How did you measure your life in 2010?

Let me start…

I’m happy that we were able to  launch platforms to help the best home-based businesses in Manila promote their products to foodies via Ultimate Taste Tests 4 & 5, Foodie Delivery service and Mercato Centrale Weekend Market.

Also, it was very fulfilling to have coached and inspired the next generation of Internet Mavens via the Maven Secrets Program Batches 3 and 4.

Now, it’s your turn…

How did you measure your life in 2010?

Please answer in the comments section (which will serve as your official entry in the contest).

The top 2 best answers get two (2) orchestra side tickets (worth P3,400) each to RENT: The Musical in the following Our Awesome Planet shows:  Opening Saturday Night February 12, 8pm  OR  February 19, 8pm Saturday show.

Contest deadline: January 16, Sunday, 11.59pm.

Sing-along with the Manila RENT cast (Video Link)

These three RENT Songs inspired me to quit my day job and pursue my passion for Our Awesome Planet. That’s why I love RENT!  May you be blessed in the same way when you listen and sing along to these songs.

RENT The Musical is Back!

The hit musical RENT is back in time for Valentine’s Season 2011. It opens this coming February 12, 2011, Saturday, at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

RENT is the imaginative retelling of the classic Puccini opera, La Boheme, set in New York City’s gritty East Village. This unforgettable and timeless story of a group of starving artists, who, despite poverty and illness, learn to fall in love and find their voices, brings a universal message of hope for everyone.1

RENT 2011 Cast

  • Gian Magdangal as Roger Davis
  • (new) Sheree Baustita (Gian’s real-life girlfriend) as Mimi Marquez
  • Fredison Lo as Mark Cohen, the nerdy filmmaker
  • Carla Guevara-Laforteza as Maureen Johnson, the larger-than-life performance artist who sings “Over the Moon”
  • (new) Mian Dimacali as Maureen Johnson (alternate)
  • Job Baustista as Angel Dummott Schunard, Collins’ drag queen street musician lover
  • OJ Mariano as Tom Collins, the computer genius
  • Lorenz Martinez as Benjamin Coffin III, a former member of the group who, after marrying a wealthy woman, has since become their landlord.
  • Jenny Villegas as Joanne Jefferson, Maureen’s public interest lawyer lover
  • RENT Ensemble: Peachy Atilano, Harold Cruz, Johann dela Fuente, Gary Junsay, Anna Santamaria and Mark Tayag

Here is a good review of the new cast, particularly during their December run in Powerplant Mall:
Theaterrific | Points to Improve for Rent the Musical Manila

    I’m glad Carla is back! I always watch RENT for three songs: Seasons of Love, La Vie Boheme and Over the Moon, especially when it’s performed by Carla.

    RENT The Musical | Our Awesome Planet Shows

    Feb 12, 2011 (Saturday)
    8PM / RCBC Plaza
    View the Seat Plan: (click here)
    Contact Minnie:  [email protected]
    or +63 917 867-6332 to buy your tickets.
    (Mention OAP and you’ll get a special treat for the first 20 buyers 🙂 

    Feb 19, 2011 (Saturday)
    8PM / RCBC Plaza
    View the Seat Plan: (click here)
    Contact Rache: [email protected] or +63917-531 8949
    to buy your tickets.

    Ticket Prices:
    800 – Balcony
    1,200 – Loge Last Row
    1,700 – Loge Sides & Center
    1,700 – Orchestra Sides
    2,000 – Orchestra Center

    RENT February 2010 Preview (video link)

    Here is the Our Awesome Planet Review for RENT The Musical (February 2010)

    Don’t miss this run! I have a feeling this is the last time RENT will be staged in Manila…

    January 27 Update:

    I’m glad I created this contest. The positive energy blessed everyone reading all the entries. Thanks for all those who joined the contest!

    and the winners are….

    PRIZE: Two Orchestra Side Tickets to February 12, Saturday 8pm show

    1). Tina Vitas said…

    I always measure my life in terms of how much I’ve stretched myself into becoming a better version of me – spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically. And how much I’ve allowed people in my life to change me and on the flipside, how much I’ve somehow inspired them to look at their lives differently, in order for them to change, as well.

    Because not too long ago, I defined my life’s purpose. Through private enterprise, it is my fervent desire to empower women, in particular, to change, grow and transform to become the God’s Absolute Best they were destined to be…..

    Year 2010 was a monumental year for me. It was the year when I saw the beginnings of a dream fulfilled. In 2004, I came up with the concept of bringing my mom, Mama V’s dips, dressings and marinades to a broader food-loving audience by packaging them in bottles.

    After six and a half years, the dream finally bore fruits. I found a business partner, I found all the various elements needed to take what was formerly homemade products to the public and opened my first Chile Vitas store in Robinsons Galleria on 10/10/10 at 10 am as a 42nd birthday present to myself.

    Last year definitely marked a milestone in my life. A year when I proved to myself that with incredible faith, nothing is ever impossible! No matter how big and grand the dream may be…..Because I know in my heart we serve a BIG, BIG God who wants us to do BIG, BIG things while we are on this earth. Sometimes, even to do small things, in a BIG way is enough for Him.

    In 2010, I took both my faith in the invisible hand that guides me and my fearlessness to a brand new level that I didn’t imagine was possible. What a way to measure a year that was!!!

    PRIZE: Two Orchestra Side Tickets to February 19, Saturday 8pm show

    2). Vanenie said…

    The year 2010 was a year of tribulations and triumphs, of overcoming personal limitations and vanquishing personal demons, of strengthening filial ties and renewing kinship bonds.

    We found out that our daughter, our firstborn, is special. She has developmental delays and has to undergo therapy. It was too big for us to handle, my husband and I, when we are just trying to redeem ourselves, to make right whatever missteps we’ve done in 2009. To prove to them that we can handle such a huge responsibility by ourselves, even when our contemporaries are just starting out on their respective careers.

    It was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Feeling all the love, support and acceptance coming from both of our families and friends. They were always present, rejoicing with us in every small miracle that our daughter would make. A fighter, that’s what she is. Even up to now, she still amazes us with her tiny accomplishments and improvements.

    I had questioned myself, even to the extent of taking the blame for what happened to our daughter. But towards the end of the year, I have learned to forgive myself. This isn’t something anyone had wanted, but life has thrown it in my direction. I have learned not to simply dodge and hold on, but also accept any blows and endure the suffering that comes with it, because that’s just how it is. This “storm” had also proved that our marriage is indeed built on solid grounds. It shook us to the core but it did not manage to crumble us or make us fall apart, and for that I am very thankful.

    Lastly, I have returned to God and I have learned not to question his motives. I simply thought of it as His way of saying that “my husband and I are special too” because He will not choose us to be our daughter’s parents if He knew we are not suitable enough.

    Faith. Hope. Love. These three I found to have in immeasurable amounts in 2010. 🙂

    CONSOLATION PRIZE: 2011 Awesome Life Travel Log Planner

    3). Kiel said…

    Let me give you a brief background of my life: I used to be a happy-go-lucky person who tends to take things for granted, until I reached college where I learned to struggle for education, life and money especially after spending most of our savings in an attempt to save my mom from aortic aneurysm – but failed. Bearing in mind that my mom was the breadwinner of the family, and my dad is subject to forced retirement due to Chinese family political issues; my siblings and I are now responsible of our own lives. I took this as a slap in the face and realized that I only have my education to start with and lean on to. From that moment on, I have lived my life in a closed book by focusing only on my studies and hope to earn a good college degree that would serve as my stepping stone for a good career and pleasant life.

    Losing the physical presence of my mother taught me how true the cliché is: “you don’t know what you’ve got until you lost them.” With this, I believe that everything is meaningless if you don’t have anyone to share it with. Luckily, after earning my college degree and passing the CPA board exam, I am now employed in a well-known audit firm and made it a point to increase my savings little by little. It was only in 2010 that I was able to extend and share my blessings with my beloved family and friends. So how would I measure my life in 2010? Simple, I measured it by the fruits that I was able to harvest after bountiful time and effort in planting seeds; may it be good, bad or the things in between, because everything comes in one package. After years of struggles and sacrifices, I was finally able to spend time with my friends, visit my siblings who live abroad, and consistently spend quality time with my dad. I may not be a well-off and/or powerful person, but I’m blessed for having reasons to smile everyday by continuing to live in a wholesome, God-oriented life, and also touch other people’s hearts even in the simplest ways.

    For the new opportunities that opened, for the numerous blessings that I have received, for the obstacles encountered to improve personal growth and maturity, and most of all, for the priceless moments shared with my love ones who made my year very meaningful – thanks to the year 2010 that I was able to see life and measure my life in a different perspective. I look forward to a wonderful 2011 ahead! 🙂

    Live an Awesome Life,

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    Full Disclosure: We are show buyers for the February 19, RENT Show.

    1 Source: RENT Manila Official Press Release

    P.S. Midnight Mercato will already be open during this time. After the RENT Show, head on over to Midnight Mercato, which is open from 11pm to 3am.  RENT+Midnight Mercato would be a perfect pre-Valentine’s gimik!