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We are excited about one of the biggest events of Our Awesome Planet (OAP) and MASED Foundation, in partnership with San Miguel Lifestyle BrewsThe Ultimate Taste Test 4.0! About 1,000+ foodies will taste and critique food offerings from 52 suppliers showcasing the latest foodie delights in Manila. ๐Ÿ™‚

In November 2009’s Ultimate Taste Test 3.0 (with 30 suppliers), some foodies started eating like it was a buffet, so even with just the first few food suppliers, they were stuffed already. Once you feel stuffed, the rest of the taste test event would most probably be ruined for you — we don’t want that to happen.

The key is to pace your tummy, carefully choose which supplier to test based on your interest, and accept that it would be impossible for you to taste all the offerings of the 52 suppliers.

To help you along, here are:

8 Tips for an Awesome Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 – The San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Beer Pairing Experience…

1. Smooth Registration Tips

Upon your arrival, kindly approach the registration booth and give your registered name/s. Should you have last-minute changes in your schedule and find yourself unable to attend the event, you may assign your slot to another person. Your replacement may just give your registered name at the registration area.

We tried our best to accommodate as many people as possible. Also, we had an email problem with gmail where almost all of the emails we received on a particular day were lost. We had a hard time confirming each and every deposit.

For smooth registration, if you received a confirmation message, please present it at the registration desk. If you have a deposit slip, bring it with you and specify the BPI branch where you made deposit — the branch is very important to track your registration fee.

2. Rating Sheet Tips

The Ultimate Taste Test aims to discover “the next foodie stars” with the help of 1,000+ foodies. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the suppliers will provide FREE taste test (bite-size portions) of their products; in exchange, you need to provide your honest-to-goodness, brutal ratings and comments.

The rating will be done anonymously, and that’s the power of the Ultimate Taste Test. Each supplier or food item will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5:

1- Horrible
2- It is OK.
3- We had a good time.
4- I love it!
5- Awesome! I Would Recommend It!

We learned through the past Taste Test events that if a supplier gets an average rating of 3.3 and above, that supplier will most likely be raved about by foodies. We will feature those suppliers that hit at least a 3.3 rating in OAP.

To make the critique complete, please put a one-phrase/sentence comment or constructive feedback that we might also publish in the blog.

3. Beer Pairing Strategies

If you paid P230, you are entitled to a bottle of one of the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews, which include the San Miguel Premium All-MaltSan Miguel Super Dry, and Cerveza Negra. (These are the San Miguel Brands that are good for pairing with food.) ๐Ÿ™‚

As a general pairing rule:
San Miguel Premium All-Malt goes very well with Poultry and Seafood;
San Miguel Super Dry goes well with Beef and Pork dishes; and
Cerveza Negra is better matched with Sweet dishes, like desserts.

Of course, you are free to mix and match according to your liking. During the taste test, you’ll have an opportunity to experiment with the right beer match. My favorite is San Miguel Premium All-Malt, especially if it is served Beer Below Zerostyle. ๐Ÿ™‚

There will be taste test portions of the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews, and you can buy a
nother bottle for P50.

4. Appetizer Tasting Strategies

We arranged the suppliers in the NBC tent in such a way that you will see the Appetizers first when you enter. Chile Vitas is launching — for the very first time — its signature line of Gourmet Filipino sauces. Sunrise Buckets Poppers is also interesting to try first. For those who are looking for something healthy, Happy Green is a good choice. The Fruit Jam is a past winner from the Ultimate Taste Test 3.0 event. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Tip: Don’t stuff yourself too much with appetizers.


1. Rice Bran by THE GRAINARY CORP Dipping oil & bread
2. Denim Kitchen Bangus Sardines in Canola Oil, Smoked Mackerel in Olive Oil
3. Daddy’s Pork Congee
4. Sunrise Buckets Poppers
5. Chile Vitas Sauces
– Chile Cheese, Chile Vinegar, Chile Mustard & Chile Pepper sauce and crackling kropeck
6. Maison de Valere’s Chicken Liver Pate
7. The Fruit Garden Luxury Jam
8. Empanada Avenue’s Empanadas
9. Oishi Smart C+ lemon variant AND Marty’s Baconnette Strips
10. HAPPY GREEN  “Chuckle” Dips, “Bliss” iced tea, “Giggle” salad dressing

5. Main Dish Tasting Strategies

This Taste Test event has an impressive lineup of Main Dishes. You can choose from Lattize’s Corned Beef, Angus Beef Tapa, Crave Burger, True Santos’ Duck, or Monterey Meats. Dulcelin Gourmet is an Ultimate Taste Test favorite and a topnotcher in UTT 1.0 and UTT 3.0. Pepitas Kitchen Lechon will be launching their line of gourmet lechon in UTT 4.0. ๐Ÿ™‚ Marikina’s Qasa 61 is also worth checking out.

Tip: The key is to look at the main dish, see what is appetizing to your eyes, and try that first. 

MAIN DISH (15 Food Suppliers)

1. Lattize’s Lengua Sulipena and Corned Beef
2. Pepitas Kitchen Lechon
3. Pepetons Grill
– kapalmuks: deep fried pig face, it’s like crispy pata
– Sinuman na tyan ng Bangus: Bangus belly wrapped in banana leaves
– Binalay: Ibanag’s kakanin
– Bundok rice: Pinoy version of Thai bagoong rice 
4. Goodles seven-layer lasagna, grapes carbonara
5. Dulcelin Gourmet
– Butter poached 24-hour Angus short rib steak
– Pulled pork mac and cheese
– baked salmon
– Mango torte (for dessert)
– Irish cream butter cake (for dessert)
6. JAM Foods *Angus Beef Tapa
7. Crave Burger
8. Qasa 61 Specialties – Adobo Spring rolls, Barberry ribs, Taco yogurt dip, De lanera
9. Monterey’s Latest Cuts – Monterey pork osso bucco, Grilled porterhouse steak
10. True Santos Duck Farm Muscovy Duck Ham (with special ham sauce)
11. Manila Q Dishes
– “Bagwang”: mouthwatering, ultra crispy version of the Ilocos Norte dish, Bagnet
– Good Ol’ Fried Tapa: tastes just like the classic fried tapa but made with 100% US beef
– Corned Beef Pansigang: homemade chunks of corned beef designed to be cooked with the ultimate Pinoy comfort food
– Siomai
– Gyoza 
– Spicy Vigan Longganisa
12. The Classic Roast – Whole Roast Duck and Roast Duck Siopao
13. LIEMPO NI ELLA GANDA smokeless grill Liempo
14. HERO SANDWICHES Dundee croco sausages
15. Pellegrino Roasted Chicken

6. Drinking Strategies

Don’t drink a lot because the drinks can make you feel full faster. Personally, I would stick to the Alkaline water and then reserve coffee and Holly’s milk for dessert. We have sodas by Sodastream, but drink it moderately. Make sure you get to taste Jeren’s Kefir drinks – a must-try!

DRINK SUPPLIER (7 Suppliers)

1. El Kapitan Coffee Bar
– Latte, Cappuccino, White Coco Frap, Green Tea Frap, Vanilla Bean Frap, Asstd Fruit Frap
2. Aquahealth Alkaline Water 3-5 Hot/Cold water station, Aqua health alkaline ionized water
3. Sodastream by Max. Ideas Marketing Corporation
4. Conlins Coffee Flavored Cappuccino/ Latte/ Mocha
5. Jeren’s THE KEFIR CULTURE – Kefir for vegan from coconut kefir dressing
6. San Miguel Lifestyle Brews – San Mig Dry, Cerveza Negra, All-Malt 
7. Holly’s Milk by Real Fresh Dairy Farms – whole milk, low fat milk, white cheese

7. DESSERT Strategies

Each piece of dessert can easily fill you up, so feel free to ask your fellow foodies about the best desserts they’ve already tried. Divine Desserts and Savoury Pies by Tina Raines are personal favorites from the past Ultimate Taste Test. Don’t miss the battle between Caveman & Yeti vs. Snowflakes Creamery, and Boracay’s Frozen Kefir Swirls vs. FIC’s Ice Cream Sansrival. There are a lot of options — I’ll just let you discover the desserts for yourselves. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tip: Eat thumb-sized portions of each dessert if you want to be able to try a lot.

DESSERTS (20 Dessert Suppliers)

1. The Bandana Baker 
– Mango Bars, Mega Chocolate Cookies 
– Lenguas de Gato, ube leche flan, fudge supreme cookies
3. Adee’s Caramel Bars 
4. Savoury Pies by Tina Raines 
– Frozen Lemon and Herb Pie, Peanut butter & white choco chips, Strawberry and chocolate chips, mangoes and roasted macadamia nuts
– Macaroons, apple pie, and food for the gods. 
6. Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe Ice Cream Sansrival, Pistachio Torte
– Chocolate Chip Cookies/Peanut Butter Cookies
– Flavored Milk Ice 
9. Better Sweet Spot 
– Cakes&cupcakes – Dark Chocolate Cheese, Red Velvet, Chocolate Lava, Chewy Chocolate
10. Crepes & Cream Fiesta Halo Crepe 
11. Crepe Sakae Sushi Rolls – tuna salad roll and alaska roll
– Date cake, Blueberry streusel, Cheesecake
– Chocolate Praline Ganache cake, Dulce de leche cheesecake with caramel sauce 
15. Caveman & Yeti Shaved Snow
, Sesame Mochi Bun 
16. AFTERS Dessert – Cheese Brownies, Apple Bavarian Torte, Cheesecake Truffle 
– Caramel/Rocky Road Bars, Chocolate Molten Cake, cookies 
19. SWEET CONSPIRACY Special Custards 
20. LELI GOODY – Pizza, Homemade ice cream cake, Mango tart and Ube pastillas from Bohol

8. Final Reminders

– Please be punctual. Program and food tasting starts promptly at 7pm.
– Servings are limited (1,000 servings per supplier) and booths will be open until supplies last.
– We request that you be prudent in getting servings from the suppliers so as to give more people the chance to taste the products.
– Please bring your own pen and your own water bottle. We will supply the water and would like to avoid using plastic cups.  Let us help our environment. ๐Ÿ™‚

See you there!

Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. We were so overwhelmed by the support of the Foodie community that we had to close the pre-registration two days before the event. We will not accept walk-ins anymore because we are overbooked already. ๐Ÿ™