A Torch Birthday-53

We often celebrate the first birthday with a simple celebration with the immediate family. This time around, for Raphael, we celebrated his first birthday last 2/10/2010 at Torch. πŸ™‚

Torch is a fusion restaurant by Peppermill Caterers. It feels like a cross between Omakase and Amici in a diner set-up. They get the overflow crowd of Lugang and the late-night dinner crowd because of the bar.

It’s nice finding a place for feel-good food that can be enjoyed with the family.

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I like Torch’s simple ambiance — non-pretentious and maaliwalas. The common restroom is nice too. But the resto does seem to have this fastfood set-up with cheap tables that move easily when you bump into them.

In old school terms, Torch’s menu is called fusion but these days, it is called an eclectic menu. Eclectic would loosely mean you serve anything that you like without conforming to a specified theme as long as it is good.

All the prices end with .95 cents. (An old pricing trick that we always fall for.)

Menu: Soup, Salad Appetizers | Sandwiches & Burgers | Mains: Pork & Beef | Mains: Chicken & Seafood | Japanese Fusion | Italian Fusion | Desserts

I find the bar a bit tacky. The Torch crew, though, is really nice. πŸ™‚

Shrimp Popcorn (P274.95 +10% service charge). Crispy deep-fried shrimps tossed with a special sauce.

This reminds me of its Chinese version without the vegetables. The sauce is creamy with a bit of spiciness that the boys can tolerate.

Volcano Roll (P324.95 +10% service charge). Freshly baked sushi roll filled with tempura, tamago and Japanese cucumber, and topped with spice baked U.S. scallops.

A bestseller indeed! I like how the overflowing, lava-like cheese engulfs the five sushi rolls.

Peppermill’s Signature Roll (P399.95 +10% service charge). Sushi rolls filled with soft-shelled crab and salmon skin, topped with crab meat and baked with spicy mango sauce.

The sushi rolls are really good but priced on the high side (at P60-P65 per roll).

Philly Cheese Steak (P349.95 +10% service charge). Classic Philly cheese steak sandwich filling on a fresh, oven-baked, thin crust topped with mozzarella and cream cheese.

Overall, the presentation of the food is really good. This pizza was served on a large chopping board. I prefer the five-cheese pizza version, though, but I love the pita-like crust.

Meatball Pasta (P284.95 +10% service charge). Pasta with a rich, meaty sauce topped with a large beefy meatball with melted cheddar cheese on top.


Vongole Pasta (P324.95 +10% service charge). Mildly spiced sauteed baby clams in garlic olive oil.

The pasta dishes are just OK. Both are served in deep, triangular bowls and each one is good for 1 person only.

We just ordered the pasta for the younger set. I prefer the Vongole in tomato sauce, particularly since it’s not that spicy for the kids.

Smoked Jabañero Glazed Salmon (P384.95 +10% service charge). Served with unagi citrus sauce, mango salsa and garlic parsley.

This was my mom’s order, so I wasn’t able to try it.

Torch also has a simple fillet of salmon with cheese and hints of unagi for the healthy eaters.

Smoked Chipotle Tequila Barbecue Beef Ribs (P695.95 +10% service charge). Slowly cooked lamb shank with ala osso bucco sauce, served with garlic mashed potato and their signature Peppermill sauce.

I would return to Torch for the Steaks and Ribs — good sharing portions, well-marinated and tender meats, appetizing presentation, and reasonably priced too.

Desserts (left to right)
Panacotta with Fresh Fruits (P124.95 +10% service charge),
Chocolate Fountain Cake (P124.95 +10% service charge), and
Bread Pudding with Sabayon Sauce (P99.95 +10% service charge).

The desserts are pretty but ordinary. It was perfect, though, that the Chocolate Fountain Cake came with lusis instead of the usual candles. πŸ™‚

The Birthday Boy, Raphael, with brothers Aidan and Joshua, mom Rache, and grandparents — Ama, Angkong, Momsy and Popsy.

Torch is a good place for a family get-together, barkada gimik, or just a place to treat your friends when celebrating milestones. Allot P500/person as your budget.

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