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June 2010

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Ice Cream Sansrival: Pistachio Torte!

 Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Winner
Ice Cream Sansrival: Pistachio Torte!

 Total Number of Foodies who rated: 420
 “Nice Layers! Perfect! Ice cream cake and Pistachio – my favorite :)”

Two of my favorites , pistachio and sansrival” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

This is my personal favorite and a genius concoction from Nowie and the FIC Summer Cafe team. There are plain sansrivals without ice cream, and sansrival-flavored ice cream, but there’s nothing like real ice cream sandwiched between meringue layers formed into a cake. It is very hard to make because each layer has to be done one step at a time.

This is like Jill Sandique’s Pistachio Sansrival; however, instead of layers of butter in between, Fruits in Ice Cream is used.

It is actually a diet-busting combination, but it’s worth every bite. Unfortunately, it is only available at FIC Summer Cafes in Alabang and Boracay. 🙁 It would be a great dessert to bring to a party or to just enjoy at home to celebrate a special occasion.

Great stuff, Nowie. 🙂 Looking forward to your future innovations! 

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Divine D’s – Love It!

 Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Winner 

Total Number of Foodies who rated: 315
 “The desserts stand up to the brand’s name — Divine!


Read First: Ultimate Taste Test 3.0 Winner – Divine Desserts (Indeed!)

I liked the crust

– Excellent date cake!

– I love the crunch!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

Divine Desserts is probably one of the best dessert suppliers in the country today. 🙂 We discovered them when they joined the Ultimate Taste Test 3 last November, and the foodies raved about their Double Double Fudge Cake and Cookie Caramel Crunch Cake.

In Ultimate Taste Test 4, they offered totally different cakes — Blueberry Streusel Cheesecake and their latest offering — Date Cake. Most foodies raved about these new cakes! They have the same level of food quality and following as Dulcelin. (I wonder what will happen if they decide to go into gourmet food?

Millet has mastered the art of balancing out the creaminess/sweetness by using contrasting tastes like blueberry or dates. Plus, she enhances the texture by adding some crunchiness to the treats. But some say that her cakes are still too rich and sweet.

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Omigod High! (A Legally Blonde Manila Review)


There won’t be any spoilers in this review because it is best to watch Legally Blonde The Musical without knowing what would happen beforehand. I was laughing almost non-stop throughout the show (and even after the show) with my wife — I can’t wait to watch it again this Saturday.

The supporting cast was AWESOME! Jett Pangan, Geneva Cruz, Calvin Millado, Joel Trinidad, Jinky Llamanzares and Felix Rivera all delivered. We also loved the Greek Chorus and Delta NU girls. 🙂 However, Guji Lorenzana and Cris Villonco’s performances were a bit tame; and Nyoy Volante and Nikki Gil did not have that much chemistry at all (maybe because of the height factor?)

Nikki was a bit tentative at the start, but she started to get her groove on after the Harvard scene. She still needs to internalize the role fully. There were flashes of brilliant performances, though, especially when she dances.

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Ultimate Taste Test

As usual, Dulcelin Rocks!

 Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Winner 

 Total Number of Foodies who rated: 564
 Baked Salmon Wasabi was a genius creation

“Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese: to die for!!! comfort food!!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4 Foodie 🙂

Dulcelin Gourmet is already a legend among foodies, especially those who have attended the Ultimate Taste Test Series. Foodies consistently rave about the food of Dulcelin — particularly their desserts! 

They are recognized as the:

Dulcelin Gourmet food is way better than most other restaurant food in town and has the same caliber as the gourmet food in 5-star hotels. Most people swear that Dulcelin serves the best Mac & Cheese in the metro. If you’re looking for a different taste trip, you should try their Baked Salmon with Wasabi (although some people said that it was too salty for their taste). We are loyal fans of their Angus Short Rib Steak and the Wagyu Tri-tip, which we usually order for special occasions.

Their desserts are flawlessly yummy, especially their signature Mango Torte (the best in town!); however, their Irish Cream Butter Cake did fail to make a solid impression on the foodies.

Dulcelin continues to be a home-based business located along Times Street with a few distribution outlets around Metro Manila. They don’t have a restaurant and they don’t cater up to this date. I’m encouraging them to open a private dining restaurant one of these days.

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Oh, Tapa of My Dreams!

 Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Overall Winner
JAM FOODS Angus Beef Tapa!

 Total Number of Foodies who rated: 544 
 “The Best Tapa Ever!”

“The Best Tapa Ever!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4 Foodie 🙂

The Ultimate Food Discovery and overall winner during the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 is JAM Foods Angus Beef Tapa! 

Most of the foodies couldn’t stop raving about how the tapa was bursting with sweet flavor in every strand. Since it’s USDA certified beef angus tapa, you can be assured that the meat is tender and has the right texture.

Best of all, you can buy it for take home. The tapa is marinated already and frozen when delivered. All you have to do is cook it at home together with eggs and rice, cooked the way you like it. Most of the raves were transformed into actual purchases during and after the
Ultimate Taste Test event.

Congratulations to JAM FOODS Angus Beef Tapa!

*** July 7 Update: a customer complained about JAM Foods Tapa and I would like to share it with you:

“I was disappointed to find out upon delivery of this product labelled USDA Certified Angus Beef that it was incredibly full of fat under which the meat was hidden, and the real product was, to me, a misrepresentation of its name. When I wanted to have the product replaced, the JAM foods contact told me that all their products were that way because it was ‘beef bacon’, then, why not label it so? The consumers must know as this product is certainly not the best tapa for those who stay away from so much fat. I’ve tried a lot of better beef tapa. The one served at Pancake House in their breakfast menu, for instance, is real beef and delicious.”

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The New Look of Cafe Juanita in Pasig

First, see the old look of Cafe Juanita: OAP | Cafe Juanita – Eclectically Romantic

Some say the ambiance is now East Asian Chic
Some say it’s maaliwalas because of the lighting and high ceiling…
Some say that they are afraid that it would lose its charm and look like Cafe Juanita at the Fort
Some say they feel like royalty every time they eat in the new Cafe Juanita…
Some say it is about time to upgrade the look and give it a modern chic ambiance…

On its 20th anniversary, Cafe Juanita decided to celebrate its success by moving into its new home beside the Shunji Matsuo hair salon (same owners as Cafe Juanita), which is across the old Cafe Juanita. When the lot owner of the old Cafe Juanita informed them one year in advance that the lot will be used for something else, the owners decided to find a new home for it. One of the main considerations was to get an old house that they could transform into a restaurant.

We attended the blessing, and here’s how the new Cafe Juanita looks now…

Kapitolyo Food Street Series:

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Omigod You Guys! Legally Blonde Contest Winners (Bend and Snap)!

Congratulations to the five (5) winners of Orchestra Side Tickets worth (P1,000) of OAP’s Legally Blonde contest! Thanks to the 99 contest entries for the Legally Blonde Contest — ALL of you will get an exclusive 20% discount on selected Legally Blonde Tickets for the June 26, Saturday, 2pm Show!  

You can text/email Rache to reserve the tickets and you can claim them at the Meralco lobby during the show itself. Just let us know the name and email address you indicated in your contest entry. 🙂 Here are the winners:

I Love to Watch Legally Blonde because….

1. christine00900 said…

I would love to watch Legally Blonde the musical because I loved the original movie. It has inspired me to break the stereotype and conquer my fears.

You see, I was a really geeky kid in school. Everything associated with anything kikay, I felt was a worthless past time. Little did I know this thinking was the result of my own insecurities. I was so afraid of trying out new things thinking I might look stupid and idiotic.

Elle’s character showed me that you can be stylish without coming off as a ditzy airhead. It also has made me realize that I was missing a lot in life because of my insecurities.

Ever since watching the original film years back, I have, among others, danced like a lunatic in a club, started my masters degree, travelled internationally all on my own, broken up with my loser “Warner Huntington”-esque of a boyfriend and found my own “Emmett Richmond” (who I did marry).

Legally Blonde breaks the stereotypes and shows just how far you can go if you believe in yourself and work hard. Its not how much you fail but how many times you’ve stood up and conquered your fears. =)

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Boracay Island


I write to appeal to all to help save Boracay from further environmental degradation. Our family spent the long weekend in Boracay and it almost made me cry.  My wife and I first visited Boracay as part of our honeymoon in 1986.  It was paradise. The sand was so white it was blinding to the eyes, and so fine it was like talcum powder. The waters were crystal clear with nary a strand of algae.  The natives, too, were genuinely friendly and generous.  Today, you would not recognize it as the same island.  What went wrong? 


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Legend of India

There’s a new Indian Restaurant in town along Jupiter Street called Legend of India. It is marketed as a Fine Dining Restaurant with a mini-bar inside, flat screen TVs showcasing Bollywood movies, and a mini-Indian dessert sari-sari store. We loved the sauce-y dishes matched with either the naan or basmati rice. I was impressed with the extensive line of Indian desserts that you can buy for take-out.

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Yogurt Nation vs. Tutti Frutti vs. Qoola

The Battle of the Self-Service, Weight-based Frozen Yogurt

In the fight for supremacy in the 100% self-service, weight-based Frozen Yogurt category in the Metro, who do you think will win — the newcomer Filipino-owned Yogurt Nation in Bonifacio Global City, American chain Tutti Frutti, which is established inside the malls, or Canadian-based Qoola with its first branch in Greenbelt?

We compared the yogurt flavor, topping options, cost, ambiance and location to determine the winner in this battle.

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