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8 Effective Ways to Market Food Online (and Make Money)

Distrito at Makati Opening!-47.jpg

I was convinced by Eireen to share my learnings on how to effectively market food online to increase your sales specially this coming Holiday Season. 

I’ve learned a lot from food blogging for close to 7 years, delivering home-based gourmet food via Foodie Delivery and launching successful food markets — Mercato Centrale @ BGC, Midnight Mercato, Soderno @ Molito and recently Distrito at Makati. 

I need your help with my 1-hour presentation for this workshop.

Can you let me know what would you like to know with regards to marketing food online with focused on the Philippines market?  

Your answers would help me focus my presentation and distill my learnings and insights.

Here are the details of the workshop:

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Amoroso Rolls…the Secret to Authentic Philly Cheese Steak?

Read FirstThe Cheese Steak Shop: Authentic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Anyone?

Amoroso Rolls-9.jpg
The Cheese Steak Shop’s The King of Philly!

Ever since my first visit to The Cheese Steak Shop in Manila (where I was disappointed with the quality of their bread), I’ve always wondered how an Amoroso Roll would taste like. Some say most shops in Philly use Amoroso Rolls to serve that authentic Philly Cheese Steak experience.

In my recent trip to the Bay Area, I decided to find The Cheese Steak Shop to try out the Amoroso…

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DISTRITO at Makati… Finally!

Read First: OAP | Announcing…DISTRITO Makati!

Distrito at Makati-5.jpg
On this site will rise DISTRITO — a weekday late night market that will be open every Wednesday to Friday from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. where you can enjoy a uniquely Makati experience!

This will be a roving and food truck market in the heart of Makati — the premier city in Metro Manila.

We are launching Distrito at Makati tonight with a ceremonial ribbon cutting  at 7 p.m. Then, it opens to everyone from 9 p.m. – 3 a.m. on a Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving Day)!

Let me tour you around Distrito…

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P.F. Chang’s in Manila?

1/19/2012To P.F. Chang’s or Not to P.F. Chang’s in Manila?

P.F. Chang's in Manila?-2.jpg

In my recent trip to the U.S., I found out that when people crave Chinese food they either go to a quick serve Panda Express or to one of the most popular American Chinese restaurant chains there — P.F. Chang’s China Bistro.

P.F. Chang’s, with its modern Asian ambiance, is like the Friday’s of Chinese restos, accented with huge Chinese decor and artifact replicas.

I saw the restaurant’s logo in one of the boarded-up construction sites in BGC. Are they finally opening a P.F. Chang’s branch in Manila? I asked a few people in the foodie community and got confirmation about its opening.

Here is our P.F. Chang’s experience in California…

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My Chipotle Experience

My Chipotle Experience-23.jpg

Chipotle is named after the Mexican seasoning made from smoked Red Jalapeno peppers. I’ve always wondered why foodies keep raving about Chipotle and why it inspired Ristras, Chihuahua and Faburrito here in Manila.

It’s been said that it changed the way people look at a burrito — “It’s not just a burrito. It’s a foil-wrapped, hand-crafted, local farm supporting, food culture changing cylinder of deliciousness.” –

I made sure to try it when we were in Santana Row in San Jose. Here is my Chipotle experience…

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Our First Soderno @ Molito Weekend!

Please join us as we celebrate the opening of Soderno @ Molito, the newest weekend lifestyle market in the south!  Almost one year after we opened Mercato Centrale @ BGC last November 21, 2010, we are ready to launch its sister market in the south.

Soderno is a haven for emerging talents in fashion and the arts, and for new and unique food finds! 

The market includes:

  • FASHION. Innovative fashion finds and accessories in partnership with our awesome partners:

  • ARTS AND CRAFTS. Unique arts and crafts from up-and-coming artists.
  • FOOD. Great-tasting gourmet dishes, delicacies and pastries from home chefs and bakers.
  • ORGANIC & NATURAL PRODUCE. Freshly harvested organic, natural fruits and vegetables and a selection of free-range meats, seafood and dairy products.

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Here is the schedule for the Soderno Opening Weekend @ Molito:

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El Kapitan’s Spiced Chai, Party Fuel’s Mojito Mocktail and Arizona Iced Tea

Here are the Rockwell UTT Winners for the Beverage Category:

Rockwell UTT Drinks Winner #1:

165 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  77 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  46 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  13 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
   4 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

El Kapitan is a consistent winner in the Ultimate Taste Test series. They introduced their coffee drinks in UTT 2.0 with a rating of 3.7 (see: OAP | El Kapitan Food Enterprises) and their Tea Tarik in UTT 3.0 with a rating of 3.6 (see: OAP | Instant Teh Tarik that I Love).

In Rockwell UTT, they served a very addicting Spiced Chai, which was highly rated by the foodies who tasted it. It is a great combination, and we’ve replaced our coffee consumption at home with spiced chai already — even my mom loved it. 🙂

Their Spiced Chai and other concoctions were a hit, garnering a rating of 4.25 in the Rockwell UTT. Congratulations, Raymond!

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Goldilocks Secrets Revealed!

I’ve always believed that one’s lasting legacy is the greatest gift one can ever give to family, friends, and community of fans.

I admire how Milagros Leelin-Yee and Clarita Leelin-Go, the founders of Goldilocks, decided to reveal their closely guarded secret recipes on what made Goldilocks the most-loved pasalubong, pang-regalo and pambaon brand in the Philippines.

When the passion to pass on one’s legacy to the next generation triumphs over the fear of what happens when one’s best-kept secrets are shared with everyone, the brand transcends its iconic status and integrates itself in the culture of what it means to be a Filipino.

The company’s loving heritage is embodied in the Goldilocks Bakebook, which reveals not only their recipes but their entrepreneurial secrets as well on what made the company endure and thrive for 45+ years.

Almost every Filipino in our current generation grew up with Goldilocks. It is now time for the next generation to experience it in every Filipino home all around the world.

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