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Ultimate Taste Test

Global Gastronomy: The Ultimate Taste Test Challenge

UTT poster

Announcing the first Ultimate Taste Test for 2012 and 8th in the UTT series…

Our Awesome Planet, in cooperation with a KPO company, presents Ultimate Taste Test on May 24, 2012 (Thursday) at the NBC Tent from 7.00pm to 11.00pm.

About Global Gastronomy

Global Gastronomy: The Ultimate Taste Test is a gathering of different food and drink concessionaires who give a free taste of their goodies that are already in the markethave just been launched or will soon be launched. The atmosphere is festive and everybody will have a good time giving in to all kinds of gustatory delights. Foodies get to rate the food sampled on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

The top participants who get the highest ratings get to be featured in the food blog site, Our Awesome Planet, which will boost their popularity and sales even more.

Tickets to this event is exclusively distributed by the KPO Company.


What Food Suppliers Can Expect in the Global Gastronomy Event

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Awesome Journeys (Infographics), Bicol

BICOL: Awesome Journey to Bicolandia (Infographic)

Our Awesome Planet in partnership with Caltex presents Awesome Journey to Bicol Infographics:Your Awesome Journey to Bicol
(Download: Awesome Journey to Bicol PDF File for Printing)

Awesome Journey Infographics Series:

written by Anton Diaz for the Awesome Life Planner 2012 

Unique cuisine, fun adventure destinations and the ever-majestic Mayon Volcano await you in Bicol. The best time to go would be during the summer months when you can also travel all the way to Donsol to swim with the whale sharks. To get to Naga or Legazpi City, you can take a 12-hour road trip or a one-hour plane ride from Manila. 

8 Compelling Reasons to Visit Bicol

1. Climb Mayon Volcano!

When we were kids, we often drew volcanoes as perfect triangles with perfect cones. Beholding Mayon Volcano, as it towers over the Bicol region, is like seeing those childhood drawings come to life. You can hike the lava trail or go up to the halfway point of Mayon. The best viewpoints are in Daraga Church and the zipline in Lingon Hill.

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Sumilon, Oslob: Do-It-Yourself Travel Guide (Part 2)

Read First: Sumilon, Oslob: Do-It-Yourself Travel Guide (Read this First!)

4. Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort

Bluewater Sumilon-3.jpg

It is recommended to visit Bluewater Sumilon Island either on a day trip or overnight to fully experience what southeast of Cebu has to offer. 

Bluewater Sumilon Daytrip package (P1,500-weekday, P2,000-weekend per head) includes lunch, boat transfers, use of swimming facilities and island activities like kayaking, trekking and snorkeling. 

Here are tips and recommendations if you decide to experience the island…

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Sumilon, Oslob: Do-It-Yourself Travel Guide (Read this First!)

Oslob Whale Watching-29.jpg

I would like to share with you my travel notes on our trips to Sumilon Island in Oslob, Cebu.

Read this first specially for those travelers who are organizing their own itinerary. This guide includes tips, recommendations, cost information, and schedules that you would need to create your own awesome experience.

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Events, Manila Life

Manila Music Festival 2012 on May 1!

by Peter de Jesus, marketing consultant for Manila Music Festival.

Manila Music Festival 2012
Date: May 1, 2012
Venue: Aseana Ave. Alphaland Bay City Grounds in Paranaque City

Manila Music Festival is an event organized by Volume Unit Entertainment, the same group that made the highly successful Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. The two day celebration that was held last February 18-19, 2011.

The Philippine music scene is unique. With the energy, excitement, and passion that the artists brings on and off the stage just sets the house jumping over the ground. Filipino bands, performers, DJ’s, songwriters and dancers alike give their mind and soul whenever they perform, making them one of the greatest performers of the world.

Regardless of the massive number of talents, the number of musical events in the Philippines are very low. Yes, there are somewhat a number of annual music festivals like Pulp Summer Slam and the San Miguel Oktoberfest, which might I say remarkable, but with the talents that our local artists have there is basically no excuse not to come up with a bigger astounding that will leave the world so dumbstruck they won’t even know what hit them.
Now VUE is back for another round of fun and excitement through the art of music. Showcasing some of the greatest musicians both international and local.

So girls and boys Mark your calendars on May 1, 2012. In cooperation with Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Ticketworld, Department of Tourism, and Universal Zulu Nation. About 5,000 people will take part and experience yet another historic event in our country’s music scene. DJ’s, Bands, and solo performers around the world will be participating and witness one of the most booming and prosperous event this year. The Manila Music Festival is bound to be an outbreak of melodies, symphonies, notes, beats and lyrics from all music genres.

Volume Unit Entertainment has two main roles: First is change-making, which they already did and currently doing. Second is to put on an awesome show that will exceed beyond expectations and will defy all limits of imagination.

List of performers:

Afrika Bambaataa
Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Shinichi Osawa
June Marieezy
Similar Objects
Kristian Hernandez
Liquid A
Angelo Mendez
and many more (to be announce)

Ticket Price: P1,545.00

Tickets are now available at all Ticketworld outlets.
Call 891-9999 or visit for more details about the show


Author Bio: Peter de Jesus is a marketing consultant for Manila Music Festival and White Knight Hotel in Intramuros, a budget hotel in the Philippines.



Mercato Centrale’s FOOD Backyard BBQ Cook-Off Challenge!

Mercato Centrale's FOOD Backyard BBQ Cook-off

Do you have a secret barbecue recipe that is just waiting to be discovered?

Are you an aspiring amateur griller looking for a big break in the food industry?

Have you tasted one of the best barbecue recipes in Manila and wanted to share it with us?

Join us for the first ever Mercato Centrale’s FOOD Backyard BBQ Cook-Off Challenge!

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DISTRITO Market in Makati is Back!

Distrito at Makati Opening!-61.jpg

Announcing…. Distrito Night Food Market in Makati is back for a 2-month run starting June 1, 2012 Friday until July 27, 2012, Friday. 

I’m personally excited about the return of Distrito Market because we got a lot of requests from foodies and petitions from vendors to bring back this market in Makati after its successful run last December.

We are happy to be back to provide late night food and entertainment to the premier city of Makati!

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#Philippines, #Travel, Baguio

BAGUIO: Awesome Baguio Experience Series

Here’s the summary of the Awesome Baguio Experience 10-part Blog Series…

1. Baguio’s Panagbenga

Panagbenga Grand Parade-33.jpg

PANAGBENGA is a local Kankana-ey term in Cordillera, which means “a season for blossoming; a time for blooming“, coined by Ike Picpican, curator of the Saint Louis University Museum in 1997.

It is a month-long celebration in February/March during the business-lean months to attract tourists to the City of Baguio after the holidays and before the peak Summer Season.

It culminates with a Grand Flower Float Parade, held usually on the last Sunday of February.

The Flower festival symbolizes the rise of Baguio from the city’s devastating earthquake disaster on July 16, 1990.

To kick off the BEST of Baguio series, here’s my first-timer’s take on the Panagbenga experience…

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Awesome Baguio Series Part 2:

BAGUIO: Your Awesome Journey to Baguio Food Trip (Infographic)

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