The Plunge is the first ever Canyon Swing in the Philippines. It's part of the new Eco, Educational, Extreme Adventure Tour (E.A.T.) in Danao, Bohol. You start on the extreme end of a pendulum swing with a backdrop of the beautiful Danao gorge. Then, you free fall for about 60 meters before the rope tightens and swings you back to the other end.

The experience is similar to bungee during the free fall, but instead of bouncing up and down, you swing from one end to the other. Your swing will depend on how heavy you are.

This is the hottest extreme adventure sport in the Philippines this summer!


The Plunge is very safe and follows US Standards of Adventure Sports Safety. The Ziplines and the Canyon Swing were designed and installed by Neil of Camp Sabros fame. All the helmets and body harnesses used are made by PETZL, which is a leading manufacturer of climbing and work-at-height equipment and headlamps.

They double-check your helmet and body harness before they hook you up to the canyon swing rope.

You have to walk along the wiggly structure and turn your back against the Danao gorge to listen to the final instructions. Just the idea that you are 200 meters above the ground is a good reason for you to chicken out.

You sit down and, as the platform is being lowered, you then stand up with your feet on the edge while holding on to the Plunge rope connected to your harness. There's a lot of padding to protect your head from accidentally hitting the rope when you fall.


You can decide to do it the easy, standard way — with your head upright, leaning against the foam, where you can see the trees and river below OR you can put your feet up (like for bungee), where you'll see the sky when you drop.

Cami decided to do it feet up for her first time in the Plunge. What a brave girl! 🙂

The platform is hoisted up again, and then you will hear, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, bombs awaaaaay…"

I challenge you to do the Danao Plunge! Are you willing to try it? (See Plunge Video here)

Thank you to the "Bombs Away!" Boys of The Plunge for ensuring that we have a safe canyon swing. 🙂

After the swing, a rope will be thrown to you. You have to catch it and clip it on to the center of your body harness.

Motorized equipment will hoist you back onto the platform and the "Bombs Away!" Boys will pull you up.

After the first swing, you'll swear to try it again. 🙂

The Plunge (P700/person)
E.A.T. Danao Adventure Park, Danao, Bohol
72 kms away from Tagbilaran City (the capital of Bohol)
Danao is accessible by land via a 2-hour ride.
From Tubigon RORO port, Danao is only an hour ride away.

Call Ian (pronounced as Ayan) Gonzaga +63917 325-2426 Email: [email protected]
He is the best person to arrange your E.A.T. Danao Adventure! Together with his brother Tom (who is the mayor in Danao) and his outdoor-junkie friend Ian Sepulveda, they conceptualized and implemented the successful eco-tourism adventure in Danao, Bohol.

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P.S. Zip Lines are so 2009, Canyon Swing is the hottest this 2010! 🙂