A Casa Roces Birthday

On my birthday, we decided to go to Malacañang…

Well, we went to the restaurant in front of Malacañang Palace, to be exact. 🙂

The Casa Roces Restaurant is called Kape Chino by their official food concessionaire, Cravings, which also runs the C2 Classic Cuisine restaurants.

Casa Roces is a marketing concept, and the details of why it was called Casa Roces can be found in this original article in the Inquirer: “Roces clan opens ancestral home for dining“, but that was corrected later on in this subsequent article: “Casa Roces should have been ‘Casa Filomena’” in the same newspaper.

Besides a wide array of dishes, expect a visual feast in Casa Roces, where every nook and cranny is interesting. You can move from the sala, to the patio and then tour the second floor of the house before or after dining.

(Read more about the interiors of the house at Daphne’s Casa Roces post in her blog.)

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