Gayuma (a small resto along Esteban Abada St.) was a cult favorite among Ateneans before it closed shop. Now, the daughter of Gayuma’s owner is resurrecting the same “aphrodisiac” restaurant concept near the Maginhawa foodie street in Sikatuna Village. Since Cucina Gayuma along Gilmore closed down already, it is time for Gayuma ni Maria to take the baton and run with this concept.

The restaurant attempts to be homey but falls short since it’s still unfinished (understandable, since it is still on soft opening). It also tries to project a casual but romantic ambiance where you can hang out with friends and loved ones.

Here is the Gayuma Love Story Menu Front and Menu Back . The menu is already updated and they just retained the best sellers from the original menu.

Itsie-Bitsie Fetish (P60). Straight from the home of the 8th World Wonder, these Banaue taro fries are best paired with sweet strawberry yoghurt or rich cheese dip.

The taro fries were very good — not oily and perfectly crisp. They went well with the smooth cheese dip. Thing is, the little bowl is so shallow that you can only dip the top portion of the fries. The cheese you get is not always enough, so you go back and dip the fries some more.

Tuliro (P135). A bed of nachos and lettuce topped with slivers of meat and fresh fruits, with succulently sinful sour cream and cheese sauce.

I like this Nacho Salad with grapes. A good starter that’s big enough to share. I would rather order this as an appetizer over the taro fries since the fries would go better with the other main dishes.

There is a mini-aphrodisiac store where you can browse their “interesting stuff”.

Lemongrass & Coconut Extract Massage Oil or Glow-in-the-Dark Love Dice, anyone? 🙂

You can also learn a thing or two from this Top Ten Aphrodisiacs article I found on the wall:

Top Ten Aphrodisiacs:
1. Green Tea – is now said to be a cure for many ills but of old it was an ingredient to strengthen and excite the humours of the body. Make a pot and sip throughout the day.

2. Lavender Excites! Use it sparingly as a culinary tease of taste buds and senses: “Pasta Lavandula” is included in the last chapter, but lavender can alo be added to a number of sauces with interesting effects. My own favourite is to make a Lavend Hollandaise, incorporating a few drops of lavender oil, or some fresh flower bud into the yolks as you began to beat them. You may never need pudding.

3. Another Dynamite Concoction is Parsley and Coriander Pesto, made by blending a large handful of flat-leafed parsley, the same coriander (in both cases the fresher the better) and 2 cloves of garlic with 2 tbsps olive oil in a food processor. This is strong stuff: Gabriel and Patricia, who use it regularly can’t dismiss their Sunday lunch guests quickly enough once the effect cuts in.

4. I have a friend who is every inch the courtesan: what secrets of love does she not know?  She is convinced that the best cure for frigidity is a warm bath — what I might now call “Eike’s antifreeze”.  Her secret ingredient is melissa (lemon balm) oil, which should be added to a bath as it is running with a small amount of salt and some almond oil. This simple solution cures, soothes and delights the female body; if lemon balm tea is sipped simultaneously, the result is an insatiable appetite for pleasure!

5.  Men have a secret recipe too: rosemary is an excellent tonic for those suffering nervous disorders, anxiety or stress; so a bath with rosemary oil added could go a long way to heal his “headache” the next time he claims he has one, and you have other ideas.

6. Oysters are so famous in this connection that it would be churlish not to include them. What they do have going for them is a sensational texture, and they also give the consumer lots of strength.

7. If the obstacle to physical love is one of nerves on both sides, champagne must be recommended, even without the potions added to it in these pages. It enters the bloodstream faster than any ordinary wines and has a cheering effect for most people. Taken as an aperitif with oysters, the double-whammy effect could send you both into the stratosphere.

8. A sensual massage with aphrodisiac oils will put anyone in the mood for love: but the best for passion are undoubtedly lemon grass, jasmine, ylang-ylang and best of all tuberose, exotic and erotic beyond belief (so long as budget is not a problem).

9. Honey was renowned for its aphrodisiac properties that it gave its name — Honeymoon — to the month of newlywed passion. It can be used in a variety of delicious ways as an aphrodisiac — perhaps taking a tip from the Polynesians, who anoint their vital parts with it for a stimulant, lubricant effect.

10. Poppy seeds are especially good for adding zing to sexual performance. Athletes who have eaten poppy seed rolls apparently give positive results for drug testing so sprinkle them liberally.

Once you go black, you never go back (P225). Cocoa-Crusted cream dory with chocolate sauce — you’ll never want to eat fish any other way.

The chocolate was bitter and the entire crust was very salty. We will definitely not try this again.

Secret Lovers (P185). Rich braised beef pot pie with potatoes.

We enjoyed this braised beef because it was flavorful and soft, but it was too oily. I did like the sweet fruity sauce that came with it.

I heard from people who have been to the old Gayuma that it was always packed and parking was very difficult. It was a good date place or barkada hangout. 🙂

Chinoy in Seventh Heaven (P240). Fried chicken obra gently simmered in a concoction of Chinese herbs with heavenly rice mix.

This reminded us of Savory Chicken that you can eat in the original branch in Chinatown. We liked the brown rice mix and the fries that went with it. We could taste the herbs in the chicken but could not pinpoint the exact flavors.

Please be careful with my heart (P240). This twice-baked chicken in olive oil and garlic is the perfect cure for the heart that needs a little TLC.

The chicken was very easy to debone and the meat got too soft from the baking. We did not really like the flavor because it was a bit mild and the chicken was dry. We are not a fan of this dish.

An adjacent Japanese room with banig and pillow seats is in the works. It will have a small fashion closet-type store.

Aidan and Joshua had fun running around the spacious restaurant. I do hope that the restaurant survives until my boys are old enough to understand what “aphrodisiac” means. 🙂

Overall, the concept is very promising, but I think the food has to be improved for the sake of foodies looking for unique and good flavors. It is very nostalgic for people from Katipunan; but to introduce it to a totally new market, it would need more than nostalgia to sell itself.

Gayuma ni Maria
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We did not order dessert because the dessert descriptions and display were not very appetizing. We will probably go back to try the often out-of-stock Beats Sex Any Day Chocolate cake that people are raving about.