Manila’s getting served — in a good way! We are in the middle of the fight between City Delivery 87878 and Delivery 21 (formerly Quick Delivery) 2121212 for Delivery Supremacy in Manila. Because of this “war”, a lot of innovation is happening in the food delivery industry and the foodies are getting improved service faster. Let me know if you have any feedback regarding your experience with both delivery services.

We did a Delivery Face-off between the two during our recent stay in Picasso. We ordered about P1,000 worth of food and from multiple restaurants at the same time. Here are some notes from that face-off:
– Both services delivered our food within 45-60 minutes upon ordering (you will need to synchronize your time).
– You pay for the same price in the restaurant; they just add a standard 10% delivery/service charge.
– The two are able to communicate with us via mobile phone (not landline only).
– Both have mobile credit card payments, which makes it very convenient.

Before ordering, you need to be ready with these information:
1. Your Address
2. Landmarks near the Address
3. Your Landline/Mobile Phone
4. Where you heard about the delivery service
5. Your basis for your current time

Delivery 21 (formerly Quick Delivery) 2121212

Whistlestop – Hainanese Chicken Rice – P220
TGI Friday’s Baby Back Ribs – P595
NYFD Fish Fillet with BBQ Dip – P100
Total: P915
10% Delivery Charge – P91.5
Delivery Charge – P65 additional charge because orders are below minimum charge
Total Bill: P1,071.50

What’s great about Delivery 21 is that they were able to combine multiple orders from different restaurants. There is a minimum of P500 per order in a restaurant. If it falls below P500, they would add a fixed amount of P65. Here is the exact clause from their website:

Minimum Order:
The minimum food and beverage order is Php500. For a limited time, customers may order below the minimum food and beverage amount for an additional P65 over and above any standard delivery charges. Please bear in mind that not all restaurants allow orders below Php500.Delivery 21 Website

If you order from Makati, it is recommended that you order from restaurants within the vicinity of Makati.


The Quick Delivery boys have a black uniform — this is bad for feng shui. Some of the restaurants that I know used black uniforms for their waiters have already closed. Also, the delivery boy lacked confidence and presentation. The food was just in a plastic bag and not handled well.

I was actually not surprised when I learned that Delivery 21 is ran by Everything Express, Inc., which is a Point-to-Point Pick up and Delivery Solutions company that handles not only food but any other parcel. The food was served cold, like letters being delivered to a mailbox.

Suggestion: Train your delivery boys to handle the food like they are waiters in the restaurant serving take-out delivery to your customers — not like postmen delivering mail.

It seems like Delivery 21’s strategy in the restaurant partners race is getting foodie favorites like Ristras, Whistlestop, Cyma, Cantinetta and Mamou. One of their biggest partners is the Bistro Group (think Friday’s, Italianni’s, etc.). 

City Delivery 87878

Mr. Choi Kitchen
Yang Chow Fried Rice – P175
Shrimp Dumpling – P110
Beef Tenderloin – P240
Total: P525
+10% Delivery Charge – P52.50

Gourdo’s Cafe
Spaghetti Bolognese – P270
Four Cheese Pizza – P355
Total Bill: P625
+ 10% Delivery Charge – P62.50

City Delivery has a minimum of P500 per restaurant within the vicinity of where you are having the food delivered. If it is an inter-city delivery (example: you are ordering from a restaurant in Greenhills and having it delivered in Makati), the minimum order is P1,000.

You cannot order from multiple restaurants and combine them in one order. What they do is they process and complete your orders one restaurant at a time.

Also, all of City Delivery’s orders are sealed and branded with a City Delivery sticker. Their strategy is to be the delivery partner of the restaurant vs. Delivery 21’s strategy of being a white-label delivery service for the restaurant.

The City Delivery Boys are well presented with an orange and green uniform and their signature delivery box that keeps the food warm. There were two delivery boys because each restaurant order is treated as a separate order and billing.

One thing I like about City Delivery is they specialize and only deliver food items. They invested on warmers so that our Mr. Choi Order was served hot. The Gourdo’s pizza came in cold because it currently doesn’t fit in their bags.


As for City Delivery’s line of attack in the restaurant partners race, it seems like they are getting more restaurants by partnering with the biggest foodie chains. City Delivery’s biggest partner is the LJC group (Abe, Bistro Remedios) and Raymund Magdaluyo’s Red Crab group. They can deliver cold yogurt from I Love Berries, hot pandesal from The Bread Bag, cupcakes from Sonja’s and chicken from Peri-Peri Grill House.


Delivery 21 is ahead in terms of being able to get different dishes from different restaurants, which is handled as one order. You pay an additional P65 for the entire order if it falls below the minimum (typically P500). They also get plus points for getting restaurants that foodies love. However, they serve the food cold and their delivery boys don’t look so good in black.

City Delivery is ahead in terms of getting the biggest restaurant partners and delivering the food hot. They specialize in delivery of food only, so they can deliver cold ice cream/frozen yogurt, cakes of various sizes, and hot pandesal. Their green and orange riders are very pleasant to interact with. Thing is, you cannot order from a restaurant if you don’t hit P500, and the minimum is P1,000 if it’s an inter-city delivery. (Although I heard they are planning to introduce a promo that will change all this).

This is only Round 1 of the Delivery wars, so expect a lot more innovation in the second round. Also, it is still anybody’s game when it comes to getting the best restaurant partners out there.

TIP: Get the City Delivery and Delivery 21/Quick Delivery Booklets from the restaurant partners for easy ordering over the phone.

Delivery 21 (aka Quick Delivery)
2283 MMP Building, Pasong Tamo Ext.Makati, MM 1230
Telephone: +632 2121212
Fax Number: +632 7571202
Email Address: [email protected], [email protected]

City Delivery 87878
City Delivery Food Solutions Inc.
Unit 42, 4/F Legaspi Suites, 178 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village
Makati City
Telephone: +632 87878

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Disclosure Clause:
We paid for all our orders from both City Delivery and Delivery 21. We are currently talking to City Delivery for a potential OAP partnership. 🙂