2/17/2019 Update: Passport Application Appointment (2019 DFA Philippines Renewal Requirements)

My Philippine passport is expiring on March 1, 2011, and I have to fly to Malaysia this weekend for an OAP.TV shoot. I forgot to renew my passport, and when I applied for a passport renewal appointment, the earliest was mid-April already.

I was planning to cancel the trip until I learned how to extend the validity of the passport. It took me an entire day to line up at the Director’s Office at the DFA and I got the extension of validity 2 days after.

What a relief! It was extended for another two years with a gentle reminder that you need to renew your passport asap.

This is how I did it…

First, you have to renew your passport at least one year before it expires.

I was planning to go to Taiwan last year, and when I applied for a visa, they did not accept the passport since it’s not valid for more than 6 months. Since the appointment time takes longer now (about 2 months in advance), you have to initiate the passport renewal process 1 year before its expiry date.

Just go to passport.com.ph to schedule your passport renewal appointment and prepare the requirements.  Regular Processing costs P950 (20 working days), while Rush Processing is P1,200 (10 working days).

There are only three conditions when you can request an extension of passport validity:
1. For Medical Reasons (with supporting document/s showing the urgent need to undergo treatment);
2. Incident of Death (with supporting documents or proof of urgency); or
3. OFW (with Job Order, working visa and ticket).

 You can call these DFA Emergency numbers: +632 834-4424, 834-4855.

TIP: You have to go personally to request for the extension of the validity of your passport. You have to enter Gate 3 and tell the guard you are going to the Director’s Office on the first floor to file your request.

There are two road blocks. The first road block is this guard checking if all your request requirements are complete. Here are the requirements that I brought with me:

1. Personal Request to extend the validity of the passport stating the reason why, addressed to the Director’s Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
2. I had supporting documents from the Malaysia Tourism Board and Star Cruises, certifying that they indeed invited me to travel to Malaysia.
3. You also have to have confirmed flights already to your chosen destination.
4. Lastly, you need to have a photocopy of the first two pages and the last two pages of your passport.

Also, manong guard gives you a piece of paper, which serves as your official “ticket” to fall in line in the queue.

I came at around 9am+ and there were a lot of people already inside the office, so I had to wait outside. It was only after lunchtime that my name was called and I was able to enter the office.

TIP: DFA opens as early as 7am, so better go there earlier than spend the entire day waiting in line.

The second road block is this guard, who queues your “ticket” for the interview/investigation unit. This is much faster and the people are friendlier.

This step basically involved a simple interview about my situation and why I was asking for the extension of validity. They will keep your request, including the supporting documents. (Make a duplicate copy if you want to have a copy of your documents for your reference.)

The fee for the extension is only P200, which I had to pay at the second floor. They asked me to go back 2 days after at an appointed time (10-11am).

When I went back, the process was seamless. I just presented the receipt to the guards, and when I submitted it at 10am, I got the passport with the extension immediately.

That’s it. Hope that information helps!

You can avoid having to apply for a request for extension by renewing your passport now! Schedule your appointment here — http://passport.com.ph/

Department of Foreign Affairs Consular Office
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Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) 7am to 5pm


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  • Visa / ABTC Processing (3-5pm only for 9e visa Filing & releasing)

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