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SPIT Manila’s “Discombobulated Boracay” and Why I Love Their Improv Comedy

The Oracle
I became an instant fan of Improv Comedy after watching the opening night of the 1st Manila Improv Festival, which is a 4-day festival featuring:

  • SPIT (Silly People Improv Theater) Manila led by Gabe Mercado;
  • LA-based American veteran improvisers Shaun Landry and Tom Farnan;
  • International improv groups from Beijing, Hong Kong, Xiamen, and Taichung; and
  • Performing Arts Kolektib (PAK) from Cebu; and 
  • Kinengkoy Comedy Express from Bacolod.

For me, SPIT Manila’s improv set was the best, and my favorite was the improv story entitled “Discombobulated Boracay”. Here’s why I fell in love with SPIT Manila’s Improv Comedy…

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REPUBLIC WAKEPARK @ NUVALI First Look (from a Non-Wakeboarder Point of View)

Republic Wake PArk-41.jpg

Finally, Republ1c Wakepark @ Nuvali is now open! No need to go all the way to CamSur or Calatagan just to enjoy a world-class Wake Boarding experience. Nuvali in Sta. Rosa is just one hour away from Manila, and you can even go to Tagaytay to eat after. 🙂

We enjoyed the Wakeboard park in Camsur (even if we are not wakeboarders) because of its yummy food and water park facilities for the kids, so we wanted to know how this one would compare.

Here is a first look at REPUBL1C WAKEPARK from a non-wakeboarder’s POV…

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Announcing: MERCATO NORTH! The Mercato Experience Comes to UP Techno Hub in Quezon City!

7/16/2012: The launch date has been moved to July 26.
ReadMEZZA NORTE: The Mercato Centrale Experience Comes to Quezon City (Starting July 26)!

Quezon City-20120615-00058.jpg
On this site, will rise Mercato in the North this July!

Are you looking for a hangout in the heart of Quezon City that will satisfy your foodie cravings?  

Are you looking for a place where you can eat with your friends and officemates after school or work?

Are you looking for a place where you can take your barkada and family for weekend food trips?

Then join us at Mercato North at UP-Ayala Technohub, the newest haven for foodies in Quezon City!

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ROCK OF AGES Manila: 8 Reasons Why You Should Watch the Live Musical First!

ROCK OF AGES castIsn’t it great that Manila gets to see Rock of Ages two ways–on stage and in the cinema–at the same time? The Broadway musical (Manila production), led by Mig Ayesa, opens just as the Rock of Ages Movie, led by Tom Cruise, starts its run.

I was given the chance to watch the musical’s preview night–and it was an awesome show! It had the longest dancing standing ovation I’ve seen for a preview night in Manila. The casting was solid and all the characters lived up to (and some even exceeded) our expectations.

It was great to see the debut of MiG Ayesa as Stacee Jaxx, the same role he performed in the touring Rock of Ages show in the US, and Vina Morales in her first theater role.

This is the perfect musical for the ’80s generation.

Here are 8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Rock of Ages’ Live Musical Production in Manila first:

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FAVOR: Can you Vote for Our Awesome Planet in the 2012 Tatt Awards?

THE ONE. Nothing says “best blogger” like the recipient of this award. One of the most respected, the best of the best—and simply, the awesomest of them all.

It is an honor to be one of the finalists for “The One” and “The Explorer” in the 2012 [email protected] Awards, one of the most prestigious Social Media Awards in the Philippines!

Thank you to OAP friends for nominating Our Awesome Planet! 

Favor: Can you please visit the [email protected] Awards 2012 site to Vote for Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet in “The One” Category.

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Awesome Journeys (Infographics)

TAGAYTAY: Your Awesome Journey to Tagaytay Food Trip (Infographic)

Our Awesome Planet in partnership with Caltex Philippines presents Awesome Journeys Infographics:


(Download: Your Awesome Journey to Tagaytay Food Trip PDF File for Printing )

Awesome Journey Infographics Series:

TAGAYTAY 101: Escape to Tagaytay
written by Anton Diaz for the Awesome Life Planner 2012

Tagaytay is the closest haven for Manileños looking for cool weather, refreshing scenery and great food. Its charm lies primarily in the awesome view of Taal Volcano, which is described as “A Lake within a Volcano within a Lake within an Island” by the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die.

There are many ways to go around experiencing Tagaytay. Some people, who are first-timers to the area, limit their trip to the commercialized establishments along the ridge. For others, they just think of Tagaytay as a mid-point stopover en route to the beautiful beaches of Batangas. Then, there are those who succumb to the urge to cross the lake and hike all the way to Taal Volcano’s crater.

The best way to discover Tagaytay is by exploring its garden restaurants, boutique hotels, and other interesting spots with your family and friends. For sure, it will be a trip to remember.

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YABU: The House of Katsu Hype?

YABU - The House of Katsu-17.jpg

Initially, there was the Ramen craze. And then came the Katsu craze, which was revived first by Crazy Katsu in Maginhawa Street, followed by different Tonkatsu stalls popping up like mushrooms in the weekend markets.

But it was only with YABU: The House of Katsu that Manila was introduced to the high-end Katsu, and foodies started debating on what’s the best Katsu experience.

Is it all just hype to justify the premium price or does Yabu really deserve all the foodie raves?

Here is our Yabu experience…

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Battle for the BEST Tonkatsu in Manila:

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TONKATSUYA by 30-year Japanese Tonkatsu Chef Hosoya

TONKATSUYA Japanese Cuisine-6.jpg

Tonkatsuya is a hole-in-the-wall Tonkatsu place owned by Japanese Chef Hosoya. A Tonkatsu chef for 30 years in Japan, he settled here in Manila with his Filipina wife Bella. (See picture of the chef here: Heart 2 Heart | Tonkatsuya)

Many Japanese foodies recommend Tonkatsuya, hailing it as the most authentic Tonkatsu place in Manila. (Most of them don’t like the commercialized Tonkatsu restos around.) We celebrated Raphael’s 2nd birthday here with the family.

This post kicks off my Battle of the Best Tonkatsu in Manila series. 🙂

Battle for the BEST Tonkatsu in Manila:

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Chef Fernando’s ARACAMA Filipino Cuisine

Aracama Filipino Cuisine-24.jpg

It’s an exciting time to be in Manila — our economy is growing, Filipinos are being recognized as world-class talents and Filipino cuisine is coming into the limelight.

I’m happy that the top Filipino chefs in the country are opening Filipino restaurants (instead of serving continental cuisine) that we can be proud of. Hopefully, we can soon export the authentic Filipino Food experience in every corner of the world.

Here’s what we think of Chef Fernando’s ARACAMA Filipino Cuisine…

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Awesome Journeys (Infographics)

PAMPANGA: Your Awesome Journey to Pampanga Food Trip (Infographic)

Our Awesome Planet in partnership with Caltex Philippines presents Awesome Journeys Infographics:

Road to Pampanga Food Trip
(Download: Your Awesome Journey to Pampanga Food Trip PDF File for Printing)

Awesome Journey Infographics Series:

Pampanga 101: A Taste of Kapampangan Food Culture
written by Anton Diaz for the Awesome Life Planner 2012 

Pampanga is regarded as the culinary center of the Philippines. It is a haven for foodies, where good food is a minimum requirement and where great cooks are born. Most of the best places to eat around the country can trace back their roots to Pampanga.

This province ignited my passion for food. Sometimes, I wish I grew up in a Kapampangan household because of its yummy food and culinary traditions. When exploring the province, I recommend seeking out its home-based traditional cuisine and going where the locals love to hang out.

Here is a first-timer’s foodie guide to experiencing the best food in Pampanga:

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