Read First: [OAP SURVEY] Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

Out of 2,111 foodie respondents, 66.1% prefer Frozen Yogurt over Ice Cream, with 76% of the Yogurt lovers opting to have healthy toppings like fresh fruits, granola or cereals with their frozen treat. On the other hand, Ice Cream lovers favor the premium, creamy type of ice cream, and 54% of them choose to savor the flavor of ice cream on its own.

Thanks to all the people who participated in the March-June 2010 survey on the battle between Ice Cream vs. Frozen Yogurt! 🙂 Here is the summary of the survey with qualitative results on Why Foodies Love Yogurt or Ice Cream…

OAP SURVEY: Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Overall Results

66.1% of Filipino Foodies love Frozen Yogurt with 73.0% with toppings and 27.0% without toppings.
33.9% of Filipino Foodies love Ice Cream with 45.7% with toppings and 54.3% without toppings.

Why Frozen Yogurt (66.1%)?

“guilt-free dessert; you don’t get that ‘i’m so full’ feeling.”

– It is a Healthier Choice
– Less sweet, Less calories, Less guilt and Less fat, and Less sinful 🙂
– It has probiotic, stomach-friendly enzymes, good for lactose intolerant
– Guiltless Indulgence – you can eat more of it without getting sick of eating too much sweets
– Foodies love the sweet, sour, and tangy taste
– It has a lighter refreshing taste

Why Toppings (73%) or No Toppings (27%)?

“I like my yoghurts with fruits. Yoghurt + fruits = healthy, happy life!”

– toppings make the food more interesting, in terms of presentation and taste
– It’s more exciting; and the toppings serve as the sweet factor which the yoghurt pleasantly lacks.
– I like variations in texture and flavor i.e. you get something crunchy, something gooey, something sweet, something tangy all in a playful progression.
– Initially, i’d put toppings but now naked froyo is the way to go!
– better with fresh strawberries, 2x healthy, love fresh fruits and cereals, healthy options
– As they say, why be plain when you can be crunchy? 🙂 Fruits are healthy and yummy!
– Homemade granola and fresh fruits are the best!
– I love personalizing my order, discovering new textures and interesting flavor combinations. 🙂

Why Ice Cream (33.9%)?

“I always keep the child in me, and having a cup full of ice cream brings back the memories of my colorful childhood just like the toppings of it”

– Nostalgic – It makes you feel like a child over and over again!
– Overall creamier taste – Tastes better, it’s creamier, and melts slower.
– More Variety – Ice cream comes in a much wider variety of flavors, and there’s a lot more you can do with it in desserts.
Comfort Food – 
love the way the fat in ice cream coats the tongue. pure comfort.

– It’s more rich and satisfying

– Don’t like Yogurt because of the sour taste, high uric acid content

– I find “Frozen” yogurt a fake. Frozen yogurt = panis na ice cream!
– I like Italian-style Gelato. Because it’s artisanal ice cream that relies on high-quality ingredients. It’s creamy because of production technique and not because of added cream.

Why Toppings (45.7%) or No Toppings (54.3%)?

“I like my ice cream plain to appreciate the flavor”

– I like chunky ice creams so there’s no need for toppings
– Toppings are “dirty”.  Why spoil the ice cream or frozen yogurt as concocted?  Most ice creams and frozen yogurts have “intruders” already, like bits/chunks of fruit like strawberry, etc., or cheese, or nuts, or what-have-you.
– I like customizing my food and drinks. I like taking a certain flavor and adding complementary toppings to it. Although, there are times I like my ice cream just on its own, without toppings, especially if it already has many things inside it.
– The toppings often enhance the flavor of ice cream and the consequent textures in the mouth.
– Good ice cream doesn’t need toppings

Personally, I do agree with the fro-yo crowd. I love Frozen Yogurt with Fresh Fruit Toppings! My favorites are Red Mango and Frozen Kefir. 🙂

Feel free to share your faves in the comments section!

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