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Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!

STUDIO KITCHEN is hailed by foodies as one of the best-kept secret restos located in Alabang. I was surprised that there’s a restaurant this good in the south area. It would have been more appropriately located in Makati or Bonifacio Global City.

Most people don’t know it probably because the name STUDIO KITCHEN gets lost in translation. The restaurant is the “Art Studio” of Chef Mark Tan, with the plates as his canvas and the dish as his artwork. In Manila, when you say “studio kitchen”, it can connote a place where they sell kitchenware.

Also, the resto is hidden on the second floor of the Commerce Building where fast food joints like Army Navy and Yellow Cab are located on the ground floor. You wouldn’t think that a gourmet, fine dining place would exist here.

But once you discover it, you’ll rave about its Modern American Cuisine and share this foodie secret with everyone you know.

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THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (Manila) is There, Inside Your Mind…

Phantom2(Official Photo by Phantom of the Opera)

I still can’t believe that PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, touted to be “the most successful musical of all time“, is being staged in Manila. I was addicted to its complete soundtrack during my college days, and I never imagined I would get to hear and watch it live with the traveling Phantom of the Opera cast. 🙂

It’s almost impossible not to be drawn into the love triangle story of Christine, Raoul and the Phantom because of familiar songs like:

  • Think of Me” by Christine and Raoul, 
  • The Mirror (Angel of Music)” by Christine, Raoul, and Phantom
  • The Phantom of the Opera” by Phantom and Christine
  • The Music of the Night” by Phantom, and 
  • All I Ask of You” by Raoul and Christine

I loved the smooth transitions from one grand scene to the next, especially when Christine was seduced by the Phantom to visit his secret hideout under the opera house, passing through an underground lake. It was mesmerizing to see the smoke, lights and candles slowly emerging to create the Phantom’s hiding place.

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WOODEN SPOON Filipino Cuisine by Sandy Daza


WOODEN SPOON is the Filipino restaurant of Chef Sandy Daza, the heir apparent of the legendary Nora Daza who created the Filipino Food Cookbook bible for newly married couples and for Filipinos living abroad. The resto is named after the signature wooden spoon he used in his cooking shows.

Thanks to Pinoy chefs like Sandy Daza, Filipino food in Manila is getting better. 🙂

We finally had the chance to try the restos in the Katipunan area. 🙂 Here’s our Wooden Spoon experience…

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Our Family Posts

One Awesome Adventure at a Time…

One thing I love about the Philippines is its abundance of adventure opportunities that await the most curious and adventurous in spirit. We have been exploring the country ever since we started our blog journey seven years ago, and we haven’t stopped. 🙂

I would like to share with you our 10 Awesome Experiences that we set out to conquer one adventure at a time this year.

1. Food Trip in Los Baños✓ DONE

We heard so much about its quaint restos, best carabao’s milk and the beautiful UP Campus there. Watch out for the food trip series in Los Baños!

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(Read first: Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 @Soderno – Successful First UTT in the South)

SodernoUTTUTT9: Soderno Overall Winner #1:


  87 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  74 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  52 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
   11 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    8 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.


UTT 9.0-18.jpg

Cocktails are a hit these days, and every resto seems to have its own version of the Mojito.

In our food markets where we don’t serve beer, Mocktail Republic’s alcohol-free cocktail innovation is a hit. We like the Apple Mojito with real apple bits and Mango Margarita, especially my boys. 🙂  They kept on going back to the Mocktail Republic booth. Thanks for the overflowing drinks!

Book them now as their schedule gets pretty tight these days!

Congratulations for winning the #1 Spot in the Soderno UTT series! 🙂

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