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March 2010


The Flavors of Ateneo (through the eyes of a Lasalista)

Manang’s Liempo (P45). The most famous dish at Manang’s

Ever since my blog post on the Flavors of La Salle and Reminiscin’ La Salle, I often wondered what Ateneo Food would taste like and how the campus would feel like. Thanks to Regine Garcia and team for inviting me to give a talk to the GK Students — I got the chance to “infiltrate” the Ateneo camp.

I realized how beautiful the campus is and I wondered what would have happened if I went to Ateneo. (I guess, OAP would be blue. 🙂 ) Let me show you the foodie places around the Ateneo campus…

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Manila Life

Kids’ Earth Hour

Every last Saturday of March, we join the world in saving 1 hour of electricity by shutting down all our lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. This is a symbolic act and a commitment to be more eco-conscious and lessen our impact on the environment. After experiencing 38-42oC of heat here in Phi Phi Island in Krabi, South Thailand, I was struck by the thought that we shouldn’t wait for our own environment in the Philippines to deteriorate further.

Let’s start teaching our kids that important lesson.

I invite you to join Kids’ Earth Hour, which will be held simultaneously in Bonifacio Global City, Level 3 Trinoma and SM Mall of Asia’s San Miguel by the Bay. Kids’ Earth Hour starts at 6pm, which will lead to the countdown to Earth Hour at 8.29pm.

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Ultimate Taste Test

[Ultimate Taste Test 4.0]: Lessons from The Battle of the Lechon

Mark your calendar: Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 on April 16, Friday, 7pm, somewhere in the Fort Area.

Finally, the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 is all set for April 16, 7pm, somewhere in the Fort area. We have a bigger venue and we can accommodate more foodies and help more food suppliers. Ultimate Taste Test is an event where emerging food suppliers, who believe they have an awesome product to share with Filipinos, can be discovered. Foodies who attend the Ultimate Taste Test will rate the food from a scale of 1 to 5. If the food gets a rating of more than 3.3, I will be blogging about the product in Our Awesome Planet. This is the fastest way for a new supplier to be known by the foodie community.

The Ultimate Taste Test is also open to established food suppliers, restaurants and food manufacturers who want to showcase a NEW product in the market. We are open to any food and drinks category — from appetizers to main courses to desserts. Anybody can join as long as you have something NEW to offer and you have to provide taste test portions for 500 foodies.

One hundred percent of the Ultimate Taste Test proceeds goes to the St. Michael the Archangel Parish of Bonifacio Global City.

Please email or call my wife, Rache, if you want to join the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 as a SUPPLIER at [email protected] or +63917 5318949.  Kindly indicate in the subject: Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 SUPPLIER.

We will open registration for foodies on April 5, Monday.  Kindly register ONLY thru her email at [email protected] with complete name/s preferably with email address too.

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Maven Secret: Did you know that Blog Readers are 80% Visual?

NLP Master Ben Ampil sharing his expertise during his NLP & Effective Communications Workshop

Before you read the entire post, please answer this simple diagnostic* on what kind of Blog Reader you are… (You can answer this in a minute before you read through the entire blog post.)

1. Ask yourself: Before going to bed at night, it is most important for you that:

(a)    the room is nearly or completely dark,
(b)    the room is quiet or has pleasing sounds, or
(c)    your bed feels comfortable.

2. For you, having rapport with someone is to:

(a)     see that person in a wonderful and easy-to-be-with manner,
(b)     hear that person communicate things to you in the same manner that you would, or
(c)     feel toward that person the way you sense he/she feels toward you.

3. When you agree with someone, you would most likely say:

(a)     “that looks right”,
(b)     “that sounds right”, or
(c)     “that feels right”.

Please take note of your answers and post them in the comments section with your insights after reading this blog post.

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Peanut Butter Love

I’ve been hearing raves about Peanut Butter Company (PB Co.) ever since it opened, but it is quite far from where we live. It took me some time to gain enough patience to brave the traffic going to SM North Edsa.

It was our parents’ wedding anniversary and syoti Raphael’s first month, so we decided to celebrate in Peanut Butter Company. PB Co. specializes in take-out pasta and sandwiches that use their gourmet peanut butter. I was a bit surprised that the place discourages dine-in guests because of the few dine-in tables available and the way the sandwiches/pasta are served (in take-out wrappers and containers).

It is a cross between Oliver’s Sandwiches, a coffee shop and an Iron Chef episode with Peanut Butter as the main ingredient. We had fun because the food is quite unique and yummy. We have our own preferences but we all agree that the Sesame Peanut Butter was the best. 🙂

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Reminiscin’ Avenue Q

As I watched the Avenue Q preview show last night, I couldn’t help but get sentimental about how it made an impact on my life. This show is for people at the crossroads of their lives — be it their love life, their career or their life purpose.

My favorite line in the show is from Kate Monster: “You gotta go after the things you want while you’re still in your prime…” I watched the show during its first three runs in Manila and, each time, it gave me comfort when I looked back at my decision to quit my multinational day job.

On its fifth run, the seasoned cast members Felix Rivera as Princeton, Aiza Seguerra as Gary Coleman, Frenchie Dy as Christmas Eve, Thea Tadiar and Joel Trinidad as Trekkie Monster were very enthusiastic in performing once again after their successful staging in Singapore. All of them thought (me included) that the Singapore run was the last of the Avenue Q series in Asia.

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Manila Life

Lomo Manila’s Happy Eaters Bowler Meet

Bowler’s Pork Chops (P345 +10%sc). Old-English chops baked to perfection, topped with apple-sage sauce. Served with roasted vegetables, choice of mashed potatoes or rice pilaf.

We usually eat out as a family but, occasionally, we dine out with different foodies in Manila. We met one of the coolest foodie groups last night — Lomo Manila’s Happy Eaters. We were supposed to meet in the latest chocolate place and go-karting destination in the heart of Makati but both establishments had some delays in opening. We ended up at Bowler’s Restaurant, an English Pub/watering hole with a fine dining ambiance and menu.

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Zubuchon – The Best Lechon (in Cebu)!?

After our Danao, Bohol trip, we decided to fly out via Cebu, and our last stopover was in Banilad Town Center. We decided to stop there because it is near Our Lady of Peace by the Pink Sisters where we wanted to hear Sunday Mass. I remembered the buzz about Marketmanila’s Zubuchon before the Christmas Season, and bringing home a Cebu Lechon was the perfect pasalubong for our families.

I heard a lot of foodies raving about the lechon, so I was excited to try it for myself.

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Awesome Festivals

My Pilipinas is… Photo Contest

Sponsored by Limited Edition My Pilipinas Moleskine 
Photo Contest Duration: March 5, 2010 Friday to 11.59pm March 31, Wednesday

 (see: My Pilipinas is… Photo Album)

My Pilipinas is my cute three little boys who will grow up
proud to be Filipinos and love the Philippines as much as we do. :) 

My Pilipinas is eating my favorite Filipino Food:  
Kare-Kare, Adobo, Lechon, and grilled fresh seafood!

My Pilipinas is the food and travel adventures of our family
around the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

My Pilipinas is Our Awesome Planet!

I'm interested to know what "My Pilipinas is…" for you. The top 3 photos will win a limited edition My Pilipinas Moleskine (pocket size)! This special collaboration between Collezione-C2 and Moleskine, incorporates the iconic Philippine map designed by Rhett Eala and My Pilipinas signature on the cover.  I actually like it because it is a perfect journal for documenting our adventures around the Philippines.

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