A photo essay on the birth of Baby Raphael Anthony Uy Diaz…

The Birth of Baby Raphael-180
Proud Mom Rache and the Diaz Musketeers: Ahiya Aidan, Dihya Joshua, and Syoti Raphael

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The Birth of Baby Raphael-12
We decided to have the birth take place in Makati Medical Center on the 5th floor of the new wing. The doctor opted to confine us on Feb. 9, around 10pm, when Rache was already in active labor.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-15
We were debating naming BB5 as Raphael Isidro vs. Raphael Antonio. We wanted the second name to be the name of a saint. For Aidan, it was St. Dominic; for Joshua, it was St. Francis Xavier; and for Raphael, St. Anthony, who is also my patron saint. πŸ™‚

The Birth of Baby Raphael-91
It was a very smooth delivery — the natural Lamaze way. No anesthesia, no epidural. Just good ol’ hee hee hoo and push. I’m so proud of my wife, Rache, for bearing all the pain and for pushing just once.

Thanks to our OB, Dr. Lilibeth Genuino!

The Birth of Baby Raphael-85
The first photo of Baby Raphael Anthony Uy Diaz… What an angelic face! πŸ™‚

The Birth of Baby Raphael-107
First photo of Mommy Rache and Baby Raphael. πŸ™‚

The Birth of Baby Raphael-138
Baby Raphael spent his first night in the nursery for proper cleaning and observation.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-160
Our dearest pedia physically examined Baby Raphael for the first time for any abnormalities and to check if everything is in place.

Thanks to Dr. Vienne Saulog for checking up on Baby Raphael!

The Birth of Baby Raphael-152
Probably a birth mark?

The Birth of Baby Raphael-165
Joshua was so happy to see the baby!

The Birth of Baby Raphael-1
He was trained to take care of Diego (given by his ninong Rommel), so he was excited to be a kuya already.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-173
Aidan was a bit clingy when we saw him. He missed us and was also happy to see his youngest brother.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-185
Lola Emy and Ama Imelda with Rache and a smiling Baby Raphael. πŸ™‚

The Birth of Baby Raphael-195
Tita Lot was Baby Raphael’s first visitor outside of our immediate family. πŸ™‚

The Birth of Baby Raphael-197
My Awesome Pilipinas partners — Maribel and Dedet — visiting us and the newborn baby. They brought a nice bouquet of flowers and 3 blue balloons (in the background).

The Birth of Baby Raphael-206 
It was painful to see the baby being pricked for blood for the newborn screening test.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-209
Mommy Rache recovered fast. After 36 hours, we were ready to go home. πŸ™‚

Thanks to the nurses and staff of Makati Medical Center — very professional and very caring!  We were deciding whether to give birth in the new St. Luke’s Hospital in Bonifacio Global City or Makati Med. We are glad that we made a great choice. πŸ™‚

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P.S. Thanks also to Geiser Maclang for the lovely bouquet of flowers with balloon when we got home. It was designed by no other than Michi Calica. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!