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Tonkatsuya is a hole-in-the-wall Tonkatsu place owned by Japanese Chef Hosoya. A Tonkatsu chef for 30 years in Japan, he settled here in Manila with his Filipina wife Bella. (See picture of the chef here: Heart 2 Heart | Tonkatsuya)

Many Japanese foodies recommend Tonkatsuya, hailing it as the most authentic Tonkatsu place in Manila. (Most of them don’t like the commercialized Tonkatsu restos around.) We celebrated Raphael’s 2nd birthday here with the family.

This post kicks off my Battle of the Best Tonkatsu in Manila series. 🙂

Battle for the BEST Tonkatsu in Manila:

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Tonkatsuya is operated like a mom-and-pop store. When we visited, the owner’s family and friends were playing cards and having fun.

Since the resto is located in the basement of the Palm Tower, finding it felt like a mini-adventure with a bit of a suspense-thriller feel (thanks to the not-so-well-lit neighborhood).

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The menu is simple and the prices are wallet-friendly; you can budget P300/person.

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Tonkatsu Set (P190). With Japanese Rice, Miso Soup, and Japanese Pickles.

The pork cutlet had thick slices, with more meat and less crumbs. It was cooked on the spot and came with generous servings of vegetables. The meat was a bit tough though.

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We loved the taste of the authentic tonkatsu sauce. Just take note that it has a strong flavor that takes some getting used to.

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We celebrated the 2nd birthday of our bunso Raphael last February. The toddler age is my personal favorite, when our little boy is most playful, cute and can do no wrong. 🙂

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Cheese Herikatsu Set (P245). With Japanese Rice, Miso Soup, and Japanese Pickles.

Herikatsu is the pork tenderloin version, and you can order it with sweet miso sauce or with cheese. I liked the Herikatsu better because it had the same thick slices but with softer meat.

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The boys loved it, especially the cheese.

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Yasai Vegetables (P150).

We ordered an additional vegetable dish, which was served with the Japanese sesame sauce.

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Kani Crab Salad (P180).

For an additional P30, you can have Kani (crab meat) placed on top.

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Mixed Fry Tonkatsu (P220).

We also liked the mixed seafood. Although it is relatively healthier, it is still fried…

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Katsu Curry Rice (P220).

If you like the sauce-laden type, order the curry variant.
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Essentially, all the katsu are cooked the same way, so you just have to choose the type of meat and the sauce that you want to put on top of your order.

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Overall, I like the taste and thick portions of Tonkatsuya’s tonkatsu, the sesame sauces, and its Japanese hole-in-the-wall feel. I just think that the Tonkatsu meat was a bit tough–go for the Herikatsu version instead.

LGF Palm Tower C, St. Paul Road, San Antonio Village, Makati City
Telephone: +632 895-1990
Mobile Number: +63 915-921-6754 
Facebook: Tonkatsuya

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Battle for the BEST Tonkatsu in Manila:

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the establishment or any organization marketing the restaurant.

P.S. Driving Directions: If you are coming from Pasong Tamo (Chino Roces), turn left at Estrella, and turn left again on St. Paul Road.

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TONKATSUYA Japanese Cuisine-20.jpgYou can’t miss the towering Palm Tower building on your right.