Candelaria is known for having one of the best crispy patas in the country. 🙂 You’d be hard-pressed to find good crispy pata like this (cooked the old-school way) in Manila.

On your next road trip to Bicol, don’t forget to stop over for Crispy Pata — either in the main town of Candelaria or in San Antonio Village.

We decided to eat in JIJF Lutong Bahay ni Inay’s main branch in Candelaria town because it is open until 7pm. The newer branch in San Antonio Village is just open until 5pm.

It is literally a small bahay kubo with 6 tables, an open dirty kitchen, and a TV tuned in to the latest telenovela.

Sinigang na Talakitok sa Kamias (P200).

The menu is very limited. Usually, they just offer Crispy Pata and a dish of the day, depending on the fresh ingredients available in the market.

Thankfully, they had this when we visited because I just love sinigang! This is one of the best sinigang I’ve ever tasted. The local kamias was used as the souring agent, which gave it a wonderful flavor. I guess the food in the provinces is really good because it does not have that “commercial” taste since it is cooked the traditional way.

Crispy Pata (P380) with Rice (P50/serving).

We eagerly waited for the famous Crispy Pata of Candelaria. The pata was big,  good for 3-4 people. It had a lot of meat (quite flavorful even on its own) and a lot of crispy parts.

The Crispy Pata’s meat was the salty kind (and not the sweet one), which I liked because it was perfect with the toyo and suka. The skin was very crispy and the entire pata was cooked well done. We had a great time eating every piece — simot to the bones talaga! 🙂

The price was surprisingly based on Manila rates. The rice was good for 2 persons at P50/serving.

We loved the bahay kubo ambiance of the original branch as it gave us the feel of back-to-basics dining.

We will definitely return for the Crispy Pata in Candelaria! We intend to try their newer San Antonio Village branch on our next road trip, though (for comparison). 🙂

If you are traveling to Bicol via road trip, it is best to schedule your Crispy Pata food trip on your way back. You can either have a late lunch in the San Antonio Village branch or dinner at the main Candelaria town branch before going back to Manila.

(Note: I recommend this schedule because, when you are going to Bicol, you want to minimize your stopovers. Most people would stop over in Gumaca or at the gas station in Calauag, which is the midpoint to Bicol.)

Make sure to include a stopover for Crispy Pata at Candelaria in your trip! It is best to call them ahead of time to check if they are open.


JIJF Lutong Bahay ni Inay
Main Candelaria Town Branch, Candelaria, Quezon
Candelaria is in between the towns of Tiaong and Sariaya in Quezon Province
Contact Number: +63 42 585 7486


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P.S. For you, where is the BEST Crispy Pata in the Philippines?