These are the Filipina bloggers I admire for starting to create a difference in the Manila Blogging Scene. They are highly respected and no doubt, they will be the next blogging superstars in Manila!

1. Tricia of Tricia Goes PlacesNow, the Number 1 Fashion Blogger in Manila. 

Tricia Gosingtian has a cult-following in the fashion blog scene. She was a co-awardee in Go Negosyo’s Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur of 2010. She is the daughter of Josiah Go, a marketing icon in Manila.

2. Ana of Sex and SensibilitiesLeading authority on female sexual health.

Ana Santos is the “Margie Holmes” of this generation. She is the leading expert on single mom issues and sexual health. She talks about taboo topics but in a professional and caring way.

3. Jhoey of Pinoy OrganicsConsumer Advocate of “Buy Pinoy. Choose Organic”

Jhoey Hernandez is the consumer advocate who promotes living an organic life by choice and to buy Filipino-made organic products. Pinoy Organics is an official partner of Mercato Centrale, the biggest organic weekend market in Bonifacio Global City.

4. Ana, Nikka and Niña of Writer’s Block Philippines The Leading Freelance Writers Community

Ana Santos, Nikka Sarthou, and Niña Terol-Zialcita are among the top freelance writers in the country today. They collaborated together to build and enhance the freelance writing community in the Philippines.

5. Hannah of Flair Candy Social Media Filipina Icon

Hannah Villasis is building Flair Candy as one of the most respected Social Media Brands in Manila. She is pretty, very talented and down-to-earth — the right ingredients to become an online celebrity.

6. Issa of You Want to Be RichGirl Talk on Money Matters and the Journey to Financial Freedom.

Melissa Remulla-Briones blogs about money matters in a very caring and loving kind of way instead of the usual spammy sites focused on this topic. What’s unique about her blog is that she uses the artworks created by her husband as a visual icon in her blog posts.


8. Stacy and Danah of Plump PinayFirst Body Appreciation/ Fat Acceptance Blog

Stacy and Danah are very brave to introduce the first Fat Appreciation blog in the Philippines. I admire their advocacy of loving your body NOW and to eradicate the annoying insult that comes with the word FAT when it’s only an adjective.

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Disclosure: Ana, Jhoey, Nikka, Niña and Issa are my students in Maven Secrets.

P.S. Can you share your list of upcoming blogs you admire in Manila?