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H Cuisine’s Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly

H Cuisine is a homey, casual restaurant by Chef Hannah Herrera-Bagatsing. It is best known for its signature dish called “Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly”. The resto is located along Scout Rallos, near the Tomas Morato area, found among the cute little establishments in between Tomassi and the Rub restaurants.

We celebrated Momsy’s birthday in this happy place in Quezon City. 🙂

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Awesome Festivals

2012 Awesome Calendar of the Philippines (updated with Proclamation 295)

Our Definitive Guide to Philippine Holidays, Philippine Festivals, Philippine Fiestas, Liturgical Events, and Awesome Events! 

Copyright 2011. Our Awesome Planet

Best Time to Climb Mt. Pinatubo!

1 NEW YEAR’S DAY | Sunday (Every 1st of January) | PhilippinesRegular Holiday. Solemnity of Mary Mother of God  HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION

9 FEAST OF THE BLACK NAZARENE | Sunday | Quiapo, Manila
An intense, day-long festival highlighted by a mammoth procession through the streets.

14 PASUNGAY FESTIVAL 2012 | 3rd Saturday | San Joaquin, Iloilo
One of the thrilling bull fighting festival as a culminating event of the Bayluhay Festival which celebrates the arrival of the 10 Datus from Borneo in the 13th century. 

15 ATI-ATIHAN 2012 | 3rd Sunday |Kalibo, Aklan
Commemorates the 13th century land deal between 10 migrating Bornean chieftains and the aboriginal Ati King Marikudo. It also honors the town patron, the infant Sto. Nino.

15 SINULOG 2012 | 3rd Sunday | Cebu City
Cebu’s biggest and most popular festival in honor of the Holy Image of Senyor Sto. Niño

22 DINAGYANG FESTIVAL 2012 | 4th Sunday | Iloilo City
Street dancing characterized by frenetic stomping of feet and hypnotic drumbeating. It is a colorful whirl of thousands of people dressed in unique costumes dancing & chanting all day and night.

23 CHINESE NEW YEAR – THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON | Monday | Binondo, Manila
The Chinese community celebrates the Chinese New Year with pomp & color through a dragon dance.

March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation

31 FEAST DAY OF ST. JOHN BOSCO |  Tuesday (Every 31st of Jan) 
Celebration of the feast day of the Father and Teacher of Youth who founded the Salesian Society. 


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#Restaurants, Food

Bulgogi Brothers now in Manila!

The first international franchise of Bulgogi Brothers (with 29 branches in South Korea) finally opened in Manila! 🙂  

At first, I thought it was just one of those franchises capitalizing on the booming expansion of International Chains here in the metro. I’m usually not a fan of restaurants based in a mall, but the foodies were abuzz with excitement over the opening of Bulgogi Brothers, so I had to see it for myself.

I was happy that our family decided to try it because it was different. I liked the awesome free appetizers they offered, the unique food combinations with their Korean liquor, and the family-friendly nature of the restaurant. I also loved their focus on service (which a lot of other restaurants in Manila need to improve on).

It was during our visit that I learned how to truly appreciate Bulgogi, particularly through the different ways it was prepared and served, plus how it was paired it with various liquors.  

Here are some foodie notes on what to expect at Bulgogi Brothers…

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Awesome Filipinos

Michael Cacnio – LEGO INSPIRED (Part 1)

Ever since Benji introduced me to the awesome art works of Filipino Artists like Michael Cacnio, I’m starting to fall in love with Filipino art. Here is Michael’s latest exhibit in collaboration with LEGO. 

Don’t miss to see this exhibit!

Most of them are sold already and this is the last time you’ll see all these art pieces in one location. 

For those OAP readers who are not based in Manila, enjoy Michael Cacnio’s LEGO-inspired exhibit:

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I love watching Broadway musicals because they are usually very innovative and offer a different perspective to life.

IN THE HEIGHTS tells the story of a vibrant community in New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood – a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open and the breeze carries the rhythmof three generations of music. It’s a community on the brink of change, full of hopes, dreams and pressures, where the biggest struggles can be deciding which traditions you take with you, and which ones you leave behind. (Source:

In The Heights got mixed reviews from theater lovers. As for me, here’s my take on it:

What I like about IN THE HEIGHTS:

1. New Theater Actors to Watch Out For

It is exciting to watch plays in Manila these days because new talented actors are appearing onstage with every new production.

In In The Heights, K-La made her debut as the lead female role, Nina . I was surprised by her powerful voice; it was quite enjoyable to listen to her sing. This new MYX VJ has a bright future in theater, and we will be there to watch her success on stage.

This was also Jackie Lou Blanco’s first full-length English musical. I think she was perfect for the role of Camila,  Nina’s mom. I personally liked her solo “Enough”, which I think most young families can relate to. 🙂

We also enjoyed Bibo Reyes’ funny, hip hop-dancing character, Sonny. In The Heights is also Bibo’s first foray into professional theater. He is a product of the country’s premier college musical theater — Ateneo Blue Repertory.

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#Restaurants, Food

Nomama (2x) But You

A lot of foodies have been waiting for Chef Him Uy de Baron to open his own restaurant.

After gaining a following from his successful catering gigs, he finally decided to open Nomama — a Japanese restaurant with a twist, focusing on artisanal ramen with ingredients made from scratch.

Nomama in Japanese means “That’s it”, but this resto got its name from a play on words that it’s “not your mama’s ramen”.

Locavores would be happy to know that he supports the slow food movement and only uses the freshest local and organic produce in Manila whenever possible. He is committed to the same advocacy as Chef Sandralyn Hataway of Tourné, Chef Tatung, and Chef Sau del Rosario of Le Bistro Vert.

The BEST RAMEN in Manila Series 2013:

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Guactruck: The First Food Truck in Manila!

Guactruck is the first LA-inspired food truck in Manila.

This is the next evolution of the original food trucks of Burger Machine and the jollijeeps in Makati. The key difference is that the Guactruck is mobile. Plus, it is themed and serves good food.

Guactruck (which stands for Guacamole Truck) offers open burrito bowls, which are like Mexican-inspired rice toppings. The truck does not have any kitchen but it does have a serving counter, a sofa and window-type airconditioning.

Finally, the food truck craze has arrived in the Philippines!

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#Philippines, Food, Ultimate Taste Test

My Cheers Moments @ Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test

 Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-131.jpg  

This was a very special Ultimate Taste Test (UTT) for us.

For background info, please read these first:
OAP | The Ultimate Food Trip happens in Rockwell on September 3
OAP | The Foodies’ Guide to Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test

We loved collaborating with Rockwell for the 6th staging of this taste test series (in just 3 years!). We had a total of 1,000+ foodies, 53 food vendors and Manila’s top food bloggers who supported this event.

This was the first time that we held it in Rockwell and the first time we had a 9-hour UTT.

Here are my Cheers Moments in photos of the ultimate gastronomic taste event in Manila…

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Silya’t Sili – A Balikbayan Treat

Silya't Sili-28.jpg
Jeffrey Salon’s “Hiling” Oil on Canvas 66.5 in x 71.0 in 2011.

Have you ever had the problem of figuring out which resto to bring your balikbayan family/friend who has been out of the country for years?

You know they are craving their favorite Filipino food. You have to make sure that their favorite food is available in the restaurant you choose. But, at the same time, you want it to be in a new place that they have never been to before (Gerry’s and Dencio’s are the usual haunts) where they serve good food, have an impressive ambiance, and offer good value for money.

Recently, we met up with our balikbayan friend Melissa, who is visiting Manila after some years. We found the perfect place to treat her — a concept resto called Silya’t Sili in White Plains.

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