The Best Bacolod Chicken Inasal for me can be found in Aida’s in Manokan Country in Bacolod and Bacolod Chicken Inasal Express in Manila. When I visited the Masskara festival last year, I learned that Aida’s has a Manila branch in Makati Cinema Square.

Finally, we were able to check out Aida’s Chicken House in MCS…

Aida’s Manokan – The BEST in Manokan Country, Bacolod

Aida’s Menu

For Bacolodian and Manileño Foodies, when it comes to Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Manokan Country, Aida’s is the best choice. The closest rival of Aida’s in Manokan is Nena’s Beth/Nena’s Rose outlet.

Toto Tarrosa, the owner of Aida’s, is a serious photographer hobbyist. Here, he proudly shows off his photos of Miss Bacolod.

Bambi Borromeo, the BEST Heritage/Foodie Tour Guide of Bacolod, also recommended Aida’s when we visited for the OAP.TV shoot there.

You have to eat inasal with sinamak vinegar, soy sauce, kalamansi and sili.

Pechopak (P60) + Garlic Rice (P30) in Manokan Country.

What I like about the chicken in Manokan Country is that it is fresh and juicy. A dash of garlic oil and garlic rice add to the inasal dining experience. Most of the restos serve dressed chicken already (including Aida’s), but there are still some that prefer native chicken for their inasal.

What makes the chicken juicy is in the way they cook it — the chicken is cooked only upon order (and not precooked like in most inasal places in Manila).

Another specialty at Aida’s in Ilonggo country is freshly steamed talaba!

Isol (P50), Atay/Baticolon (P25), Heart/Tina-e/Bul-o/Tungkol (P20).

Bacolod Chicken Inasal is best paired with San Miguel Beer brewed in Bacolod city itself. That’s why the taste is a bit different — with sweet notes and a fresher taste.

Aida’s Chicken in Makati Cinema Square

In Makati, Aida’s is called Aida’s Chicken House and is hidden in the basement of Makati Cinema Square. The ambiance is nothing like its original Manokan Country branch, which has a bahay kubo-style. This one is more like a canteen (with plastic chairs) but with art surrounding you.

Toto Tarrosa is an art lover, and you can see his personal collection around Aida’s.

The restaurant is also an alternative exhibit space for artists.

Here, you still get the best of Bacolod’s condiments — Sinamak with Soy Sauce and Kalamansi. The set meals are served with hot chicken soup.

Chicken Inasal – Leg with rice and soup (P135).

You have to wait for a while when you order your inasal, which is a good sign because it means they don’t precook their chicken. The inasal they serve here is as juicy as the ones found in Manokan Country.

Ilonggo Express

In the Makati Branch, they serve other hot dishes. We like this Ilonggo-style Bicol Express with knotted baguio beans and sigarillas. It’s good that there are other options in the menu: Set Meals, Soup and Drinks | New Menu

Chicken Inasal – Breast with rice and soup

Besides the soup, the set meals are served with eggplant ensalada and salted eggs. For P135 pesos only, you’ll get yummy, authentic chicken inasal. 🙂

Really good, authentic chicken inasal for a good price and artsy ambiance! Remember, don’t settle for anything less than the authentic because it’s such a waste of calories if you eat mediocre inasal.

Aida’s Chicken House

Makati Cinema Square, Makati City
(It’s in Basement 1, near the escalators.)
Contact: Toto Tarrosa
Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Mondays-Sundays.

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