Finally, Ukkokei Ramen Ron has serious competition in serving the best authentic Japanese Ramen in Manila. You have to try both Ukkokei in Pasay Road and Ramen Bar in Eastwood, then weigh in on the debate as to which one has the best ramen in town. 🙂

The BEST RAMEN in Manila Series 2013:

Ramen Bar is designed like a fastfood resto in a “sauna” setting. I actually didn’t like the ambiance since it didn’t seem to do justice to the quality of the food. Maybe something like Wabi-Sabi‘s ambiance would have been more appropriate.

The place is child-friendly, though. They have the appropriate high chairs, the kids could draw on the back of the placemats, and people don’t frown upon kids running around the restaurant. It is definitely friendlier than Ukkokei Ramen Ron where the owner is notorious for having a Fat Michael’s attitude.

Check out the Ramen Bar Menu.

Super Chasyu Ramen (P380). Soy-infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with overflowing slices of chasyu and tamago.

Tamago – Soft Boiled Egg marinated for 48 hours
Tonkotsu – Pork Bone Soup boiled for 20 hours
Chasyu – Sliced Pork

We loved the Super Chasyu Ramen. The soup is milky with hints of saltiness, and the soup broth has deep flavors of meat. The yellow, curly noodles are cooked well, with just the right “bite” and flavor.

The only thing is they didn’t serve it piping hot, and it easily got cold after being served. I do hope they improve it.

R.B.S. #1 (Ramen Bar Special #1 – P380). Soy-infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with tamago, naruto, nori, negi, chasyu and kakuni.

Kakuni – Braised Pork Belly
Naruto – Fish Sticks
Nori – Dried Seaweed
Negi – Spring Onion

I also liked the RBS because of the super soft but flavorful Pork Belly. I found the different textures of the seaweed and fish sticks enjoyable. The soup is more brown-based with dashes of pepper and soy sauce. Although it is served in a bigger bowl, it is only less than half full. Sadly, it was served at room temperature already.

Note: You cannot order extra soup with your ramen; you have to pay P80 for additional soup.

Yakiniku Beef Rice Toppings
. Thinly sliced beef with Chef Masa’s special sauce, topped with spring onions with steamed rice.

We liked the simple Yakiniku beef with thinly sliced bacon-style beef with good marinade. You can opt to order the ala carte at P195 (with twice as much beef), and just order the rice on the side.

Aidan caught in the act of using his hands. 🙂

We love going out with the boys, especially on a Sunday. They already know the drill when it comes to taking pictures. Sometimes, they pose without being prompted. 🙂

Tempura Ice Cream (P120).

The vanilla ice cream is coated with tempura batter. It is not good by itself, so you need to dip it in the chocolate sauce. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting dessert to try and a good way to wrap up your Ramen Bar experience.

G/F Eastwood Mall , Libis, Quezon City, Philippines
In Between Cookbook Kitchen and O’sonho Portuguese.

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The BEST RAMEN in Manila Series 2013:


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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We know one of the owners, Charles Paw (from Manila Jaycees) of Digital Hub fame.

P.S.I don’t think it was a good move to set up an authentic Japanese Ramen bar in a mall. It might lose its authenticity quickly and become commercialized. Try it while it’s new and let me know what you think.