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And the 2010 Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Awards Winners are…

MBKRS Awards 2010 winners
(I totally agree with all the awards except for one…)

Check out the 2012 winners: MBKRS Awards 2012: And the Best Restaurants in Manila are…

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Best Italian Restaurant – L’Incontro
(Wow, congratulations to Tina Pamintuan for winning this award! I haven’t had the chance to eat at L’Incontro ever since she took over… I’m eating there soon. My vote for the Best Italian still goes to C’Italian Dining in Pampanga 🙂
  • Carpaccio
  • C’ Italian
  • L’Incontro
  • Cantinetta (Pasong Tamo Ext)
  • Café Caruso
Best French Restaurant – La Regalade
(I was surprised to not see  Cicou on the list of finalists because this would have been a more meaningful award for La Regalade — by beating their nearest competitor. Also, has Chef Jessie lost her touch already?)
  • L’Entrecote
  • Chef Jessie
  • Cuillere
  • La Regalade
  • Enchante

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    Best Spanish Restaurant – Cirkulo
    (There really seems to be a lack of good Spanish restaurants in town, except for Cirkulo and Casa Español in Manila.)
    • La Tienda
    • Casa Armas (Malate)
    • Gaudi (Serendra)
    • Cirkulo
    • Alba’s Restaurante Español

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    Chef Laudico’s BFAST – All Day Breakfast Cafe

    I’d been excitedly anticipating the opening of Chef Laudico’s BFAST – All Day Breakfast Cafe. It was the first restaurant to open in the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Its concept is simple — serve Filipino Breakfast fare (with a modern eco twist) the entire day.

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    Awesome Filipinos

    8 Most Admired Upcoming Filipina Bloggers

    These are the Filipina bloggers I admire for starting to create a difference in the Manila Blogging Scene. They are highly respected and no doubt, they will be the next blogging superstars in Manila!

    1. Tricia of Tricia Goes PlacesNow, the Number 1 Fashion Blogger in Manila. 

    Tricia Gosingtian has a cult-following in the fashion blog scene. She was a co-awardee in Go Negosyo’s Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur of 2010. She is the daughter of Josiah Go, a marketing icon in Manila.

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    WOW! Only in the Philippines!


    Here is a #HelpDOT Suggestion. I endorse this tourism marketing concept from mentor Willy which builds on the WOW Philippines campaign and highlights the uniqueness of our country!
    Let me know what you think about the concept and how we can build it further.


    Where else can you find a land as beautiful as its people, a people as warm as its climate

    Where else can you find a nation as rich as its history, a culture as colorful as her transport (vintas and jeepneys)

    Where else can you find a workforce as talented as her artists, an economy as vibrant as her freedoms

    Where else can you find dining as delightful as her shopping, fairways as tranquil as her spas?   

    Where else can you find fruits as delicious as her hillsides (Bohol Chocolate Hills), a nightlife as breathtaking as her sunset?  

    Finally, where else can you find a people with pride in her past, a passion for her present, and faith in her future

    All these and more . . .

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    #Restaurants, Food

    The Original Bon Chon Chicken is Now in Manila!


    Bon Chon Chicken, the Korean foodie favorite in New York, is finally here in Manila! This is the official Philippine franchise from Korea and NOT a franchise of the 4 Fingers Bon Chon in Singapore.

    Bon Chon is the original double-fried chicken from Korea. The first fry removes all the fat and makes it “paper-fried crisp” and then the second fry includes the secret sauce.

    The chicken is bigger than that of Chicken Charlie’s and a bit more expensive also. I liked its soy-garlic flavor, which has ginseng as a secret ingredient. The sauce was a bit bitin, though, and did not cover the entire chicken well.

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    Paano Papagandahin ang Pilipinas Kay Ganda!?

    It seems that not everyone that I talked to last night was energized by the new brand of the Philippines.

    • My Singaporean Embassy friend could not appreciate the use of Filipino in an international campaign.
    • My Subic Tourism friend dared not say negative comments beyond their “Yun lang?”disappointment.
    • Some foreigners commented about the disconnect of serving international cuisine at the biggest launch of the new Brand of the Philippines.
    • The Filipino Travel Blogging Community is outraged.
    • Ivan Henares wants to STOP the ridiculous campaign before more taxpayers’ money is wasted on it.  
    • Carlos Celdran was having fun with it and thinks it is too ’80s.

    As for me, I can’t believe that the brightest people in Campaigns & Grey (who created the brand image campaign for NoyNoy) came up with this idea. (Update: Campaigns & Grey Official Statement)

    11/18/10 Update:
    Manila Boy | PLAGIARIZED “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” LOGO
    Create your own Kay Ganda Logo (Facebook App)
    OAP | #HelpDOT SuggestionWOW! Only in the Philippines!

    11/24/10 Final Update:
    Campaigns & Grey
     | Campaigns & Grey Official Statement
    PNOY | Pilipinas Kay Ganda’ officially dead
    DOT USEC Romano’s Resignation Letter

    Here are some suggestions on how we can improve the overall campaign, especially online…

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