We ❤ Manang’s Chicken! It has the double-fried crispiness of Bon Chon Chicken, but with a sweet/spicy Filipino sauce comparable to (if not better than) Charlie’s Chicken.

Their story is typical — Jill’s Manang (a trusted househelp) created this fried chicken at home with a signature Filipino sauce. Every time Jill’s friends would come to their house, they would crave for Manang’s chicken.

When Mercato Centrale opened last November 21, 2010, Jill decided to make the jump and opened a stall to offer Manang’s Chicken to the foodies in Manila.  Jill is a lawyer by profession, so opening a food stall was truly a risk.

But true enough, foodies were raving about Manang’s Chicken.

During the early days of Mercato Centrale, Jill herself was selling and manning her booth.

I must confess I did not pay attention to Manang’s Chicken at the start. I thought it’s just one of those double-fried chicken copycats.  We used to move their location around Mercato; but one time, Jill got mad because their customers were complaining because they could not find them in their usual place.

But when I tasted it the first time, I fell in love with it because of its unique sauce and unique crispiness.

When we opened Midnight Mercato early this year on February 11, Manang’s Chicken was also an instant hit with the midnight foodie crowd. They have evolved with the new logo that they are using now.

We have a lot of food entrepreneurs applying with their own version of fried chicken (which is, I guess, the easiest and least expensive to make). But to date, none of the taste tests we had matched the quality of Manang’s Chicken.

The Mercato Family was so proud to learn that Manang’s Chicken opened their first official branch (outside the weekend markets) on Garnet Road along Ortigas.

We often tease Jill that Manang’s Chicken is the next Mang Inasal. So it is really interesting to see how their story unfolds.

Manang’s Chicken Menu | Rice Meals, Noodles, Drinks, Desserts

Manang’s Chicken’s bold claim is “Ang Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy“!

They are indeed redefining what Filipino fried chicken should be. They are now dominating the Midnight Mercato scene where the next generation of foodies are hanging out.

I think their strategy to dominate the College Campuses (by opening in Ateneo and La Salle this September) is right on.

Manang’s Chicken 2 pcs. Breast with Rice (P124) with original sauce.

Our favorite is the original sauce, and I would often order the breast part because they serve it with 2 big pieces. The boys just love the sauce!

It is a bit more expensive than a 2-pc. Jollibee Chicken Joy but it’s relatively cheaper than Bon Chon Chicken or Charlie’s Chicken.

Manang’s Chicken 4 pcs. Chicken Wings (P98) with extra spicy sauce.

I personally like their wings with the extra spicy sauce. I do hope they offer an extra extra spicy sauce soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Although it is a bit messy to eat, with the sauce dripping, I still prefer using my hands to munch on it and savor its sauce.

Garlic Pork Bagnet (P89) with rice.

They introduced a bagnet rice version for those who want to have an alternative to chicken. The actual dish did not do justice to the photo in the menu.

Bagnet is another Filipino dish that goes well with the concept of Manang’s Chicken. I actually love the sauce that comes with the bagnet, but they  need to improve the bagnet itself.  I heard from my partners their cheesy spaghetti is really good too.

One thing though — we were disappointed that all their meals are served using styro. I do hope they have a plate option for diners inside the resto.

Overall, we are fans of Manang’s Chicken. With all the franchise offers they are receiving, there is no doubt they are redefining the Filipinos’ love for the Fried Chicken.

Manang’s Chicken (First Store)
AIC Gold Tower, Garnet Road corner F. Ortigas St.
(where NU 107 used to be, near Jollibee Center)
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
 Email[email protected]
Phone: +632 584-8848
Facebook:  Manang’s Chicken
Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday – 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Manang’s Chicken is also available in Mercato Centrale, Midnight Mercato and Legaspi Market every weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Full Disclosure: We paid for our meals. Manang’s Chicken is a vendor partner of Mercato Centrale.

P.S. Go, go, go Jill! We are cheering for you all the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

You can also order Manang’s Chicken at Mercato Foodie Delivery 87878 every Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 2pm. (Minimum amount is P500)