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When I was in Moalboal, I heard stories about an island off the South Eastern Coast of Cebu.

I was told it is a romantic, back-to-nature island escape, and that it has a lush forest, white sand beaches and good food.

It is called SUMILON Island

(It takes its name from being a storm shelter for fishermen, where they can take cover – sumilong – from strong typhoons.)

Since then, I’ve always wanted to experience it with Rache; and that dream came true last January, together with awesome company.

Here is a glimpse of our memorable Sumilon Island experience…

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Sumilon is located 3 hours away from Cebu, in the town of Oslob. (Read: History of Sumilon)

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The banca named Izara picks you up at the Puerto Sumilon port. (Boat Transfers Schedule)

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A comfortable 15-minute boat ride takes you to the island.

Welcome to SUMILON Island

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The island has 14 deluxe rooms, 2 glamping tents, and future plans of luxurious villas.

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The rooms are spacious with 2 queen beds, TV with DVD, and a simple study table.

(Check out In-Room Dining Menu)

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The restroom is also roomy, clean, and has reliable hot/cold showers.

Although the rooms have this old-school feel, they are well-maintained.

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A duyan is located outside each room, where you can hang around al fresco with a great sea view.

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An outdoor massage area is available for ultimate pampering. (Amuma Spa Rates and Schedule)

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An inviting infinity pool overlooking Oslob welcomes you to jump in. (Pool Guidelines)

(Tip: It’s not heated, unfortunately, and it can get cold at night.)

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 1-79.jpgThin-crust, oven-baked pizza — a wonderful treat on the island.
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Sometimes, when you are on an island, eating really good pizza becomes a simple luxury.


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Sumilon Island Hiking Map

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A big part of the island is undeveloped. You can have a nice 40-minute hike around the lush forest and cliff-side elevated views of the island.

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As you hike, you get to appreciate a bird’s eye view of the natural lagoon and the white beach.

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Some of the white beach areas of the island are still untouched and undeveloped.

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It is a haven for birdwatchers. (Photo by Benji Reyes)

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When you arrive at the highest point, you’ll see the historic watchtower ruins (Punta Baluarte Spanish lighthouse) and this modern lighthouse you can climb to get a 360o-view of the island.

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On the other side of the island, you’ll see the first Marine Sanctuary in the Philippines.

Diving in Sumilon (Photos by Aman)-4.jpg
You can go underwater for a closer look. (Photo by Aman) (Aquamania Diving Rates)

Diving in Sumilon (Photos by Aman)-8.jpg
The corals are rehabilitated and are now teeming with life. (Photo by Aman)

Diving in Sumilon (Photos by Aman)-10.jpg
Finding Nemo is actually not that hard… (Photo by Aman)

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My favorite part of the island is the shifting White Sand Bar Beach where you can swim, snorkel, sunbathe or have a picnic with your special someone.

Sand Bar in Sumilon (Photos by Aman)-2.jpg
It’s also a place where you can be inspired and get creative… (Photo by Aman)


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As the sun sets, Sumilon transforms into a dramatic and romantic place…

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At night, you can witness how the fishermen catch krill to feed the butanding the next day.

(See: Butanding Watching, Is it Really More FUN in Oslob?)

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The island ambiance is conducive to sharing secrets and forging relationships. (Alcoholic drinks are not required…)

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The white sand beach turns into a bonfire dinner setting…

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 1 (Photo by Benji)-8.jpg
What happens in Sumilon stays in Sumilon, with only the bonfire as your witness. 🙂 (Photo by Benji)

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 2-40.jpg
One of my favorite feasts is the Clambake and Barbecue Dinner Buffet by the beach…

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 1-130.jpg
with grilled fresh squid, fish, and seafood skewers,…

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 1-126.jpgwith fresh scallops from Bohol,…

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 2-50.jpg
with occasional servings of lobsters, and…

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 1-138.jpg
charcoal-grilled steaks!

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 1-102.jpg
For dessert, fresh fruits (pineapple, watermelon and buko) are served…

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 2-54.jpg
alongside innovative desserts like Uum Ali Pudding, Peanut Butter Buchi, among others. 🙂

BLUEWATER Sumilon Day 1-143.jpg
The man behind all these yummy food is Chef Eugene, who was part of the original Lolo Dad’s Chef Team. 🙂

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Sumilon Island lives up to its legend of unspoiled nature experience, awesome dining memories, relaxing spa and no-worries Cebuano hospitality.

Plus, Wireless Internet is available in the main dining pavilion. 🙂

It would be nice if the rooms were upgraded with bathtubs, and the cliff-side villas were added with their own private infinity pool. But even without those, Sumilon already has a lot to offer.

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Sumilon Island, Bancogon, Oslob, Cebu Philippines 6025
Telephone: +6332 481-0801, 516-7236
Mobile: +63917 631-7514, +63 917 631-7512
Email: [email protected]

Manila Sales Office:
Rm. 704 Cityland Herrera Tower Rufino cor. Valero Sts. Salcedo Village,  Makati City
Telephone: +632 817-5751 / 887-1348

Full-Board Accommodation Package starts at P15,000 net per night.
Day Trip Packages are also available (especially when you visit Butanding Watching in Oslob).

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Full Disclosure: This is a personal trip hosted by Julie and Vic, Managing Partners of Bluewater Resorts, to showcase Cebu to their Manila-based friends.

P.S. Tip: From Manila, fly to Cebu and go on a 3-hour drive to Oslob. Afterwards, I recommend that you go via Dumaguete back to Manila. Don’t forget to buy one of the BEST Sansrivals in Dumaguete as pasalubong.

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