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December 2010


What’s your favorite Patchi Chocolate?

Patchi, the Lebanese Chocolates founded by Nizar Choucair, is finally here in Manila!  Thanks to Lucy Torres who gave it as a gift to Ben Chan, who in turn fell in love with it and franchised the boutique store in the metro.

Patchi already has a cult following of chocolate lovers in Manila. It is known for having the finest chocolates with nutty fillings, and thematic chocolate favors/gifts. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it is an affordable luxury that one can indulge in to celebrate milestones or to give as gifts.

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New Year's Eve Party in Manila

1/1/2011 New Year’s Eve Parties in Manila!

12/26/2019: New Year’s Eve Party Ideas: Manila Countdown to 2020!

1. The Biggest New Year’s Eve Concert @ Eastwood Grand New Year Countdown

Eastwood organizes the Best New Year’s Eve Concert in Manila. The Official Quezon City Countdown will be in Eastwood Mall from 5pm of December 31 to the morning of January 1.

Eastwood is said to be throwing the best New Year’s eve concert featuring K 24/7, Kiss Jane and Dream Carousel, True Faith, Side A, Freestyle and Journey’s frontman Arnel Pineda with The Ammo Band.  It will be hosted by Cesca Litton and KC Montero. There will be free photo booths, videoke booths and other sponsored activities.

For inquiries, call the Eastwood Mall Concierge: +632 709-9888, + 63 917-8380111.

2. New Year Fireworks @ Mall of Asia!

The annual countdown of GMA-7 will happen in Mall of Asia, hosted by Tim Yap. At 11pm, there will be a 3-minute fireworks show to start off the GMA-7 telecast and a 15-minute Grand Fireworks show at 12 midnight. The Mall of Asia Veranda restaurants are accepting reservations already.  On New Year’s day itself, MOA will have the annual grand Mascot Parade around the mall.

If you are looking for fireworks, this is the place to be. Sadly, it seems like Makati and Bonifacio Global City won’t have any fireworks activities. 🙁

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Manila Life

Where to Make Your Kids Happy this Christmas 2010



Merry Christmas to all Our Awesome Planet Friends!

Aidan drew the Christmas artwork above and colored it on his own. 🙂

Sometimes we need to look at life with child-like wonder and innocence. Maybe it is true that the secret to happiness is to be mababaw ang kaligayahan, like a child.

Here are some suggestions on where to make your kids happy this Christmas 2010…

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The Mercato Centrale Family!

Here is a photo essay of our Mercato Centrale favorites and the first 9 days of the market.

Hope you can join us as a partner for the weekend food and organic market, which resumes on January 8. Also, we do hope you can join us as well as we launch Midnight Mercato in January 2011. 🙂

Manang’s Chicken (ala BonChon but better) and Chef Philippe’s Ban Mhi sandwich.

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Philippine Currency: The New Generation

Read First:
BSP | The New Generation Philippine Banknotes
KAAKBAY | Another look at the New Philippine Banknotes
The POC | BSP defends ‘errors’ on new peso bills

I’m proud of our new Philippine currency despite the criticisms, which can be easily corrected in the next print run.  It is about time that we launch the new Peso bills, which symbolize new hope and a stronger economy in 2011 and beyond.

I’m proud of it because…

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Awesome Festivals

2011 Awesome Calendar of the Philippines (Updated with Proclamation 84!)

Our Definitive Guide to Philippine Holidays, Philippine Festivals, Philippine Fiestas, Liturgical Events, and Awesome Events! Copyright 2011. Our Awesome Planet


    JANUARY 2011
    Best Time to Climb Mt. Pinatubo!

    December 31 – January 2 | 3-Day Weekend!

    1 NEW YEAR’S DAY | Saturday | Solemnity of Mary Mother of God | HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION

    9 FEAST OF THE BLACK NAZARENE | Sunday | Quiapo, Manila
    An intense, day-long festival highlighted by a mammoth procession through the streets.

    15 PASUNGAY FESTIVAL 2011 | Saturday | San Joaquin, Iloilo
    One of the thrilling bull fighting festival as a culminating event of the Bayluhay Festival which celebrates the arrival of the 10 datus from Malay in the 13th century. 

    15-16 ATI-ATIHAN 2011 | Kalibo, Aklan
    Commemorates the 13th century land deal between 10 migrating Bornean chieftains and the aboriginal Ati King Marikudo. It also honors the town patron, the infant Sto. Nino.

    15-16 SINULOG 2011 | Cebu City
    Cebu’s biggest and most popular festival in honor of the Holy Image of Senyor Sto. Niño

    16 or 23 CARACOL 2011 | Makati City
    This is Makati City’s version of the Mardi Gras conceptualized in 1986

    22-23 DINAGYANG FESTIVAL 2011 | Iloilo City
    Street dancing characterized by frenetic stomping of feet and hypnotic drumbeating. It is a colorful whirl of thousands of people dressed in unique costumes dancing & chanting all day and night.

    Celebration of the feast day of the Father and Teacher of Youth who founded the Salesian Society. 

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    Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Winners! (3 of 3)


    This is the last batch of winners for Ultimate Taste Test 5.0. We are raising the passing bar to >3.55 from 3.30 for succeeding Ultimate Taste Test events. Congratulations!

      21. Sweet Finale’s Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake 3.62

      If you are looking for a different cake, try Sweet Finale’s Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake. I find it too sweet andrich but some people like it that way and it’s flourless! Congratulations, Chef Janice!

      What is the Story of Sweet Finale?
      by Chef Janice

      My passion for food began early growing up in a family where cooking and eating was, and still is, a
      very special time to bring everyone together.

      After earning a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management in St. Paul University, Quezon City. I went on to pursue my Associate in Applied Science degree at the prestigious School of Culinary Arts Kendall College in Chicago, IL(1999-2001).

      Since then, I worked in the fine AMBROSIA (Euro-American Patisserie) in Barrington, IL. In which Chef Richard Rivera became my mentor for two and a half years. My yearning for education did not stop in the gastronomic world. I finished-off a Masters Degree in Business Administration majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the Brennan School of Business-Dominican University in River Forest, IL.

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      Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Winners! (2 of 3)

      READ FIRST: Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Overall Winners! (1 of 3)

      11. Hacienda Macalauan’s Fresh Milk & Yoghurt 3.74
      I love dairy-farm fresh milk products. My favorites are Holly’s Milk, Rizal Dairy Farm and now, Hacienda Macalauan 🙂

      The Story of Hacienda Macalauan

      Our company has been providing premium quality dairy products produced without added antibiotics, growth hormones or dangerous pesticides. Hacienda Macalauan dairy products are derived from the finest breed of Australian and New Zealand cows which are provided with the best possible care and specialized diet to ensure production of high quality products with supreme nutritional value and excellent taste. We have been and supplying farm fresh dairy products to hotels and restaurants as well as bake shops and coffee shops.

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      Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Overall Winners! (1 of 3)

      Here are the winners of the Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 last November 5, 2010! Congratulations!

      1. Risa Chocolates!  4.14

      One of the coolest chocolates to give this Christmas made by a passionate Filipina chocolatier 🙂 Congratulations for having the highest rating in Ultimate Taste Test 5.0!

      The Story of Risa Chocolates
      by Pam Lim Cinco

      It’s a journey of discovering one’s passion.

      As a child, I loved to eat, but the kitchen was not a place I ever wanted to go into because, for me, it was hot and disorganized in there. Cooking was a chore and a bore. I preferred to read books and eat while doing so.

      During my teens, I had my first taste of blueberry cheesecake which I could only buy in bakeshops. To satisfy my cheesecake craving, I had to wait when my parents had the time to bring me to a mall. We all know that cravings need to be immediately addressed or foodies like me get really cranky. : )

      I had to end my unfulfilled cravings and crankiness, so armed with an oven toaster, makeshift baking tools, and my Maya Kitchen cookbook, I tried my best to whip up my version of blueberry cheesecake the way I liked it (Note that there was no exact recipe for this.). After a few disasters, I was finally able to come up with a decent version. Skimming through the other pages of my one and only cookbook, I began to try out other recipes, but was limited to cookies because of the size of my oven toaster.

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