Most of the time we find ourselves  at steakhouses when there’s a special occasion. When October strikes 1st, its  birthday celebration time – my wifey’s birthday. It’s also time to find out if the raves we’ve been hearing about new restaurants are true. This time, our destination is  Cru Steakhouse at the Marriot.

Cru is a French wine term that stands for “growth place” or the terroir of the wine (vineyard). The restaurant is named after it because it specializes on the pairing of  cru wines and the best cuts of Australian and US Prime beefs. 

The ambiance is actually on the romantic side. It has a modern cool aura  (not intimidating at all). They have an open grill kitchen located at the center of the restaurant.  Seeing the chefs cook the steak through the glass will  whet your appetite.

Cru Steakhouse-15 
We recommend to reserve the booth tables for your special dates. I personally like the semi-circle booth tables just near the entrance because of the muted lighting and it feels very private. 

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You’ll start off with a complimentary bite-sized salmon croquant. It was a bit cold when served so we did not enjoy it that much. 

The spinach bread with gruyere cheese on top is really something. Don’t forget to try this one out.

The bread is firm and crunchy outside but surprisingly soft inside. It looks like you are eating mushrooms because of the shape. Dipping the bread in the black olives tapenade (very salty) or herb butter gives  a totally different eating dimension. The best part is the toasted taste of gruyere which you’ll savor in every bite.

Cheese made from pure goat milk (100gr P294 +10% service charge).

  • Fresh Chevre. French style cheese with pink peppercorn and thyme. A good balance between creamy and being tarty. Develops in about three months. 
  • Blue Goat Cheese. A young goat cheese, midly aged, with blue mold that suits the Filipino taste.

Cheese made from pure cow milk (100gr P294 +10% service charge).

  • Blue Pepato. Midly aged, with whole green pepper corn.
  • Blush. Semi-soft sweet tasting cheese. Aged with both white and blue mold. 

We ordered the sampling service of their artisanal cheese. The best overall is the Blue Pepato which presents a balanced combination of blue cheese and parmesan. Coming in second best  is  the Blue Goat Cheese. (Ateneo winning the UAAP basketball didn’t  influence our palate,  mind you; but congratulations to the Blue Eagles for the three-peat).

You can ask Cru’s  Sous Chef Raffy Hubilla to prepare something special for you. 

Tender Grilled Baby Octopus Salad (P450 +10% service charge). with kalamat olives, vine tomatoes and oregano. 

Although there is only one grilled baby octopus in the serving,  each small slice is well marinated and tasty. I personally like to eat it with a slice of juicy tomato, a little bit of olives and some greens.

Grilled Corn-fed Chicken Breast (P850 +10% service charge)  served with black truffle risotto and tomato fondue. 

The corn-fed chicken breast is very flavorful for a white meat part. It also has a nice texture. What makes this dish awesome is the creamy rice grains soaked in black truffle sauce. The tomato sauce surrounding it provided the right amount of sweetness that compliments the chicken and the risotto. Order this! 

U.S. Prime beef has the highest quantity of  intramuscular fat. Only 2.0% of this protein is graded as prime. 
Australian beef offers both angus and wagyu cattle variety. It is known for its marbling characteristics that makes it very delicious due to its naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness.

Cru Steakhouse serves both Australian Beef and U.S. Super Prime Beef. We recommend to go for the best and order their  21-day aged Super Prime beef! 

I am pleasantly surprised that the entire chef team is very accommodating  and didn’t mind me taking  pictures. Executive Chef Meir Brammer is very approachable and is game to pose for this shot 🙂 

Sometimes the chefs will show some flame cooking exhibition. 

CRU Signature Super Prime “Wisconsin” U.S. Beef 250g SuperPrime Rib Eye (P2,200 +10% service charge). This beef is aged for 21 days, well-marbled, full of flavor and butter tender

The steak is not too oily perhaps because some of the  fat is trimmed. The meat is very tender. The remaining fat and even the ligaments are very soft  too (not chewy). The meat itself is flavorful . You don’t need any sauce to go with it — it’s that delicious.

You have the option to order two sides. You can choose from:
Potato (Whipped Potato, Oven Roasted Marble Potato, Potato and Onion Gratin, Hand-cut Chips, Smashed NY Potato, Spicy Wedges, or Roasted Sweet Potato)

Vegetables (Buttered corn cobbs, grilled portabello mushrooms, green beans and pancetta, creamed spinach, steamed asparagus parmesan, butter, baked pumpkin, steam brocolli)

We  recommend the sweet and gelatin like grilled portabello mushrooms

You also have the option to choose a steak sauce or two.

Sauces (Forest mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce, bernaise sauce, spicy tomato and onion, rosemary herb sauce) 

Our lovely waiter Joen Hermonio asked if we want additional sauces like mustard or A1 sauce, but honestly you would just ruin the flavor of the steak if you add anything to it.

It is always good to eat steak and share it with someone special 🙂

Famous New York Style Cheesecake (P340 +10% service charge). Forest berry sauce and Strawberry Salad.  

We ended the meal with their  cheesecake. It is perfect!  It is soft, creamy, not too sweet,  and  sprinkled with some nuts on the perimeter. The strawberry salad that accompanied the cake is also very good — it has the right sweetness that will push you finish the entire dessert. Sinful talaga.

We just walked-in so we were not able to reserve a special birthday cake. Joen was resourceful enough to serve an ice cream with a candle. It is really a nice and lovely touch to end the entire birthday dinner! Thank you Joen for making that extra touch of service 🙂

Overall, Cru gets our vote for one of the best steakhouses in town.

We love it not only because of the way the super prime US beef steaks is cooked to perfection  but also because of the  other dishes we ordered like the spinach bread, octopus salad, and the corn-fed chicken. It has the right romantic ambiance. The service is topnotch. Best of all you can budget P2,000/head for a really nice steak experience. 

No.10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City
Telephone: +632 988-9992
Fax: +632 988-9946
Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours:
Mondays – Thursdays & Sunday: 6:00pm to 10.30pm
Friday & Saturday: 6.30pm to 11.30pm
Dress Code: Smart Casual, Closed-in Shoes  

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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals and we are not connected with the owners in any way.  

P.S. You can park at the basement parking of Marriot Hotel and  get a complimentary car pass. Cru is in the ground floor at the back of Marriott Cafe.