Sasha asked me in the OAP Comments Section:
hi anton. happy new year! im reading your blog on a regular basis. i really like your features. im just curious if you know the mexican restaurant “taqueria chilanga”. it used to be in metropolitan avenue in makati (near shopwise) then it moved to greenbelt 3 and branched out in shangrila mall. i dont know where they are now but i really really love the food in that restaurant and im just wondering if they’re still around. hope you can help me find them.

Sasha, I’m happy to say that I finally found them. 🙂

Estella Blanco, the Mexican housewife who was cooking for Taqueria Chilanga, has been living in the Philippines for about 15 years already. She partnered with Lance to launch Taqueria Mia in the Saturday Salcedo Market, where they use all of Estella’s Mexican recipes.

They also have an “outpost” now in the Power Plant Cinema Snack Bar. They serve limited Mexican favorites on a to-go basis there. I prefer the Salcedo Market stall, which offers fresh and homemade Mexican favorites (ex. burritos, tacos, quesadillas, etc.) vs the Rockwell outlet, where the food tastes frozen.



Taqueria Mia @ the Saturday Salcedo Market. Taqueria Mia Menu.

The stall is located in the middle area, near the open tables close to the entrance.


Barbacoa Burrito (P233). Pulled beef brisket marinated in a sauce of Mexican chilies and herbs, slowly cooked until tender.

In the Salcedo stall, the beef is tender and tasty, with wet hair-like texture. The burrito wrapper is soft and not as filling as the commercialized versions. It is not as spicy as you would expect based on the description. The Picco de Gallo / Salsa has that freshly chopped and homemade taste. The rice and beans in the burrito are also as soft as the meat and wrapper, so it is a bit hard to keep the burrito in its original form when you bite into it.

Taqueria Mia @ the Power Plant Cinema Snack Bar. Taqueria Mia Rockwell Menu

The branch is located in front of Cinema 6. It is really meant for cinema viewers who want their food to-go, but there are two cocktail tables for those who prefer to sit and stay. The food choices are limited and the menu prices are higher by about 15% versus the Salcedo stall.

In Salcedo, there are 2 choices each for chicken, pork and beef: Pollo Chipotle, Pollo Ranchero, Adobada, Carnitas, Bistec and Barbacoa. Plus, there’s a vegetarian burrito. In Rockwell, you are limited to Pollo Chipotle and Barbacoa.

Barbacoa Burrito (P265 in Rockwell). Pulled beef brisket marinated in a sauce of Mexican chilies and herbs, slowly cooked until tender.

The rice and meat served by the Rockwell outlet are a bit harder to chew. I think it is best to order them in the morning when the ingredients are freshly delivered. Some of the vegetables are sliced on the spot but most of the meat and rice are delivered (and are hopefully fresh everyday).

Chipotle Taco (P165 for 3 pieces in Rockwell). Shredded chicken breast meat cooked slowly over low fire with smoked “Chipotle” peppers.

I like this wrapped version of the taco, which uses hand-made flour tortillas versus the fried ones that we are used to. Unlike the burrito, this taco has no rice inside.

Have you tried Taqueria Mia? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 🙂  It is a good alternative to Ristras since the taste is more homemade, but I can only recommend the Salcedo Market stall, which is only open every Saturday.

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