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I’ve been looking for a rooftop restaurant for quite some time now, and the closest I found in Manila before were the top-floor restaurants in Vivere, Alabang and Diamond Hotel along Roxas Blvd.

It was only recently that I got wind of this rooftop restaurant in Intramuros, with a great view of Manila’s City Hall and the Intramuros Golf Course. But just imagining the traffic from Bonifacio Global City to Intramuros almost deterred me from considering it.

Nevertheless, I thought it would be the perfect setting to surprise Rache for our dinner to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary, and so we went…

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The Bayleaf Hotel lobby greets guests with its minimalist design and repeating patterns of the Bayleaf icon.

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You have to take the elevator to go all the way up to the 9th floor, where the penthouse restaurant, 9 Spoons, is located.

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9 Spoons is a casual-elegant restaurant managed by the Lyceum Culinary School with a mix of interns and recently-graduated, full-time employees.

We lowered our expectations because, sometimes, eating in a culinary school-run restaurant can be a bit risky due to the inconsistency of the food and service.

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On a clear day, most people prefer to eat on the Sky Deck (you have to go to the rooftop to get there).

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Champagne, Sparkling Wine, White Wine | Spirits | Red Wine | Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The rooftop has an alfresco bar, but it essentially serves the same food as 9 Spoons.

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Appetizers, Salads | Main Course | Rice, Pasta, Pizza | Sandwiches, Desserts

We love these comfortable couch chairs that overlook the golf course and Manila City Hall. These are the best tables and the best side of the Sky Deck.

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The complimentary bread basket was served hot, with soft rolls that were just enough to prepare our stomach.

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Fresh Soup of the Day (P180 +10% service charge). Cream of Vegetables.

The cool breeze on the rooftop was quite pleasant and conducive to having soup. We do hope they offer noodle soup and ramen options in the menu in the future.

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Eating while sitting on the couch proved to be a bit of a challenge. The table is really low — ideal for pica pica but not for a sit-down dinner. But we didn’t mind; we just held the plates close to us as we ate.

Bayleaf's 9 Spoons, Sky Deck, and Cioccolata-20.jpg
★ Kanji Beef Salad (P380 +10% service charge). Charred Beef, Asian Vegetables, Herbs.

The salad was delicious! The roasted sesame Japanese-like dressing brought out the flavors of the 4 slices of beef and complemented the greens. It was like having steak on a bed of salad.

The food and drinks are priced like in any hotel, a bit expensive but with good quality.

Bayleaf's 9 Spoons, Sky Deck, and Cioccolata-24.jpg
★ Fried Hainanese Chicken Rice (P360 +10% service charge). Cilantro, Cucumber Noodles, Ginger Sauce. Served with Hainanese Rice.

9 Spoons serves International cuisine as well as Filipino dishes. We ordered the Fried Hainanese Chicken Rice best seller, and it met our expectations.

The boneless meat was juicy and served on a hot plate. It did taste a bit more roasted than fried, though, and the ginger and soy sauce were already mixed in with the chicken (instead of having the sauces on the side), but we still enjoyed it.

Bayleaf's 9 Spoons, Sky Deck, and Cioccolata-30.jpg
★ Callos Manileno (P430 +10% service charge). Roasted Bell Peppers, Olives, Morcilla. Served with White Rice.

We also tried the best seller in the Filipino ala carte menu. Their version of callos has big chunks of sausages, and meat with roasted peppers, olives and morcilla.

The tomato-based soup was rich and thick, perfect with the plain white rice. The serving size is good for 2-3 people.

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Coffee, Iced Cofee, Frappuccino, Smoothies & Slush, Fine Tea, Churros Menu | Sandwiches, Treats

The 9 Spoons Desserts seemed a bit boring and overpriced (P200-P300 range), so we decided to end our date in Cioccolata, the Churros Cafe on the ground floor of The Bayleaf.

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The churros are cooked upon order. How I wish they would make the churros a little bigger and thicker!

Bayleaf's 9 Spoons, Sky Deck, and Cioccolata-52.jpg
★ Original Churros with Hot Spanish Chocolate (P75) and Hot Americano Coffee (P90).

We loved dipping the churros in the sweet, hot Spanish Chocolate with its hints of cinnamon. It was just the perfect way to end our Bayleaf food trip.

Just note that 9 Spoons is open until 12 midnight, while Cioccolata is only open until 10pm. I suggest you have dinner around 7pm so that you don’t miss a satisfying churros ending.

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To the Laurel family and Lyceum, thank you for giving us another reason to rekindle our love for Intramuros. The roofdeck view of Manila is simply awesome!

The Bayleaf Intramuros
Muralla corner Victoria Streets, Intramuros, 1002 Manila, Philippines
Main Trunkline: +632 318-5000 (ETPI), +632 525-6642, 525-5679 and 526-1477 (PLDT)
Room Reservations Direct Line: +63 2 5226484 (office hours)
Facebook:  The Bayleaf Intramuros

Driving Directions: The hotel is located at the main entrance of Intramuros, opposite the City Hall/Lawton area. If you are coming from Makati, I suggest you go via Intramuros and enter at the back via Manila Cathedral.

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the owners or any organization promoting The Bayleaf.

P.S. One of these days, we plan to stay overnight in Bayleaf with the boys and spend the entire weekend exploring Intramuros. Any suggestion on an Intramuros weekend itinerary? Are there night markets or interesting places for kids in Intramuros?