibo delicacy or pasalubong worth buying. Rosafood’s Paborita is good but I’m still looking for something unique and yummy that can only be found in Kalibo.

They say Coco Sugar is cheap in Kalibo. Any other pasalubong tips?