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 Baked Salmon Wasabi was a genius creation

“Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese: to die for!!! comfort food!!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4 Foodie 🙂

Dulcelin Gourmet is already a legend among foodies, especially those who have attended the Ultimate Taste Test Series. Foodies consistently rave about the food of Dulcelin — particularly their desserts! 

They are recognized as the:

Dulcelin Gourmet food is way better than most other restaurant food in town and has the same caliber as the gourmet food in 5-star hotels. Most people swear that Dulcelin serves the best Mac & Cheese in the metro. If you’re looking for a different taste trip, you should try their Baked Salmon with Wasabi (although some people said that it was too salty for their taste). We are loyal fans of their Angus Short Rib Steak and the Wagyu Tri-tip, which we usually order for special occasions.

Their desserts are flawlessly yummy, especially their signature Mango Torte (the best in town!); however, their Irish Cream Butter Cake did fail to make a solid impression on the foodies.

Dulcelin continues to be a home-based business located along Times Street with a few distribution outlets around Metro Manila. They don’t have a restaurant and they don’t cater up to this date. I’m encouraging them to open a private dining restaurant one of these days.

Angus Short Rib Steak – very good, melt in your mouth!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4 Foodie 🙂

The Dulcelin Story

by Ricky Morelos

Dulcelin started way back in the early ’90s as a Christmas-only venture, selling mostly fruit cakes, ensaymadas, and pies. In 2001, we started selling mango tortes, which became such a big success that the business became a year-round affair. Our dessert line up includes such popular items as the Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Irish Cream Butter Cake, and many others. Our adherence to using quality ingredients such as dairy cream, butter, and real chocolate has ensured that our products maintain their true homemade appeal.

Aside from our desserts, Dulcelin also has an extensive savory food menu. Traditional dishes such as chicken relleno and galantina, lengua, callos, paella and cochinillo continue to be very popular all year round. The newer items like the Wagyu Tritips, Short Ribs cooked for 48 hours, Red Rice Salad and Cannelloni (using homemade pasta) also receive great feedback from our clientele. So if you’re planning a party at home, do consider Dulcelin for your main courses and desserts. All orders can be picked up at 36 Times Street, West Triangle Quezon City; Tiendesitas; Greenhills; or Glorietta. Call 374-2165 or 67 for details.

Blogosphere Raves About Angus Dulcelin Gourmet:

“GRABE ANG SHORTRIBS! I super loved it! I was lucky enough to get to taste 2 slices of the oh-so-tender and flavorful short ribs because I was able to line up towards the end of the event. Food-gasm galore! I didn’t like the pulled pork mac and cheese though. I found the pasta overcooked. And their mango torte is just a classic dessert. I remember eating a whole lot even if I had a terrible toothache.”

Loving the Distance | Future Date #10: OAP’s Ultimate Taste Test

What Foodies Say About Dulcelin:

– Really love Dulcelin =) Craving for it na =)
– very good tasty, generous serving, flavorful
– As usual, Dulcelin Rocks!
– The best! I love everything!
– well prepared; good taste; lacks some peppers
– angus and baked salmon were great, pork mac & cheese was baduy
– great lasagna, short rib was a bit bland, salmon was a bit bland
– consistently good

1. Butter poached 24-hour Angus Short Rib Steak

– loved the steak & pasta
– short ribs were really tender and flavorful
– Short rib steak was so tasty and tender!
– short ribs steak quite tender!
– beef was tender but lacked flavor
– Rib Steak really wonderful.
– Angus Short Rib Steak – very good, melt in your mouth!
– short ribs are tasty & good quality
– short ribs!! tender & sauce is different
– the sauce of the steak complements the texture of the steak
– angus short rib: the sauce was great
– Angus Short rib Steak: sauce/ gravy on top is wonderful.
– short rib- forgettable
– Angus Short Rib Steak: Wagi! Pati Sauce!!

2. Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese

– Mac & Cheese Short ribs & Salmon were excellent
– really loved the mac & cheese & cake!
– mac & cheese was the best!
– pulled pork really great, salmon not so great
– pulled mac and cheese:  to die for!!! comfort food!!
– pulled mac & cheese – ibang level!!
– pulled mac & cheese: cheesy without being too heavy
– I like the mac & cheese
– pulled pork – yum!
– Pork mac & cheese: goes well with the steak, love this!
– pulled pork mac & cheese was like a party in my mouth
– pulled pork mac & cheese is good
– the mac & cheese was really rich, love it!
– Pulled pork mac and cheese: A different type of mac & cheese, very rich!

3. Baked Salmon

– Baked Salmon Wasabi was a genius creation
– Salmon was too salty.
– Baked Salmon – I loved the wasabi taste, walang lansa, cheese topping bagay sa Salmon
– Baked Salmon was excellent… salty with a hint of lemon, the onion was a nice touch
– I loved the pasta … I’m not a very good fan of wasabi
– flaky, creamy, salmon pasta!
– I love the salmon!
– baked salmon is good 🙂
– fish was cooked just right. The wasabi gave it just the right kick.
– 2 thumbs up for the baked salmon! sarap!
– Baked Salmon too salty
– the best! I like the wasabi salmon
– loved the wasabi dressing with the tender salmon balance
– salmon with wasabi was a bit too salty
– salmon tastes very fresh
– Baked salmon: not fishy at all. Delicate taste.
– Baked Salmon: too much wasabi

4. Mango Torte

– Mango Torte was heavenly!
– I love your mango torte!
– Mango Torte is super awesome!
– Mango Torte – best!
– best mango torte I’ve tasted
– Mango Torte – 5

5. Irish Cream Butter Cake

– Even the Irish Cream Buttercake was Yummy
– irish cream forgettable

“I didn’t expect one tiny slice would let me experience a culinary masterpiece!”  – Ultimate Taste Test 4 Foodie 🙂

Slow cooked for 2 days, this is an incredibly tender beef that is sure to please.

PULLED PORK MAC N CHEESE for 10 pax – 1,700
Smoked pork with caramelized onions over a penne and cheese pasta

BAKED NORWEGIAN SALMON (Whole Side Fillet) for 10 pax – P1,800
Salmon baked to perfection in three flavors. Aioli, Wasabi Aioli or Pesto Parmesan 

MANGO TORTE 9″ – P600;  12″ – P900
The definitive house specialty – Crispy-chewy nougatine, golden mangoes and cream

IRISH CREAM BUTTER CAKE – 6″ loaf – P320;  8″ Bundt – P530
Buttery sponge cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream with chocolate chips & walnuts

Dulcelin Gourmet Specialties
Email: [email protected]
Address: 36 Times Street, West Triangle, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 374-2165 to 67
Mobile: +63917-5352592

Let me know what you think of Dulcelin… 🙂

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