When somebody says to you, “I’m bipolar,” what would you say? I was taken aback the first time I heard it because I thought being bipolar meant the person likes both sexes. But I was mistaken. Bipolar, apparently, is a description of a person who has a Manic Depressive Illness — someone who feels very happy at one moment and then suddenly becomes depressed.

Jetro, the owner of the resto, is bipolar. The entire premise of Van Gogh is Bipolar revolves around introducing mood-altering inspired dishes that trigger happy hormones in the body. The restaurant pays tribute to popular bipolar people by naming the food in honor of them. This is one of the interesting places to visit on the Foodie Street of Maginhawa in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

We celebrated my brother Rommel’s 34th birthday last January 5 in this resto. The experience was quite unique, especially our interaction with Jetro himself. The food is healthy, but I would not rave about the food except for the unique marketing strategy consistent with the bipolar theme. Here is the photo essay:

Van Gogh is Bipolar is actually Jetro’s house by day and becomes Jetro’s restaurant at night. The welcome sign on the door kindly asks visitors to remove their shoes before entering.

The place is quite small and can accommodate about 15 people inside. There are 5 separate tables, with each having its own unique charm.

This is Jetro, the owner. He also runs the kitchen with two helpers. Sometimes, his friends act as special servers for the night.

The resto operates on a self-service experience; hence, the house rules. You have to write down your own orders on pieces of paper and submit it to the kitchen. Take note that there is a waiting time of about 30 minutes before the food is served — unless you pre-order for a big group.

Jetro lives in a small room with a sign on the door that says: “Asylum, Do Not Enter.”

His darkroom is turned into a washroom. We were warned that some of the artworks or photos in the gallery were “For Adults Only.”

Since it was our first time there, Jetro explained the menu to us and how to order. We decided to go with all of his recommendations. 🙂

Van Gogh is Bipolar MENU:
Van Gogh is Bipolar Concept | bipolar Appetizer and Pre-Ordered Dish |  bipolar Salad, bipolar Hollywood | bipolar President’s Meal | bipolar PASTA Meals, bipolar Hypomanic Open Sandwiches, bipolar Oats | bipolar BLEND & CONCOCTION, hot or cold BLEND | Van Gogh’s Manic Episode Set Meals | Coffee House Blend, sinful BEVERAGES, and bipolar DESSERTS

Lemongrass or Mint with Wild Palawan Honey (P75).

A good way to start your mood-altering dinner. 🙂

Axl Rose’s Egg Shot (P25 per single serving). Submerged in hot water for 5 minutes. Served in an egg shell. With honey mustard or black sauce.

“Egg is an excellent source of protein that gives that ‘extra kick’ you need, especially when eaten soft-boiled.”

I dare you to try this egg shot! 🙂

Larry Flynt’s Cabbage Experience (Groupie: P415). Freshly boiled whole cabbage. Served with crispy fried small fish, salted egg and fresh kitchen ingredients. Comes with the special Van Gogh black sauce.

“Cabbage is known to beat depression, It contains vitamin C and folic acid. It is one of the vegetables that help release a high level of Serotonin in the brain. Serotonin maintains that ‘happy-state-of-feeling.'”

You have to wrap the ingredients inside the cabbage and dip it in a sweet black vinaigrette sauce. We loved this because of the combination of the ingredients. Plus, it’s healthy. Good for a group of 4 or more.

You can reserve this spot beside the Red Graffiti Wall…

or opt to stay in the sala area (where there are three small tables).

For a bigger group (5-6 people), reserve the main dining table. Call in advance and pre-order, if possible.

Godfather II (Single: P249, Groupie: P699). Combination of vegetable, spinach and whole wheat pasta sauteed in virgin olive oil, garlic and onions in Salmon – Basil – Sauce.

“A plate of wheat pasta can help you move out from depression. Garlic and onion are also known to relieve you from depression.”

The Salmon Belly was cooked well. The pasta was ordinary, a bit hard and served cold already.

President Clinton’s Meal (Single: P275, Groupie: P770). Van Gogh Rice with drilled Aussie Lamb Chop.

“Grass-eating animals are always a healthy source of protein, which makes you energetic minus the negative effects of chemically fed animals which alter your mood in a bad way.”

The Lamb Meat was a bit tough and cooked in an amateur way. The rice was awesome though because they served organic Black Mountain Rice — very healthy and one of the most expensive types of rice in the Philippines. It’s served with alamang bagoong also — yummy! 🙂

To accompany or cap the meal, you can order tea by choosing your own tea pot and your own bipolar BLEND & CONCOCTION, hot or cold BLEND.

Joshua was so happy throughout the night. Perhaps this was the effect of the food in Van Gogh is Bipolar?

BTW, don’t forget to bring the soiled dishes to the kitchen window. For anything that you need (like water, tissue or any assistance), you just have to ring the bell.

For dessert, we decided to hop over to the Black Soup restaurant (of Cubao X fame) next door.

Mango Turon of Black Soup Cafe.

Yummy, but nothing special.

Black Soup Cafe & Art Space Menu | Front Page | Back Page

Mel Gibson’s Darkest Sin (P125 single serving). A shot of vodka with melted dark chocolate, dried walnuts and almonds with wild honey.

“Dark Chocolate (high cacao content — the bitter, the better) is excellent for boosting brain function and eliminating depression while walnut is one of the richest sources to uplift your mood. Good for people experiencing depression.”

Back In Van Gogh, we tried this chocolate vodka shot for dessert. A great upper to end your dinner. 🙂

Don’t forget to sign on the Red Graffiti Wall. Try to find Aidan’s signature when you’re there…

Remember to sign in their guest book as well…

For a party of 5 adults, we spent around P500 per head.

Thanks to Jetro for the awesome experience! Great job overall! 🙂

Thanks to Mike for being a great special waiter for the night! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Bro! 🙂 (Ang tanda mo na, mag-asawa ka na daw sabi ni Momsy 🙂 )

Black Soup is located on the left and Van Gogh is Bipolar is located on the right.

Black Soup Cafe + Artspace entrance.
Telephone: +632 435 2549

Van Gogh is Bipolar entrance up-close. Obviously, Van Gogh was the winner for that night.

The restaurant is open everyday except on Tuesdays. Operating hours are from 5pm to 12.30am. They are open for special events and parties during lunchtime.

To know you’re on the right track when going to Van Gogh is Bipolar, you should see Redbucks and Marky’s along Maginhawa Street.

The main landmark is the Blacksoup sign pointing to the apartment complex.

Van Gogh Is Bipolar
living art space. cafe.
154 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village
Landline: +632 394-0188
Mobile: +63929-1638592

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P.S. Thanks to Margaux Salcedo for the helpful write-up in Sunday Inquirer entitled, Food for Bipolar Diners. 🙂