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I love my first food-truck experience in San Francisco. I love hunting down these yummy street treats, and was fascinated with the whole outdoor gourmet experience.

Here's a photo essay of our food-truck hunting experience and my favorite food trucks in SanFo:

Food Truck Hunting Series:

OFF THE GRID – St. Mary's Square

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My first food-truck experience was in OFF THE GRID – St. Mary's Square near the Old St. Mary's Church along California Street.  

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OFF THE GRID is your roaming mobile food extravaganza — bringing you delicious food, with free sides of music, craft and soul. Check out all your favorite gourmet food vendors in one place – creating markets like you've never seen before. For more info, visit

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During lunch time, there are usually 3 food trucks located in an outdoor park.



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Señor Sisig is one of the most popular food trucks in SanFo serving Filipino food in Mexican form. It usually has a long queue and well known for the Sisig Burrito.

Señor Sisig
Filipino Tacos, Burritos & Rice Plates

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The food truck is usually powered with their own generator.

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Señor Sisig was established in 2010 by Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo. They sell Sisig in Burrito, Taco, Fries and Nacho versions. Check out the Senor Sisig Menu.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see Filipino soda favorites being sold in a Food Truck in SanFo.

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There are two windows — the "Order Here" and the "Pick Up Here" windows. The order takes a long time to be served because they cook and assemble your food upon order.

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The "SENOR" Sisig Burrito ($8). Choice of Pork, Chicken or Tofu with Adobo garlic rice, pinto beans, lettuce, pico de gallo & our cilantro cream sauce. 
SILOG IT! Add an egg to any menu item for an extra – $1 (Cooked to order – Please be patient)

It was a big burrito and I can hardly finish it. I love the fusion of Filipino and Mexican flavors. 



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Sometimes, the food trucks also park during the Sunday farmer's market in downtown San Francisco. But usually the organic food at the stalls are patronized more than those sold at food trucks. 


OFF THE GRID @ Fort Mason

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On a Friday night, most of the food trucks in SanFo would go the OFF THE GRID – Fort Mason.

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The food trucks and food stalls would surround the market. There are limited chairs so most people would stand just like in cocktails. 

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There's an indie acoustic live entertainment throughout the night.



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Another Filipino taco truck we like is Hapa SF by Chef William Pilz serving modern organic casual Filipino cuisine.

Hapa SF
Modern Organic Filipino Cuisine
Twitter: @HapaSF
FacebookHapa SF

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They serve Filipino favorites like pancit, adobo and sisig. Check out Hapa SF Menu

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-76.jpg
Chicken Adobo Banh Mi ($8). Adobo brined chicken/ pickled carrot/ jicama/ salsa verde/ acme torpedo roll.

If you are tired of burritos, the Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwich version with Filipino flavors is a good alternative.

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The food trucks serve different drinks and not just your usual sodas.



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The Chairman Truck by Mobi Munch is my favorite -  serving baked cua pao!

The Chairman
Food inpired by the original street food of Asia – it's bold, spicy, unique, fast and delicious
Twitter: @ChairmanTruck
Facebook: The Chairman 

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You have a choice between steamed or baked buns with Tender Pork Belly, Braised Pork or Red Sesame Chicken. Check out Chairman's Buns Menu.

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-38.jpg
Chairman's Buns (Baked $6.75)  Tender Pork Belly with Pickled Daikon and 
Red Sesame Chicken Bun (Baked $6.00) with Pickled Paperthin Cucumber & Carrot  

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-41.jpg
We love the baked bun with the good flavor combination of sweet tender pork belly and pickled daikon.

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-40.jpg
My brother Lorenz (or Enzo to friends) loved Chaiman's Bao.


Here are other interesting Food Truck/Cart Concepts in Off The Grid:

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-22.jpg

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-20.jpg

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-17.jpg

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-56.jpg

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-44.jpg


The Creme Brulee Cart

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-61.jpg
The Creme Brulee Cart specializes in creme brulees and they caramelized the top on the spot.

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-60.jpg
They promise Zero-Calorie Creme Brulee ($4) with the following Flavors: Honey Vanilla Bean, Si Por Favor Nutella/Strawberries, Toasted Coconut, Cafe Mocha.


Mobile Cupcakery

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-19.jpg
I was amazed at the cupcake truck with cupcakes baked in the truck itself and served freshly baked.

OFF THE GRID Fort Mason-87.jpg
One of my favorite desserts in the food-truck market.

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I'm a fan of OFF THE GRID market and they do a great job of organizing a yummy street food experience for the foodies. I was inspired to bring the same food truck experience here in Manila.

Don't miss to visit one their markets when you are in downtown San Francisco.

Making Street Food Happen… All the time.
Twitter: @SFCarts
Facebook:  Off the Grid

Food Truck Hunting Series:

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P.S. I must admit Off the Grid in SanFo was one of our inspirations for launching Cucina Andare, the first Food Truck Market in Manila.  For the first time, get to see the first 10 pioneering food trucks/vans in Manila all in one location this weekend!